Episode 14: Professional Skin Needling, Explained

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What’s on this episode? We’re glad you asked...

Excess sweating:

We chat about excess sweating, also known as hypohidrosis, and Joanna reveals what it's like to have Botox under your arms (and if it actually works). Hannah also shares an interesting insight into her taste in men.

Skin Needling:

Derya Koch from Victorian Dermal Group in Kew, Melbourne joins us to talk all things skin needling; pre-care, post-care and the treatment itself, and Hannah tells us just how painful the treatment actually is.

Visit Victorian Dermal Group here: https://victoriandermalgroup.com.au/

Derya's favourite products:

https://www.adorebeauty.co.nz/medik8/medik8-hydr8-b5.html https://www.adorebeauty.co.nz/medik8/medik8-pore-cleanse-gel-intense.html https://www.adorebeauty.co.nz/mesoestetic/mesoestetic-post-procedure-fast-skin-repair.html

The products we didn’t know we needed: 

Joanna’s product: https://www.adorebeauty.co.nz/lanolips/lanolips-lanostick-buffer-balm-lemonaid.html Hannah’s product: Nair Sensitive Wax Strips Large


Hosts: Joanna Fleming & Hannah Furst 

Guest: Derya Koch from Victorian Dermal Group

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Professional Skin Needling, Explained - Beauty IQ Uncensored Episode 14 Transcript


Welcome everybody to Beauty IQ the podcast.

I'm your host Joanna Fleming.

And I am your co-host, Hannah Furst.

Welcome back everybody. Hannah hasn't had her coffee, she's just-

I'm holding it, I'm about to drink it and I didn't sleep that well last night, so-

Bear with us.

Bear with me while I, I'm just going to have a little sip now.

So Hannah, tell us what's on this episode.

So on this episode we are talking about excess sweating, which you have experienced. We're also chatting to Derya from Victorian Dermal Group about skin needling and other professional treatments. And of course, the part we didn't know we needed.

So, for today's cringey convo, let's start off with how many DMs you got about your showering.

I got so many DMs, I'm so happy. It actually-

People are nice in the end.

I actually wrote back to one girl and said,"For every like one troll there's like a hundred women who like support you."

And it's really sad that you kind of get stuck on that one person even though there's all this stuff.

Just to get a little bit deep with you, isn't this life? You always look at the negative, not the positive. Anyway.

Okay, so you got all these DMs, so what were some of the things people said?

So some of the interesting things people said were... There was people like me that CBF. There was a lot of CBFs after the gym. And there was a couple of other interesting ones. One girl, she did a base camp at Everest and didn't shower for 14 days.

Well that's fair. Where are you going to shower?

And I wrote back and said, "Oh my God, I've always wanted to do that. How was it?" She said, "It was beautiful and amazing" and I just loved that.

Maybe you two should go together.

I totally want to do. I actually want to go to Everest base camp with my dad.

Oh yeah, that'd be nice.

Shout out to dad.



So on the note of that, you were surprised that I'd had this particular treatment, but we talk a lot about excess sweating and we have covered off natural deodorant on one episode quite briefly.

And I just said to you that in summer I... That's why I'm really interested in these. In summer, my sweat is like a river under my arm. It actually, like it-

I don't know if it's that bad.

I can feel it like a little river, [crosstalk 00:02:19], like a creek, not a river.

I sometimes I'm sitting at my desk and I'm like, "What is that?" And I feel it.

It's tickles.

Yeah. It's sweat running down the side of my body. Does this happen to anyone else?

Happens to me, yeah.

So it must happen to other people.

Yeah. I don't know. I feel like I sweat more than a normal person, but then I also feel like you are on the same page as me and we're both really paranoid about having BO.

I actually... This might be a medical condition. But I was at F45 the other day and every time you went to a certain spot in the gym, it was the most overpowering BO, like that Seinfeld episode. Have you seen that?


Oh my God. She doesn't watch Seinfeld.

I'm a Friends person, sorry.

It's absolutely mental that you don't watch Seinfeld.

But I'm a Friends person. I think you're either one or the other.

