This Hair Styler Is Like Nothing Else You've Ever Used

I'm sure everyone reading this knows the smell of burnt hair. We've all overdone it with our trusty old straightener at some point in our life, haven't we? I remember when I was young trying to get my mum to curl my hair with a tong she had from the 1970s, who even knows what that was doing to my hair. Thankfully, it didn't turn out like the below...

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Now, there's no denying we're a bit more clued in on the health of our hair these days. We know we should use a heat protectant, we know heat tools above 150 degrees can cause damage to our hair over time, but at the end of the day, we still need to style it.

So, how can we reduce the amount of damage we cause our hair, but still achieve a silky smooth, long-lasting style? That's where L’Oreal Professionel's Steampod comes in.

As the name suggests, this styler uses steam to help you create styles from dead straight to bouncy waves, minus the burnt ends and straw-like feel. And for those of you with unmanageable frizz, this styler is an absolute game changer, trust me.

Loreal-Steampod before-after 0008Loreal-Steampod before-after 0008

How Does The Steampod Work?

The Steampod works by distributing a continuous flow of steam evenly throughout the hair during the styling process (via a refillable water cartridge). When you press the plates together against a section of the hair, steam is projected from small vents in the plates onto the hair in order to straighten hair fibres and reduce frizz.

The steam component works alongside the heated ceramic plates with detachable combs, speeding up the styling process, sealing the cuticle at the same time. You can expect an ultra-sleek, shiny finish for straightened looks, but you can also use this styler to create waves and loose curls. The intuitive control panel also takes the guess work out of selecting the perfect temperature for your style.

How Does This Styler Differ From My Usual Tool?

The difference between your usual heat tool and the Steampod is the type of heat and moisture used to power the device. As the steam is projected onto the hair from the plates of the Steampod, it infuses moisture into the hair cuticle, before the heat and pressure of the ceramic plates smooths it down.

The addition of this moisture can help prevent potential damage caused by only using a hot surface to force the fibre straight. And don't worry, the Steampod has adjustable heat settings which range from 140-210°C to suit all hair types and textures. Oh, and these results can last for up to 3 days without needing to be refreshed.

Loreal-Steampod before-after 0002Loreal-Steampod before-after 0002

What's Everyone Saying?

Love my Steampod


I purchased one of these after having my hairdresser use it on me and I loved it! So great for my hair. I have thick, long, curly hair so a regular straightener was a bit of a nightmare given how long it would take, but the Steampod has halved this time and the fact it is better for your hair is a bonus! Love it and definitely worth the money!

This is a lifesaver for my wavy hair!


My hair is wavy and humid weather is making it even worse. This is my life saver. The best hair straightener I've ever had. I use a straighter almost every day and need something more then just a regular hair straightener. My hair doesn't have any split ends after using this styler. I'm really really happy with my purchase. The only one problem is the weight. It's a bit heavy. So, if someone is lo...
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My hairdresser used this on my hair, WOW it was so good, off l went in my search of one. Cannot believe or at times comprehend the softness and silk feeling of my hair.. it is just that, feels so soft and like silk... Very user-friendly and not difficult to manage at all. Love it, if you need to treat yourself, this is it.