Need a New Hair Straightener? Ask Santa for This Stunning Limited Edition One

cloud nine gift of goldcloud nine gift of gold

If you've ever mourned the death of a beloved hair straightener, you'll know the tong-shaped hole it leaves in your bathroom.

Whether you had your straightener for a few months or a few decades, the loss of a hair tool is... not that big of a deal in the scheme of life, but annoying nonetheless.

I'm often asked, what is the best straightener? This is because hair tools, including irons, are expensive. It's not really the kind of purchase you make on the fly.

No, you research and shop around to find the very best deal, and only when your tongs leave you or let you down.

It's for this reason now, during the Christmas shopping season, is a brilliant time to purchase a new hair straightener (or a replacement for one departed).

Why? Because every year for Christmas, brands bring out their best-selling hair straighteners in shiny limited edition holiday gift packs that are excellent value for money.

One such Christmas haircare gift set is the Cloud Nine The Gift of Gold 3.0 - The Original Iron and I'm going to tell you why it's on the list of gifts I'd like to receive from Santa.

cloud nine gift of goldcloud nine gift of gold

Firstly, CLOUD NINE hair tools are just really great quality. Having launched more than a decade ago, the Korean-produced heat styling tools gave us regular folks salon-quality, temperature-control heat tools we could use at home.

Coming in two main styles - the CLOUD NINE Original Iron and CLOUD NINE The Wide Iron - the brand is known for top notch features, including:

  • LED temperature control panel with low, medium and high heat options.

  • Black ceramic plates that give hair added shine every time you use your iron.

  • A handy swivel cord so you'll never trip over the cord or hurt your arm trying to manoeuvre the tongs.

  • An intelligent sleep technology hibernation mode that automatically kicks in when the iron has been switched on, but not used for 30 minutes.

As for whether the straightener is actually any good, it's a heck yes from me.

These plates legit feel like you're straightening butter - the ceramic plates don't snag and leave my hair looking super shiny and frizz-free.

cloud nine gift of goldcloud nine gift of gold

Now, onto the CLOUD NINE Christmas gift sets.

They've always been good-looking straighteners, but it has to be said...

The Gift of Gold shimmery white Christmas straighteners are S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G.

I mean, would you look at her glisten?

cloud nine gift of goldcloud nine gift of gold

Like the original models, the brand's festive hair gift offering comes in original and wide size irons.

If you have a shorter lob, or use your straightener to curl your hair pretty often, the Cloud Nine The Gift of Gold 3.0 - The Original Iron will work for you.

Got long, thick, textured or coarse hair? I'd go for the Cloud Nine The Gift of Gold 3.0 - The Wide Iron because you'll be able to get through your hair twice as fast (and you can still create waves using a wide iron).

cloud nine gift of gold wide ironcloud nine gift of gold wide iron

Whichever width you choose, both CLOUD NINE Gift of Gold sets come with the lush white and rose gold straightener, plus a white leather-look zip travel case and a reusable drink bottle.

In other words, buying a straightener in a gift set is a smart, economic move.

And that's it. That concludes my compelling case for asking Santa (or rationalising it to yourself) to replace your sad, broken down iron with a limited edition Christmas hair straightener gift set.

It'd be rude not to, yeah?

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