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Cleansing is an important first step in any skincare routine, as it helps to remove the impurities and oils that build up on the skin during the day and overnight. Alpha-H offers a range of facial cleansers, each one developed to target a specific skincare concern whilst ridding the skin of build-up.

Alpha-H cleansers all contain powerful active ingredients to help remove debris and excess sebum without stripping it natural oils. Whether you have a dry, sensitive, acne-prone, or oily complexion, the selection of skin cleansers from Alpha-H ensures your skin type is catered to and effectively cleansed.


What are the key benefits of cleansers?

Throughout the day and night, your skin attracts a lot of unwanted build-up. Whether you need to remove makeup, sunscreen, excess sebum, pollutants, or actual grime, all of these can cause congested skin. Congestion can cause breakouts and acne, as well as prevent the rest of your skincare products from working as effectively. Cleansing is a must-do step for any skincare routine.

What are the key ingredients in Alpha-H cleansers?

All cleansers from Alpha-H are formulated differently to tackle various skincare concerns and work effectively on different skin types. The brand’s cleansers contain a blend of natural and chemical cleaning agents such as Tea Tree, Thyme, Aloe Vera, and Salicylic Acid to remove debris and provide additional skincare benefits.

Which Alpha-H cleanser is good for dry skin?

Essential Cleansing Balm is the perfect choice for those who suffer from dry skin. This facial cleanser from Alpha-H contains a nourishing blend of Essential Oils, Sea Buckthorn, and Rosehip to restore moisture levels whilst melting away makeup. This luxurious 4-in-1 product works as a makeup remover, cleanser, toner, and moisturiser to alleviate tightness and strengthen skin. It can even be used as an overnight treatment for maximum hydration.

Which Alpha-H cleanser is good for oily skin?

If you have oily skin, try Triple Action Cleanser, a non-foaming gel cleanser containing Cucumber, Aloe Vera, and Thyme. These botanicals work together to provide a gentle cleanse and rebalance sebum levels whilst minimising the risk of breakouts.

Which Alpha-H cleanser is good for acne?

Clear Skin Face & Body Wash is the perfect acne cleanser, as it has been developed to help fight infection and blemishes with ingredients such as Tea Tree and Salicylic Acid. Cooling agents such as Eucalyptus are also added to help reduce the inflammation and redness of existing blemishes.

Which Alpha-H cleanser is good for sensitive skin?

The award-winning Balancing Cleanser from Alpha-H is ideal for sensitive skin types. Its creamy milk formula helps relieve irritation and soothe tight skin. This 3-in-1 cleanser removes face and eye makeup, cleanses skin, and gently tones.

How do you use a cleanser?

Cleansers should be used both morning and evening to rid skin of the impurities that build up both overnight and during the day. Many different cleanser formulations exist, from gel cleansers, soaps, and cleansing oils to non-foaming and foaming cleansers. All need to be used differently.


Whilst some cleansers work as effective makeup removers and others as two-in-one toners, some simply get skin clean. Always read the instructions on the packaging to see where to apply the cleanser, especially to find out if it is suitable for use over the eyes.


Always remove your cleanser thoroughly to prevent product build-up.

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Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser 185ml
Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser 185ml


Decent cleanser, although I will always prefer the Skinstitut one. Also the packaging isnt my favourite, again I prefer the Skinstitut gentle cleanser
Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser 185mL
Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser 185mL

Wonderful Face Cleanser

Received a 30ml sample as a GWP last month. Love it so much, it is perfect for oily skin. It’s removes makeup and leaves your skin feeling so refreshed. Highly recommend.
Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser 185ml
Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser 185ml

Gentle face cleanser

I used to buy foam face cleanser. When I first started using this, I found that it was not very well adapted to foam, but later it was found that this cleansing milk was gentle and could wash my face, and I love Alpha H very much.

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