No, I'm both. Let's have like a girl's night and I'm going to get you-

I've watched it before, but I'm not into it, I haven't sat down and watched every season three times like I have with Friends.

Guys I love Seinfeld. I'm like... Okay, I had a weird crush on George Costanza.

That explains a lot.

And Larry David, both.

That explains a lot.

Does it?

Yes. About your taste in men. Yes.

Yes. I just love their personalities.

And your dad bod.

And the dad bod. Anyways. So it was so overpowering. It was... I actually felt I was really struggling because it would waft over into your area.

See that's what I hope I don't do to people.

You definitely don't because I sit next to you, but I was like, "Does this person not know or do they know and it's actually a medical problem?"

Imagine how debilitating that would be if you knew-

So debilitating.

How bad it was. Like I would never exercise in an enclosed space.

Yeah. Has someone... Have I just forgotten to put deodorant on and now they've been like sweating all day and now they're at the gym and I just wasn't sure. It was like that. So if you've seen that Seinfeld episode, basically they cannot get the BO smell out of the car. It kind of felt like that. Like no matter what... And then it's hair and she can't get the smell out of her hair.

See, that's my number one fear, is that people will be like, "Oh that Jo girl really smells." I don't want to be that person.

I've never noticed that you've smelled that bad. I actually... Sometimes we're sitting next to each other and I'm like, "Can you..." You know when I smell my underarms at my desk?

And I can't smell you.

And you're like, "What are you doing?" And I'm like, "I think I smell." And you're like, "No, you don't smell." We must all just be quite sensitive to our own. But maybe we just need to be more comfortable. A little bit of smell is okay.

I wouldn't care if you smell me.


Yeah. If I smelled at work, I wouldn't be that bothered by it.

Me and my sister sometimes we would just, like do you smell also each other's underarms?

I don't have a sister. So no.

So you don't know?

It'd be weird if I did that with my brothers.

As my mom said, we both came from her vagina. [inaudible 00:00:04:58].

Very true Linda. But you were surprised to hear that I'd actually had Botox under my arms.

I couldn't believe it.

Yeah. So this was ages ago, this is probably five years ago.

And we haven't discussed this yet. I'm really excited to hear.

So generally this treatment is for anyone with hyperhidrosis, which is just like major excess sweating, like way more than an old person sweats to cool themself down.

But I had Botox because I thought it would help with BO as well, because the less I was sweating I was hoping that I just wouldn't smell. And maybe I don't smell but like-

I've never... I know you talk about it. Maybe we can just smell ourselves, like we're more sensitive to our own smells.

I think everyone's a little bit paranoid. But anyway, I had Botox under my arms and it was so cool because they do this thing called an iodine and starch test. So they put like essentially Betadine under your arms. And then they put some starch on top and then the areas that sweat the most under your arms start to turn black as you sweat. So you can see all the little sweat glands lighting up and where you sweat the most on your underarm. And mine was like kind of further up my underarm, like I don't know, like almost my-


Arm. Yeah. So I feel like that's why I get sweat patches. Anyway. But that worked for a little while but it didn't work for ages and it's very expensive.

Is that because Botox wears off so quick. It doesn't last that long.

Yeah. And you have to use a lot of units under your arms. So A, it's expensive, and B it doesn't last very long.

That would be really... Because you're far already such a small portion of your face that it's not a lot of Botox.

Yeah, they use a shit load under there, but it didn't last super long. So I still-

Did it hurt?

No, put numbing cream underneath. So I probably wouldn't do it again just because I think I still smell. So-

So you did it more for the smell?

Yeah but I don't know why because I knew-

Maybe we need to get you on clinical protection too.

Yeah, I think maybe I should go on clinical protection.

I like it but I still sweat in summer on clinical protection.

But you know what I'm going to do? So I told my friends that we were doing this episode and one of my friends said, "You have to try apple cider vinegar." Because she started using that like just on a cotton pad, like swiping it under her arms at night.

What does that do?

Apparently it neutralizes the odor and the bacteria under your arm. So it makes it impossible for bacteria to grow there. So yeah, if you want to have Botox you can, or you can try a prescription deodorant, or if you have BO like me, you can use apple cider vinegar. And I'll come back to you on that, because I haven't actually used it yet but my friend said it really worked for her. So-

That'll be a product you didn't know you needed.

