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Alpha-H Vitamin Profiling Kit 15mL x4

4.7 of 38 reviews


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Four of Alpha-H's genius hero serums to customise your way to beautiful skin. 

  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Sulphate Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Alcohol Free
  • Cosmeceuticals

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SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Oiliness and shine
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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Alpha-H Vitamin Profiling Kit Reviews

4.7 of 38 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



this is such a good introduction to some of alpha h products. love them all

Most Helpful Criticism

Good way to test products, but not very impressed


I was most keen to try the vit C and the vit B.

I did some further reading on the C after purchasing and it seems to me to have a really low concentration of vitamin C. Although it's tricky to compare apples and oranges, with all the different formulations. I found it a little bit drying, but went on quite nicely.

The vitamin B was blue, no idea why. I can't yet tell if it has made any difference. That's the problem with these kits- you try four new products at once so can't tell which one is causing a change (if there is one).

Regardless of all the above, I wouldn't repurchase because the dropper is almost a cm shorter that the bottle, meaning that to get the rest out of the bottle one has to tip it upside down... seems pretty silly and you waste quite a bit.

  1. good


    this is such a good introduction to some of alpha h products. love them all
  2. Mix and match for how your skin feels


    Really enjoyed the chance to trial these products in a cost-effective way. Thought the Vitamin E was going to be the more boring option but actually I ended up using this up first as it was so nice and calming in amongst all the other actives.
  3. Great introduction to Alpha-H and actives!


    This kit was great to sample some of the serums that Alpha-H has on offer. The Vitamin A was a great starter retinol, did not irritate my skin at all. Vitamin B was a nice feeling serum and made my skin feel really glowy (p.s. it is supposed to smell like that). The Vitamin C was a lovely texture and sunk in nicely. The Vitamin E is AWESOME - great to use after a few active nights to calm skin dow...
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  4. Great sampler kit and saves money!


    This kit has been a great way to trial these products in smaller sizes - and also works out cheaper! These serums are great for sensitive skin and so easy to match to my needs on certain days. I love all of these serums, the A and C in partcular.
  5. Great taste testers


    This is a really great way to test out the Alpha H range. There is something in there for pretty much every skin concern and you save a lot by buying and trying this way first. Also makes a really great gift!
  6. beautiful packaging


    this has such nice packaging, they look so nice sitting out on my counter. However, I am yet to see any results on my skin
  7. Great kit for trialing


    Great kit to trial the serums before you commit to one.
    They are all great products but the vit c isn’t as concentrated as the medik8 so I’ll always go back to the medik8.
    Cute packaging though
  8. Great bundle


    These serums are so affordable and cover so many of my skin concerns, i've been using them for 2 months now and my skin has improved.
  9. Awesome range of serums


    This is a great way to test out this range of serums. I particularly liked the Vitamin B - felt fantastic on my skin. Definitely not an ongoing purchase but a great tester or gift.
  10. Value pack


    I love the idea of this pack and have previously bought it already at great value. However, my only reservation is that earlier 25ml sizes of all vitamins were included and now that has been downsized. Still, the products are great and I have to say the Vitamin B serum works well on pigmentation.
  11. Incredible way to start a regieme!


    Love these serums and being able to try a new brand/range without investing $$$ not knowing if it will work.
    I prefer the smaller bottles for travel anyway.
    These serums are incredible and work so well together.
  12. Awesome value


    It is a perfect kit if you are a beginner to vitamins. You get to try four different powerful vitamins to try before you decide which one is best for you. It's way affordable than other vitamin serums out there. It has made a positive visible difference to my skin after regular use. I use them alternative nights. Will keep repurchasing.
  13. Star


    This product it's just enough,just right, the vitamin e is amazing texturing, smell,and feel I have been using,the rest isn't aggressive for my skin. just feels amazing
    I really recommend for a dry skin
  14. Good way to test products, but not very impressed


    I was most keen to try the vit C and the vit B.

    I did some further reading on the C after purchasing and it seems to me to have a really low concentration of vitamin C. Although it's tricky to compare apples and oranges, with all the different formulations. I found it a little bit drying, but went on quite nicely.

    The vitamin B was blue, no idea why. I can't yet tell if...
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  15. Best sample kit


    This is awesome as I wanted to try the vitamin C & E serums, they are all amazing! The vitamin E serum is so good! I've purchased large bottles of all of these.
  16. Best value kit ever


    Initially I was just going to but vitamin A and C serum. But then I saw this kit. I thought why not try it. I am Happy I did as all ot the serums are so beautiful and made a huge difference to my skin. Still have a little pigmentation left, but that's fine.
  17. Brilliant Vitamin Kit


    I love this vitamin series. It is fantastic to travel with. Really good for someone starting out on vitamin serums. This allows you to customise to the needs of your skin. I love the B serum as it also has peptides. I find I purchase the full size Vit B as I use it most days. Love it!
  18. Great set!


