Episode 34: Treating Acne Scarring With A Dermatologist

We're back for another episode of Beauty IQ Uncensored, brought to you by Adore Beauty. 

What’s on this episode? We’re glad you asked...

Welcome, Matthew!

The silent third member of our podcast, Matthew (our editor) joins us so we can grill him about how much he's learnt from editing Beauty IQ Uncensored.

There's mention of bowel movements, SPF and his least favourite episode, plus we found out that he has an interesting editing technique - and this is definitely his favourite job. We didn't pay him to say that...actually, we kind of did?

If you're looking for a podcast editor, you can find Matthew on Instagram here.

Acne Scarring 101 with Dr Alice Rudd:

Dr Alice Rudd joins us to discuss everything involved with acne scarring - why it happens, all the different types of scarring, how it can be treated, where to start with getting advice, and which skincare ingredients she swears by.

You can visit Dr Rudd's clinic, Skindepth Dermatology here.

Products we didn't know we needed:

Jo: La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Overnight Sensitive Moisturiser

Hannah: Essie Nail Polish Gel Treat Love & Color Gloss Fit

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Hosts: Joanna Fleming & Hannah Furst

Guests: Matthew Tankard, Dr Alice Rudd