4 of the Best New Cosmeceutical Skincare Brands You Need to Know About in 2020

woman applying skin carewoman applying skin care

Do you hate splurging on a skincare product, only to find it doesn’t work? Yeah, me too.

Sadly, it’s a reality many of us will experience. Enter: cosmeceutical skin care.

Cosmeceutical skincare products are more expensive, but in my opinion (and experience as a Dermal Therapist), they're the superior choice. Whether you use just one targeted cosmeceutical product or a whole cosmeceutical routine, it's an investment in your skin akin to buying shares.

You might not see results in months or years, but they're worth waiting for.

Adore Beauty is basically the home of cosmeceutical skin care, and 2020 has brought us four new high-performance skincare brands you should know about. But first...

What Is Cosmeceutical Skin Care?

cosmeceutical skincarecosmeceutical skincare

Cosmeceutical skin care is serious skincare.

It incorporates biologically active ingredients that can alter the function of your skin in the long term… instead of just making it feel nice and fluffy for two seconds.

Formulated with active ingredients (e.g. antioxidants and vitamins) to target specific skin concerns like signs of ageing, pigmentation and acne scarring, cosmeceutical skincare products sit between prescription-based products and over-the-counter cosmetics.

Yes, they can be more expensive than products you'd find at the supermarket, but they're backed by science and research (to prove they work) and will deliver better results.

In fact, I wish I'd jumped onto the cosmeceutical skincare bandwagon a lot earlier than I ever did. (Not that it would’ve made much of a difference to my high collagen stores in my 20s, but prevention is everything when it comes to looking after your skin.)

Now that's covered, we need to chat about these four new and/or international cosmeceutical brands that have landed in Australia in 2020.

The Best New Cosmeceutical Skincare Brands in 2020.

1. Dermalist.

dermalist lactic cleanserdermalist lactic cleanser

Ugh, my heart beats for this brand. Not only is Dermalist one of the best new cosmeceutical kids on the block, but if a 10-step skincare routine sounds way too overwhelming, this brand was made for you.

Dermalist products aim to tackle a whole range of skincare concerns at the same time, cutting out the need for multiple bottles of serums and lotions. They're also great for partners or loved ones (i.e. dads) who refuse to use skin care out of stubbornness.

My husband is a big fan because he knows he only has to use one or two products, and then he's done.

Dermalist Top Pick: Dermalist Ultra Hydrating Lactic Cleanser 200ml

Why it's so good:

This is a milky-gel cleanser that gently exfoliates AND hydrates at the same time. It's perfect for people who aren’t regularly exfoliating (I see you) or just want an easy way to brighten and refine their skin texture.

For an 'active' cleanser, it's actually quite gentle, too, so if you have sensitive skin or struggle with stronger chemical exfoliants, you could try this product.

2. Osmosis Skincare.

Did you know high-performance cosmeceutical brands can be holistic, too? This is one of them.

Osmosis Skincare makes effective products in line with their big focus on skin barrier health and DNA repair. In other words, they leave infamously irritating ingredients out of their formulas.

Hence, why sensitive skin types love this brand - when Beauty IQ Uncensored co-host Joanna Fleming wrote about the Osmosis repair serum being great for rosacea, it flew off the shelves.

Osmosis Top Pick: Osmosis Skincare StemFactor Growth Factor Serum 30ml

Why it's so good:

Think of this as your all-in-one serum, especially if ageing is a concern.

It’s designed to not only repair your skin, but to keep your skin strong and healthy with its use of patented peptides and growth factors. These are the bees knees of anti-ageing (minus the irritation I’m sure many sensitive skin types have experienced).

Peptide-based serums are also perfect for anyone who hasn’t found a retinol product that works for them, but still wants to tackle fine lines. 

3. Aesthetics Rx.

Aesthetics Rx Ultimate SerumAesthetics Rx Ultimate Serum

If you’re after a cruelty-free, paraben-free and mostly vegan brand (their H20 Hydrating Balm uses Lanolin), Aesthetics Rx is definitely one to try.

This luxe-looking brand is Aussie-made and all about clinical studies to support its claims. Add. To Cart.

Aesthetics Rx also makes products in small batches as a way to ensure their efficacy, which I think is great in the war against mass production (and consumption).

Aesthetics Rx Top Pick: Aesthetics Rx B Serum 30ml

Why it's so good:

This serum is like glowy skin in a bottle.

Not only is it formulated with gentle exfoliants like lactic and citric acid, but those ingredients are combined with the soothing powers of niacinamide - which FYI, is every skin type's best friend.

You can learn more about niacinamide and what it can do for the skin in this YouTube video below!

This multi-tasking serum does it all, from fighting dullness and congestion to tackling pesky pigment.

Use it at night after cleansing and before your moisturiser, and you’ll wake up glowing.


4. Skin Virtue.

I love brands that educate their consumers and Skin Virtue does just that.

Designed to keep your skin healthy and youthful, their range is broken down into three categories.

The Super Clear Collection is aimed at an oilier skin type or even younger skin showing the first signs of ageing. (Think irritation, inflammation, acne and pigment.)

The Pure Anti-Ageing Collection is specifically for anti-ageing in normal/dry skin types. It’s rich in lipids and ingredients designed to support the skin's barrier function.

The Future Advanced Treatment Collection features products designed to zero in on specific concerns, including fine lines, discolouration and structural volume loss.

Skin Virtue Top Pick: Skin Virtue Pure Protect Pollution Defence 50ml

Why it's so good:

We’ve all heard about the way pollution can negatively affect our skin, but if you can’t bear to add another serum into your routine, you can tackle it with this moisturiser instead.

It’s filled with antioxidants like Ubiquinone and vitamin E, as well as amazing hydrators like shea butter and panthenol (vitamin B5).

The best bit? It'll fight free radicals during the day and while you sleep.