IT'S FRENZY TIME: 7 Products Our Editor Is Buying In Our 72-Hour Click Frenzy Sale

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Friends, it's time. Click Frenzy time.

Adore Beauty's 2020 Click Frenzy Sale has landed, and boy oh boy do we have some goodies for you.

Starting at 12am on Tuesday November 10, our three-day sale is giving you up to 20 per cent off some of our best-selling brands including SkinCeuticals, The Beauty Chef, Alpha-H, ghd and so many more.

Basically, now is the perfect time to stock up on your favourite products, or get Christmas shopping out of the way. Only problem is... with so many great products and brands on sale, how the heck are you meant to choose what to add to your cart?

Don't stress. I'm here to help.

From new, buzzy launches to trusty faves, here's what I'll be stocking up on in our massive 72-hour Click Frenzy sale.

*Click Frenzy begins 10/11/20 at 12am AEDT. Discount valid on selected brands only. Valid on selected products from selected brands. Exclusions Apply. See below for full details. Offer ends Thurs 12th November 11.59pm AEDT.

1. Juliette Has A Gun Musc Invisible 100ml EDP 100ml.

Juliette Has A Gun Musc Invisible 100ml EDPJuliette Has A Gun Musc Invisible 100ml EDP

What: Juliette Has A Gun Musc Invisible 100ml EDP

Why I'm adding to cart:

If Juliette Has A Gun Superdose is "the sexiest scent on earth", then I'd say the brand's newest launch Musc Invisible smells like a big, warm hug from your favourite person, ever.

It's musk like you've legit never smelt before - creamy and soft, but not too floral or feminine, fresh and sweet, but not sickly. To me, the combination of jasmine absolute, cotton flower and white musk makes me think of crawling into fresh sheets still warm from hanging on the line near a wall of jasmine.

A 100ml bottle will last you for yonks because it's an EDP (eau de parfum = higher fragrance concentration), but it also comes in 50ml and 7.5ml travel sizes.

2. O&M Atonic Thickening Spritz.

O&M Atonic Thickening Spritz 250mlO&M Atonic Thickening Spritz 250ml

What: O&M Atonic Thickening Spritz

Why I'm adding to cart:

Anyone else noticing their hair is thinner than usual lately? I've been shedding more than a Lassie dog - my bathroom floor is covered with hair - so I'm trying every hair product with words like 'thickening' and 'volumising' on the bottle in existence.

This orange bottle of goodness is one of the best thickening sprays I've tried.

What makes it so bloody good? The hydrolysed rice protein formula temporarily thickens the hair shaft, without (and this bit is crucial) making your hair feel like you've got product in it.

I'm irrationally obsessed with that clean hair feeling, so being able to chuck a few spritzes of this in my roots before blow drying gives me the best of both worlds.

3. Biologi Bm Regenerate Anti-Ageing Serum.

Biologi Bm Regenerate Anti-Ageing Serum 30mlBiologi Bm Regenerate Anti-Ageing Serum 30ml

What: Biologi Bm Regenerate Anti-Ageing Serum 30ml

Why I'm adding to cart:

Biologi serums are game-changers. Somehow, they work their skin magic using single ingredient formulas. (It's actually science and a special extraction method, not magic.)

This berry-coloured bottle is the brand's first targeted 'anti-ageing' serum made from Tassie Mountain Pepper Berry, a potent native active ingredient that hydrates, refines skin texture, improves collagen production, reduces the appearance of fine lines and protects against free radical damage.

Yeah. It's a work horse. The serum's consistency is super light, which is great for shweaty summer skin, and smells like berries!

4. SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum.

best vitamin C serumbest vitamin C serum

What: SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum

Why I'm adding to cart:

Look. What more can I say about SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum that hasn't already been said?

For anyone who doesn't yet know, C E Ferulic is a vitamin C serum that smells like off ham but brightens the skin like nothing else. If you've got pigmentation and/or want to future-proof your skin, this is the serum to invest in.

And I say invest because it's pricey (but worth it), hence buying it when it's on sale is an excellent idea.

5. MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Loose Translucent Powder.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Loose Translucent PowderMAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Loose Translucent Powder

What: MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Loose Translucent Powder

Why I'm adding to cart:

Summer is coming, which means I'm back on using setting powder to keep my under eyes, forehead and upper lip sweat at bay.

I have dry skin, so I look for setting powders that are very finely-milled, with micro-filtering particles that will keep my makeup in place, without making it look too matte and crusty.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Loose Translucent Powder ticks all the boxes. A light dusting under the eyes, across the forehead and around my mouth and chin gives an undetectable satiny, natural-looking matte finish that is truly commute-proof (if you catch public transport to work, you'll know what I mean).

6. Dermalogica Active Clearing Retinol Clearing Oil.

Dermalogica Active Clearing Retinol Clearing OilDermalogica Active Clearing Retinol Clearing Oil

What: Dermalogica Active Clearing Retinol Clearing Oil

Why I'm adding to cart:

One silky smooth oil that treats blemishes and signs of ageing? GET. IN. MY. CART.

This 2-in-1 cosmeceutical serum-like oil was made for those of us who are managing the fun reality that acne isn't just for greasy teenagers. It combines BHA (beta hydroxy acid) Salicylic Acid and Retinol in the one product, plus argan, rosehip and jojoba oils to hydrate and reduce irritation.

Together, these ingredients exfoliate clogged pores, regulate sebum production and promote cell turnover to reduce the appearance of premature ageing.

7. Virtue Recovery Shampoo.

VIRTUE Recovery ShampooVIRTUE Recovery Shampoo

What: VIRTUE Recovery Shampoo 240ml

Why I'm adding to cart:

Again, VIRTUE Recovery Shampoo 240ml is another annoyingly good product (because it's annoyingly pricey). Hence, I buy it when it's on sale.

Think of this shampoo like a protein shake, for your hair, that works for any and all hair types.

Made with ethically and sustainably sourced Alpha-Keratin 60ku (a human protein our bodies use to build things), hydrolysed quinoa protein and grapefruit extract, the formula rebuilds hair strands from the inside for your softest, most manageable hair, ever.

One bottle will also last you a while because you only need a tiny amount of product - not even a 20 cent piece size - for it to lather up with a bit of water. Oh, and it smells so good, like a nutty caramel scent.

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