It probably will be.

So I'm going to intro our next guest, which is Derya. She is the head clinician and director of Victorian Dermal Group. Joanna and I have both been there to get some treatments. I love it there.

[inaudible 00:07:46].

I had my skin needling there, which we will talk more about. So tell us a little bit about what you do.

So we are a cosmetic medical clinic. We provide laser cosmetic treatments. Part of our clinic also does leg veins, varicose veins, et cetera. So we use a lot of lasers, injectable treatments, cosmetic treatments.

Do you-

Okay like we need you to get you back to talk about veins because I personally-

And also do you do-

I'm getting spider veins and it's freaking me out.

And I was also going to say, do you do tattoo removal? Because that's next for me.

I've been trying to convince Hannah to have a tattoo removal. Okay, next thing, Hannah, you're getting tattoo removal.

But the flesh burning, I don't know if I can do it.

Everyone placed vote, Hannah is getting one tattoo removed just so that she can tell us about the experience.

Can you DM us, because if there's enough public support I'll do it.

So Derya you've done Hannah's skin needling?


So can you explain a little bit more about professional skin needling? Because it does differ a lot to like the micro needling that people are used to doing at home.

Micro needling you would do at home, the depth is quite shallow. So it's pretty much, with home needling, great for active ingredients that you would use at home. It's good to deliver those ingredients because at home it, approximately, the depth would be 0.25, so quite shallow. In clinic needling we can penetrate up to 2.5. So much deeper with heating dermis. So in clinic needling we're creating micro wounds which stimulate new collagen and elastin. And then you're creating canals which penetrate active ingredients.

Okay. So does that explain why Hannah found the first one so painful because she... I said, "Did it hurt?" She was like, "Much, yes."

I actually went in and was like, had a brave face though. So Derrick didn't know. I was like, "Hannah, just don't be a wuss." This is just like... No. So I actually found the parts on your cheek were completely fine. It was the bits like the nose and the forehead where it was boney. That's when I was like [Metty 00:10:00] out. She was... Our videographer was filming it. She was like, she could tell I was kind of tensing in those areas.

You look great.

But what I will say is, the first one, I think it's because you don't know what to expect. The second one I was like, "Oh I know exactly what to expect now." It was completely fine. But do you want to talk us through the process, which he did to me in my first consultation really well. Do you want to talk everyone else through that process?

Sure. So the first step would be to have a consultation to make sure that skin needling is appropriate for you. There's no point having treatments done when your skin's not assessed and your concerns aren't being treated. So skin consultation to determine your concerns. So we get treatment efficacy and safety. So with skin needling, we have a topical anesthetic cream that we apply.

I love the feeling of it.

You did love the feeling which was weird.

I like a weed sicko. Like, I just love the feeling of my face going numb. It's really weird.

Can you provide her with a tube at home?

As we going quite deeper, anesthetic is quite potent, so it stays on your skin for about 30 to 45 minutes to make sure you're nice and numb to minimize any discomfort throughout the procedure. You will feel it in the bony prominences, so forehead, nose, et cetera. The cheeks have a lot of tissue density there, so you won't feel it as much. Immediately after there is a slight stinging. Did you feel that?

A tiny little bit, like a little bit of sensitivity I would say.

Like a mild sun burning?


Is that the feeling?

That's exactly what it was like. Yeah.

That shouldn't last longer than two hours. Throughout the week, with your recovery, you need to be gentle with your skin. Don't use any active ingredients, nice and gentle cleanser. Medicaid B five is amazing with the hyaluronic acid in there. And a good sunscreen moisturizer. After the week your collagen starts to produce, so you will see results two, three, four weeks, even three to six months later.

So what kind of ingredients do you suggest to use in the lead up to skin a needling appointment and how long in advance should you be using them?

So definitely a retinal is important. Sunscreen, moisturizer and some peptides increase fibroblast activity. So you get great new, strong collagen being built from your skin needling treatment.

