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Experience the very best in hair luxury with Balmain Paris Hair Couture. As part of the Balmain Paris fashion label, Balmain Paris Hair Couture combines haircare expertise with the latest catwalk trends, for a collection of products that blends artistry with quality and results.

Inspired by backstage hair secrets, Balmain Paris Hair Couture manages to cultivate a spirit of innovation while respecting the tradition and heritage of the brand. Driven by meticulous attention to detail and a passion for creativity, each product is carefully formulated to deliver only the best for your hair.


What are some of the key ingredients in Balmain Paris Hair Couture?

  • Silk Proteins
    Each product in both the care and styling ranges is infused with Silk Protein, a material long-known for its incredible combination of strength and softness. When used on the hair, silk proteins form a transparent film that seals the cuticle and prevents further damage to the hair. Hair elasticity and shine are improved, leaving the hair more resilient and nourished.
    Also ideal for damaged hair, silk proteins contain 17 out of the 19 amino acids found naturally in hair and help repair and smooth the cuticle.

  • Argan Elixir
    Derived from the kernels of the argan tree, this highly nourishing oil gives hair lustrous shine while hydrating and repairing dry and damaged hair. Extremely rich in Vitamin E, it helps to improve hair elasticity and defend against damage.

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Recent reviews on Balmain Paris Hair Couture products

Balmain Paris Travel Silk Perfume 50ml
Balmain Paris Hair Couture
Balmain Paris Travel Silk Perfume 50ml

Nice but pricey

This is nice enough as a basic scent, and a good size. I don’t think I’d buy again. There are general leave ins that nourish your hair that smell just as good, if you want just a hair perfume, invest in a YSL or Chanel one.

I didn’t feel this enhanced my hair in any way, just added a scent.
Balmain Paris Silk Perfume 200ml
Balmain Paris Hair Couture
Balmain Paris Silk Perfume 200ml

Nice but expensive

This smells decent. I have long, medium thick hair and this doesn’t add or take away any benefit. Ie I don’t feel my hair is dryer or more hydrated. The scent is ok, but for the amount of Haircare That is available ie olaplex leave in, Kevin murphy...if I want a hair perfume I’ll buy the YSL or Chanel one.