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Barry M Holographic Eyeshadow Topper 12ml

4.2 of 51 reviews

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      Give eyes a dose of dazzling colour with Barry M Holographic Eyeshadow Topper. Bursting with iridescence, these duochrome liquid eyeshadows can be worn alone or on top of any other eyeshadows. Featuring stunning shifting colour, each shade changes from one colour to another. To really highlight the duochrome nature of these toppers, try applying a white or black eyeshadow or primer base underneath. The shimmery finish will be amped up and colour will pop even more.
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      • Vegan

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      SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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      Finish - Powders:

      • Glitter/sparkle

      Finish - Foundation:

      • Glitter/sparkle

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      Barry M Holographic Eyeshadow Topper Reviews

      4.2 of 51 reviews

      95% recommend this product

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      Most Helpful Positive

      Super pigmented


      Such a beautiful colour and effect and applies so easily. Very easy to use for more creative looks and is so pigmented which just adds so much drama to the eyes. Looks absolutely stunning. Definitely recommend

      Most Helpful Criticism

      A bit of fun


      Beautiful but I do think it's more metallic than it is holographic. Still a fun product to try though!
      1. Fun and affordable


        As someone who loves multichromes and colour shifting shadows I decided to pick this up to see how comparable they are since these sorts of shadows can be rather expensive. The topper does appear to be more metallic than multichrome but there is a subtle colour shift, just not too apparent when sheered out on the eyes. Overall this isn't bad for the price and is a fun but if you want more impact t...
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      2. Pretty


        This is a really pretty eyeshadow topper. It looks very pigmented when I first apply it but sheers out when I try to blend it.
        You definitely need a complimentary shadow underneath.
        I have Supernova which a beautiful green duochrome and I use a green eyeshadow as a base.
        This is pretty watery though, and doesn't dry down quickly.
        It's a cheap and cheerful eyeshadow topper.
      3. A bit of fun


        Beautiful but I do think it's more metallic than it is holographic. Still a fun product to try though!
      4. Nice eyeshadow topper


        Nice eyeshadow topper. It can get a big flakey if you use too much but it is lovely.
      5. Good


        Looks beautiful and takes the eye look to another level but does tend to crease.
      6. Super pigmented


        Such a beautiful colour and effect and applies so easily. Very easy to use for more creative looks and is so pigmented which just adds so much drama to the eyes. Looks absolutely stunning. Definitely recommend
      7. So pretty!


        I love this eyeshadow topper, because the pigmentation is great and the colours are pretty. One downside is I feel as though it creases, but this could be due to my oily skin.
      8. Nice


        Very nice colour and pigment. Blends nicely but unfortunately creases after a little while.
      9. Really pigmented and pretty!


        Very pigmented! I really love this shade and looks so good on!
      10. Like it


        Very pigmented formula and lasts all day. Great for creating festival looks!
      11. Amazing quality


        Amazing quality eyeshadow, so pigmented and blends well
      12. Euphoria vibes


        Really cute for creative looks
      13. These are amazing


        this product does not fail to turn your product up a notch! it is gorgeous in any lighting and comes in a beautiful range of colours.
      14. All the sparkle!


        I saw a couple of YouTubers recommend this as an alternative to Stila glitters and because I love anything sparkly I had to give them a go. They're called eyeshadow toppers but you could definitely use them on their own. They have really pretty holographic sparkle in a tinted base and look gorgeous alone or over a base colour. They set very quickly and once they do they do not budge all night! I g...
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      15. super holograph!


        this adds so much shine and holographic pigment, easy to apply and dries fast. It is however, a huge pain to take off but looks amazing on
      16. Very pretty


        These are very pretty! They catch the little just perfectly. They are long lasting and all the shades are beautiful, you can’t go wrong with any colour.
      17. Barry M Holographic Eyeshadow Topper


        Lovely, creamy and powdery formula. Blends easily The colour is very pigmented
      18. Nice colour


        This product lasts all day easy to apply feels gel like ... was patchy on application when using alone . When in better when applied over the top of a base
      19. Holo heaven!


        this product does not fail to turn your product up a notch! it is gorgeous in any lighting and comes in a beautiful range of colours.
      20. Glitter dreams!


        I picked this up after hearing friends rave about it and they were absolutely correct! I got the shade Stardust and now I want all the others. They are the most beautiful, shimmering toppers I've ever used and make shadows pop so well. They dry down extremely comfortably and feel very light on your eyes. You can also layer them to get a stunning glittery effect without it looking chunky. Adore the...
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      21. Fun product


        such a fun product. Looks great and love taking this to festivals.
      22. Amazing


        Amazing quality eyeshadow, so pigmented and blends well
      23. Luna


        I love this Luna eye shadow topper. This is another amazing value product which is great quality.
      24. Fun and affordable


        I have this topper in two colours now, and feel pretty comfortable commenting on the formula. This eyeshadow looks perfect paired with a primer and eyeshadow underneath, but doesn’t have that “wow” factor by itself. Lasts all day and is a good product for the price!
      25. Great eyeshadow topper, longlasting


        I now have this product in every colour bar the lunar one. it's stunning and lasts ages. The opacity is great and lasts all day without any falling into your eyes. You can certainly wear this on it's own but it pairs beautifully with a matching eyeshadow colour. It is much more affordable and beats out the stilla eyeshadow toppers. Highly recommend.
      26. Purchased this one for a fancy dress party, now I use it heaps!