That's why it is so important to have a skin consultation with a dermal clinician prior to having your treatment booked in, because you need to know all this prep stuff and you need to know what the treatment entails before you book that in.

Because I would have just turned up with like having had filler or something.

Yeah. So you really do need to have a skin consultation.

Very good point. So it's super important. So you can... All the prep information is given to you. You're using all the right ingredients. Sun exposure is huge.

So if you've been in the sun, direct exposure, had a bit of a tan or sunburned, your skin is not going to heal properly and that will cause some adverse effects from your treatment. So all this information is given to you at your consultation and most importantly, is it suitable for you?


So you've had two sessions now, Hannah, is that right?

Yeah, I'm having the third session in December, but I've got to say, I'm like blown away. When I first had it done and I was like, "Ah, I was glowy like straight after." My skin looked really glowy and kind of plump. What I found really hard was not using actives for a week. I was like, I can't do this.

But what I've noticed now, which it's probably been at least six weeks since the first one, I think. So before I got it done, I said to Joanna-

Probably eight weeks.

Yeah. So I've just really noticed the pore size has reduced. The appearance of the pores have reduced.

Well you said to me, after your first treatment, like, "Oh, I don't know how much of a difference it can really make." And I was like, "Just wait. It's going to be a progressive thing."

I'm so impatient.

She's really impatient.

I want immediate results.

But you did say to me, "Like do my pores look different." I was like, "Oh my God, they actually do." [crosstalk 00:00:14:23].

And I'm haven't been wearing makeup. So, it's been really-

I'm shook by it. Aside from pore size, what other concerns would skin needling help with?

So it's producing new collagen and elastin. So anti-aging, rejuvenation, wrinkles, lines, skin texture.

Because it's a mild resurfacing treatment. It will smooth out your texture, reduce your pore size. It's acne scarring is huge.

And you said you go... Do you go deeper with the acne scarring?

We do.

Is that like... I've seen some hectic YouTube videos of skin needling. Is that deeper? Because there's like quite a lot of blood in those videos and I'm like is that real? Is that what-

Exactly. So the deeper you go, you're hitting further down into the dermis and creating more bleeding essentially.

Do people find that quite painful?

They do, but anesthetic would stay on longer.


We can use injections to [inaudible 00:15:26] the ties as well if you are going very deep.

And how effective is it for acne scarring? Do you use that to treat like pitted scars? Because a lot of people ask us what can I do about acne scarring? And I always respond and say, "Well I don't know what kind of acne scarring you have. If it's just post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation that can be treated topically in some instances. But when it's actually textured and pitted scarring, that's where you would go for something like skin needling."

Skin needling. There's also radio frequency devices with needles, with the added heat. So that's great for acne scarring. With acne scarring, there's classifications of scars. So the deeper they are they would be treated differently. So you need to assess what type of scarring do you have. And then we would recommend treatments according to the depth and the classification of the scar.

In terms of other treatments that you can't... Because I know I had, I don't know if I want to say this, I had filler and Botox and so I have to wait four weeks. Are there any other treatments that you need to be careful with when you're doing skin needling?

So filler and Botox, two weeks you'd have to wait. Fillers, four weeks. Any other laser treatment, generally four weeks, you would need to wait. Just for your skin to heal.

Pairing your skincare with professional treatments is so important.

So important.

Can you tell us why that is the case? Because I think a lot of people pay a lot of money to have professional treatments and they're not necessarily holding up their end of the bargain at home and doing their proper skin care. So why is that so important and how can that enhance the results that you see in clinic?

We always educate our clients. I mean if I were to choose treatment over skincare, I would choose skincare because you're doing that every day at home. So it's super important. In terms of preparation for your treatment, skincare provides a good barrier, healthy, hydrated skin. So you respond better to the treatments, your healing will be faster, you'll make more collagen. Super important, pre-treatment for about at least four weeks. And then post-care it's more about hydration, repairing, sun protection.

Yeah. And what is some of your favorite products to use post-treatment? I feel like you're going to say the meso acidic, our skin repair.

Yes. I use a lot of-

It's one of my favorites.

Is it?


The girls love that fast skin repair.

Yeah it's the best.