    Such a nice way to give all of these a go. I’m super impressed with how my skin has changed, I’ve seen a huge improvement and I’m going to continue using these! Great set!
  19. So beautiful


    This pack is just so pretty! Just the bottles alone are amazing. I really enjoy all the serums. They all make my skin feel and look nice. No stinging with the vitamin C or peeling with the A so super gentle on sensitive skin
  20. Results and Value!


    This set gives you a chance to try all the vitamin serums at such great value! The sizes are also great for travelling. There isn't much scent to any of the products. In terms of consistency, all the serums go on and sink into the skin very well. They are not oily, but do leave a bit of a tacky feeling which goes away after moisturising. The vitamin A serum is not too strong (ie will not burn...
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  21. Great intro to serums


    Firstly, how cute is the packaging?! Looks so nice in the bathroom cabinet. A great and affordable way to try out different serums (beyond The Ordinary products). The retinol is creamy. I really like the vitamin C. I went through the vitamin B so quickly because I loved using it. And the vitamin E is so soothing when you've overdone it a bit with products.
  22. excellent starter kit


    beautiful packaging, great starter kit for someone to try the pure ingredient skincare
  23. For the person who has no idea where to begin


    The skincare world can be very overwhelming and sometimes it hard to know where to begin. This serum kit works like a skincare wardrobe where you assess you skin and decide whether you want something calming, brightening, hydrating or anti aging. Pair this kit with cleanser, moisturizer and spf and you’re on to a great start in your skincare journey. Plus, the packing is cute as hell.
  24. Love this set


    So happy I bought this as I wanted to try a few different ingredients. It comes with a full explanation of each serum and when to use. I have really noticed a difference in my skin, love the vit C for the morning and Vit A for the evening. Highly recommend for someone who wants to try a few different ingredients to see which one works for them!
  25. Great kit!


    This is a great way to introduce these ingredients into your routine for the first time! The packaging is really cute but you do only get 15ml of product for $25 per bottle. I have combination skin, and the vitamin A wasn't irritating, the vitamin B significantly reduced any oiliness and the vitamin E is a nice finishing step in my night routine. The vitamin C broke me out (but I don't think vitam...
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  26. Great starter set


    This is a super affordable little kit that lets you try the alpha - h serums. They are excellent serums, leans to the gentler side. Nice to use when I want to give my skin a break from more intensive serums.
  27. All the essentials


    This kit is so perfect! All the vitamin serums your skin needs on different days. I live the new coloured bottles too so I can easily tell what is what with my glasses off
  28. My new favourite


    Absolutely love these facial oils!!! It’s great to be able to choose & try each one out & I have already seen a huge difference as my skin now has a beautiful healthy glow. I’m 63 & my friends have already commented asking me what I am using. Luv luv luv♥️
  29. Super product


    Super hydrating with beautiful fragrance. Skin on my arms & legs is drier in winter. Since using this product I have seen a huge improvement. My skin is glowing & healthier again YEY
  30. Worth every penny


    This is a great set for beginners and the price is great at $25 a bottle you really can’t go wrong! I love all these products and they are great staples to have in every skincare routine!
  31. Fantastic kit


    A great way to introduce your skin to a variety of vitamins. You can interchange depending on your skins current concerns. They all go on with ease. My fave is vitamin C.
  32. Vitamin Kit


    This is a really good way to test all of the alpha-h vitamins!
  33. Great kit!


    I wanted to start incorporating serums into my skincare routine, and being a lover of other alpha h products I decided to purchase this kit to give their serums a go. I’m so glad I did! I find all of these serums to be beautiful to apply to the skin and have already had an impact on my skin - making it look and feel brighter and more hydrated with less noticeable pigmentation and fine lines. Defin...
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  34. Great for trying serums


    This set is a great way of testing out Alpha H’s vitamin serums, plus the bottles are really cute.
  35. Great learning experience


    I was lucky enough to buy the old version that contained larger sizes of these serums (was priced a little higher) as a person new’ish and trying to learn more about skincare and what worked for me.
    I found it a great learning experience as I learn what works for me and what products and ingredients I want to explore further
    My fave would be the B, the smell is different but I really
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  36. Great value


    Excellent price point for these 4 serums, they all seem to work nicely. I like the vitamin E for nourishment, the Vitamin A for occasional overnight use, the vitamin C & B would be the ones I use on a more daily basis. I can’t fault them, they’re all lovely
  37. Awesome Serum starter pack


    A great way of introducing serums into your skincare routine in a cost-effective way! I especially loved the C and B!!
  38. Great set


    Really great way to test these 4 serums and good value for money! Each of the serums will benefit all skin types and allow you to adjust your routine according to what your skin needs.
  39. Amazing products and value


    Each product is beneficial and all come together to form a vitamin powerhouse for your skin. My fave is the VC as an instant glow and brightener but they're all amazing and need to be used in conjunction for best results.
  40. Great value and all these serums work really well


    I love all of these serums- they absorb quickly so I can layer a few at night or use one under makeup. I’m really loving the Vit A one and none of these make me break out either.
  41. Cute set


    Love the packaging and the vitamin A especially
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