        Such a fun eyeshadow to use, I keep returning to it. The colour is incredible and it has a really intense metallic undertone. It seems to last quite well too.
      27. Great!!


        I use this product a lot to do a quick cut crease and it’s so good and shimmery. The formula is really opaque and lasts all night.
      28. Pretty and shimmery


        The formula is quite opaque and sometimes streaky to apply and you need multiple coats but you have to be careful of it getting to thick. The colours are very shimmery though and can be blended out nicely with normal shadow. Would like to try this formula in more colours.
      29. Great


        Cool eyeshadows, love taking them to festivals. Super affordable and good quality for the price point
      30. Glittery fun


        Shades are very deep and so smooth to apply. Definitely stands out at night with the glossy,wet-look finish!
      31. Shiny and fun


        I bought these for a bit of sparkle and fun. I love glitter. I really like them, but for me it’s a little subtle. I like full on super shiny in your face glitter. Very reasonably priced compared to Stilla. Pretty, shiny, changes colour as you move/turn your head. Great over pigmented eyeshadow for high glam or alone for just a hint of shine. Not really any glitter particles so lots of people would...
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      32. So pretty


        So pretty! Gorgeous shimmer and colour payoff
      33. such a beautiful shade


        this is so amazing, pairs perfect with a festival look or a night out. really makes your eyes pop
      34. Super Affordable!


        is comparable to the stila liquid eyeshadows but is at half the price. I was not expecting this product to last very long on the lips however it performed much better than most other glitter toppers I have used. I especially find that the duo chromes very pretty as it gives off a slightly different colour in different lightings and angles :))
      35. Love the formula


        I love the formula and packaging of this - its super user friendly and perfect for that extra glam. Only thing is I'm not a huge fan of the colour range and wish they branched out to more netural and wearable colours too!
      36. Gorgeous


        These are beautiful - pigmented, very shimmery and metallic. The multi tone colours are gorgeous. Similar to the stila product. I just wish there was more warm tones.


        Initially it looks nice, it takes a moment to dry down. Sadly it tends to spread around and wear off rather quickly.
      38. ok


        This makes my eyes very glittery and it has a unique colour.
      39. Great


        Love the formula, the colour and finish is STUNNING and really good for creating fun festive or party looks.
      40. A wonderful surprise


        I didn't quite know what to expect when purchasing this Barry M product having no previous experience with the brand but I had heard it mentioned on Pixiwoo but not this product. So pleasantly surprised! I thought I'd give it a whirl because it was so cheap but I didn't have the highest expectation, I'm not in love and will be buying the other three colours available!
      41. So pretty


        I love the colour and it's so easy to apply.
      42. Glossy!


        Shades are very deep and so smooth to apply. Definitely stands out at night with the dewy,wet-look finish!
      43. perf


        really cute duochrome lid topper - would like more glitter as its all shine, but it stays well and is perfect for going out.
      44. so fun!!


        this is so cheap and such a good product!! creates such a cool look and you can put it on your lips too! I will be buying more
      45. Supernova


        Such a great colour. Very nice shimmer to it that's buildable. Staying power is so so but a primer fixes that.
      46. Affordable


        So affordable! Great brand and product. I use this when I'm going out at night for a glam look and love it
      47. Comparable to Stila


        I purchased these at the recommendation of mmmmitchell on instagram (a British makeup artist). They're comparable to the stila liquid glitter and glow shadow's but a mousse texture. I find I get less glitter fall out from these compared to the Stila shadows but they will lift a bit more if played with too much once applied to the eye (when blending shadows over them). Fun colours, nice duochrom...
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      48. As good as Stila


        I can not get enough of these! I love the Stila glitter/glimmer and glows and these are just as good at a third of the price. The formula going on the the eye so smoothly. All you need is one swipe and bam you have instant impact. My eye make up now doesn't feel finished until I add this - I'm so addicted. I started off buying 2 colours because I was sceptical but I instantly got back online to bu...
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      49. LOVE!


        I'm so glad Adore Beauty has started stocking these. These toppers give such a vibrant look to the lid. Such a good product for a price that is on point!
      50. Shiny!


        This isn't holographic, more of a duochrome. But it does look gorgeous on the lids. It is hard to blend though, so I recommened patting the edges with a finger or a stiff synthetic flat brush. I was worried this would transfer or crease with my hooded eyes, but it stayed where I had placed it. The biggest downside is that these don't really have a pigmented base to them, so I find that applying it...
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      51. Super cool, festival shades!

        Elle (Adore Beauty Staff)

        Hello Holographic! These cream shadows are brilliant at amplifying any makeup look. Worn all over the lid, they do become quite bold so if you want to make it more subtle, I wear them as an eyeliner, or as a highlighter in the inner corner of my eye. Very versatile, and very fun! The stunning shades bring out my inner mermaid!
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