It's amazing post-treatment. Also the Medicaid B five is great. Just for hydration because you don't want to clog your skin or use anything too occlusive post-care, so it's nice and light and hydrating. You just pop a sunscreen moisturizer over the top.

Do you need to use a physical sunscreen as opposed to a chemical sunscreen?

Definitely. Because your barrier is compromised post-treatment. You're very sensitive. You don't want to be using chemicals on your skin. It can cause irritation, redness disrupt that healing process.

Physical sunscreen obviously with the zinc is physically sitting on top and bouncing UV off.

And also zinc oxide. Isn't that good for inflammation?


So how many treatments for skin needling would you recommend for the best results?

Minimum three. And that all depends on what you're trying to achieve. So you can have as many as you want. Obviously I wouldn't go crazy and have 10 or 20 but usually five to six is a good number and then maintain every six to 12 months. If we're treating scarring and deeper indications, more treatments are required.

And how far apart do those treatments have to be? What's your recommendation?

Four weeks.

Yep. And how much is it? Because I know that people listening will message us asking how much it is. So not necessarily just at Vic Dermal Group, but across the board. What could people expect to pay for a professional treatment with a dermal clinician?

Usually about, I would say, between 250 to 400.

Per treatment?

Per treatment.

It's a really quite a long process. Like you have to sit there with the numbing cream on, then you get the treatment and then you put the mask on after to take away the redness. You're there for quite a while.

You are. So about two hours would you say?

Yep. Absolutely.

Anesthetic time, treatment time, recovery mass time. Obviously with the dermal clinician, they've got a health science degree. It's a four year qualification. We use only the best products. As you girls know, you stock a lot of them. So it is a costly treatment to provide the service, hence why the prices are what they are.

So what kind of treatments would you recommend? I guess getting ready for your wedding, do you have a lot of brides coming in?

So many brides. My advice to brides would be, don't leave it too late. We've had some brides come in two days before.


What were they expecting to have done two days before their wedding?

Fix my face. Not sure.

I mean you could get injectables at that point, maybe.

They wouldn't. You'd have bruising. And your Botox wouldn't have kicked in.

That's true.

And adverse effects can happen.

Yeah, that's true. Okay. Maybe not.

If I was ever to get married-

Do not take my advice for your wedding please.

Or in general. If I was to ever get married, I'd be prepping for like a solid 18 months I reckon.

They're just not aware. They think skin is a quick fix. Also skin is a long-term management. You can't have one treatment done and then don't have anything at all. We need to keep stimulating our collagen and elastin. You know for wedding we're replenishing ourselves. So it's a process. You haven't had a treatment for years. It's not going to fix everything with one treatment.

So what kind of treatments do you usually prescribe to a bride, say six or 12 months out from their wedding?

Chemical peels are a really good start. We love our peels. Only because they're removing dead skin cells. They're hydrating your skin, they're cleaning your pores out, they're leading the way, creating a healthy base for laser. So if your skin is hydrated, a lot of these resurfacing lasers are attracted to water, so you'll get a better response from them. So chemical peels, well great skin care initially. Chemical peels and then Clear and Brilliant is amazing.

And now that's a baby Fraxel isn't it?

Yes. Great for younger skin showing early signs of aging. So open pores, fine lines, texture. I think really important for bridal wedding skin is a smooth texture. A nice canvas for your makeup to sit on. If you've got pores and bumps and congestion, makeup accentuates that. So when I smooth canvas, so Clear and Brilliant's amazing for that.

I will be coming in to do Clear and Brilliant after my skin needling. I've just seen people that have had it done and I'm like, "That's what I want." Is it tighter? Is that just me?

It's a resurfacing laser. So it creates these little micro wounds where the laser goes in. Tighter, removes dead skin cells, stimulates new collagen. So it's kind of like a buff and polish in a plump.

[crosstalk 00:22:57]. I love plump skin.

Now people probably heard that buzz word Fraxel. We are going to touch on that in a later episode so don't worry, we will get into that in more detail because it needs to be covered in pretty much a full episode. So don't worry.

I think I had one more question. You've got great skin and we like to ask some of our guests their skincare routine in terms of like what kind of ingredients do you use and how intense is your skin care routine?

I have an active cleanser with AHAs and BHAs. My favorite is pore cleanse gel by Medicaid, obsessed. I find if I don't use that I will get a bit congested. So cleanser, always an antioxidant, vitamin C during the day, a good retinal, and some pigment inhibitors at night. I have melasma, so it's a constant battle-

Couldn't tell.

Could not tell.

Manage. So it's a constant battle to manage the melasma. So skincare, regular treatments, really good sunscreen moisturizer during the day. I also use mineral makeup with SPF in it as well, with a lot of zinc oxide and antioxidants. At night, I just use a nice hydrating super light moisturizer. And then I'll mix it up. That's my baseline and then I'll mix it up with various things throughout the week.

And you would be getting professional treatments too?


What treatments do you have regularly?

So I mix it up. I might do something every month, definitely. They don't have to always be intense. They might be a light peel one month. The next month I might have some laser for my pigmentation. The following month I might have needling.

I'm jealous. And like so on this professional treatment bandwagon, from someone that never had a facial. Like I've really come a long way.

Yeah, I'm very proud of you, Hannah. You've come such... Even from the start of this podcast. Can our audience just acknowledge how far Hannah has come with her knowledge.

My skin age actually was 36 when we started this podcast. And it's gone down to 28. I'm not trying to brag about it but I think I-

You should brag about it. That's amazing.

The thing that I love about skincare and treatments is like I go out of the house now with no makeup on and I feel super confident. People comment on my skin and that is, to me, not having to hide your skin with makeup is, I think, one of the best things to come out of this whole experience.

That is absolutely why I love to get people interest in care because you don't need to wear makeup every day. I love not wearing makeup.

And we don't wear makeup and like I think the biggest thing for me was you could never get me on camera without makeup. And I do it all the time now and it's really-

How liberating.

It makes such a difference to your confidence. Because I know that's why a lot of people wear makeup daily, because they feel like they aren't their most confident when they're not wearing makeup. I just want people to get to the point where they're like, "Oh, I don't care if anyone sees me without makeup on. I can go down and buy some milk without makeup on." You know?

And I feel like skincare, you think maybe it's makeup that makes you more confident. But I actually think skincare-


Makes you more confident.

Totally agree.


We're having a moment aren't we?

Having a really... Sorry that you had to be part of this deep moment Derya.

Derya is just looking at us.

Like, "Okay girls."

No. It's the goal. It's true. Not wearing makeup is the goal for every female out there.

Okay guys, I think I know what I'm going to build up.


Not wearing makeup at my wedding. That'll be in 10 years.

I'd still wear makeup at my wedding.

Yeah, but that would be goals.

Can we build up to you going on a first date without makeup on? I think that's a better goal.

That is a great goal.

Oh no.

Yes, we're doing it.

At least at the wedding he knows what I look like without makeup.

That's a good point.

Oh Joanna I feel like you like -

I think that's a good challenge.

You've actually challenged me.


Oh shit. I'm going to have to do it now.

Yeah, we're doing it. It's happening.

We'll talk about this later.

Let's regroup back [crosstalk 00:27:01].


Awesome. Well, thank you Derya for joining us.

So Joanna, what's your product this week?

Anyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with Lanolips, so my product I didn't know I needed is their new scrubber bar, which I'm so excited about because I've been waiting for them to bring out a lip scrub forever. I used to use the Elf one, which we also stock, but it is a little bit more hardcore. I find that the Lano one is a bit gentler. So it's got orange peel. It's got like extra fine sugar crystals and like natural waxes, avocado and herbal oils, so it's hydrating as well as exfoliating.

I'm confused you put it on to wear?

Yeah, you can leave it on. If you put a lot on though, you can save little bits of sugar. I put it on at night.

If you kiss someone, do you think they could taste the sugar?

Yes, I mean, yeah.

That sounds great.

So if you kiss your partner before bed or something-

What about just a random at a bar on a dance floor?

I probably would wear it out there. I'd probably keep it until we can find [inaudible 00:28:09] home. It's like a bedtime thing. So it's part of my bedtime routine. So I do that before I go to bed because I tend to get pretty dry lips.

I loved how the other day you said I've got really expensive jammy. Jamies?

Jammies. Yeah.

Do you call them jammies?

Yeah, doesn't everyone call them Jammies?

No, PJs.

Oh, no. I'm a little girl.

I know you are.

Jamies. So yeah. Hannah, what is your product you didn't know you needed?

So I've chosen something that you actually can't get at a door. A few people have asked me when... I have really hairless arms, not naturally. But a few people are like, "Oh, how do you get the hair off your arms?" And I don't get them lasered because I think that's a waste of money because it's so cheap to wax your own arms. So I use wax strips.

How do you do that on yourself? I have the arms of a grizzly bear. I am not doing my own arms.

So, I'm going to take you through the process because it's taken me quite a while to finesse it and perfect it. So you buy the wax strips, you can get them from Chemist Warehouse or from the supermarket.

Are these the ones you warm up in your hands?

Yes. So I don't actually warm them up in my hands because I find that a bit awkward. I-

It gets stuck to the sweaty palms.

Yeah, exactly. So I actually put it on my leg like if I've got pants on. And then I rub it like the friction of... I'm doing it right now, showing Jo. The friction between your hand and your leg and then it warms it up really quickly and then you like separate them. And then I actually just use one for one arm. I just do the lower parts of my arms.

Ah, see that would look weird for me because I've got really hairy arms.

But I don't think-

The hair just goes up to my shoulder.

I'm sorry. I don't think yours could be any hairier than mine. Sometimes I look at mine and like, "Ooh, I need to..." They get really, really hairy, and cold and black.

Yeah. No mine are worse than that.

You can see them right now they're growing back. So, and then you just basically are... Look, it can be a little bit painful the first few times you do it, but you get used to it. And it's really quick. It probably takes me like literally like 60 seconds.

So do you wax the front of your forearm? Like if you have your palm turned upwards, do you wax that underneath bit?

I don't have any hair underneath. I do the sides though. And you do the little bits around the wrist as well.

And then I go-

With one strip?

Yeah. I can usually do it with one strip. If I have to use another one, I will. But usually not.


As I think as time goes on and you continue to wax your arms, the hair naturally thins out so you need less.

So waxing tips from hell.

No, waxing tips from me.

So can you do my vedadas?

I sure cans.

Because, I don't think I could do it myself.

I sure can [crosstalk 00:30:42]. I've actually waxed my ex boyfriend's friends back before.

Oh really? I've done my brothers neck.

With the same wax strips.

Oh yeah.

I've done my brother's neck with those wax strips [crosstalk 00:30:51]. He probably doesn't like me sharing that. I don't think he listens.

You actually never talk about your brother's.

I didn't talk about anyone.

So they've just made an appearance.

I just also wanted to raise, by the way. I went to Kmart the other day, and I just wanted to bring this up on these podcasts cause I feel like a lot of people shop at Kmart. You judged me, in a big way because I bought a skirt. So I went in, they never have my size. I saw this skirt. I was like, "Yes, they've got my size." So I bought it. I come back, I'm like, "Look how cute my skirt." And she's like, "Oh, but now I know that's from Kmart." I'm like, "So?" She's like, "I don't buy clothes from Kmart."

You're making me sound like such a snob.

I was like, "Everyone buys clothes from Kmart, get on it [crosstalk 00:31:33].

I didn't look. When I saw the skirt... I think, you know, this is all about the judgment that you have in your head, that I just like judged Kmart, and was like, "Oh you must not have [crosstalk 00:31:45].

You can't Judge Kmart. It's unjudgable.

I know I feel really judgey. I love all their home wares by the way, obsessed with their home wares. So you would expect that their clothing range might be like good for basics anyway. It was a really nice good, I really liked it.

Well just you wait till I wear it and I pull it off.

But you know what I'm like with clothes. You might be a skincare snob but I do like my clothes.

Yeah. But I will find a bargain if I have to.

You are a bargain shopper. So please message me if you love Kmart because Hannah's judgy and I don't appreciate it.

Thanks everyone for joining us today.

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