Can A Moisturiser *Really* Hydrate Your Skin For 100 Hours? Let's Find Out...

Clinique Moisture Surge 100 Hour Auto-Replenishing HydratorClinique Moisture Surge 100 Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator

My goal in life is to have skin like a dumpling. A dewy dumpling.

I’m always testing out moisturisers and I can usually gauge whether or not one will work for me and my dumpling needs after a few days of using it.

So when I heard Clinique’s much-loved Moisture Surge cream had gotten an upgrade that promises to provide 100 hours of hydration (yep, really), I shelved my other gel creams and cleared my face routine to test out this bad boy.

Here's my honest Clinique Moisture Surge 100 Hour review...

What Is Clinique's Moisture Surge 100 Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator?

Clinique Moisture Surge 100 Hour Auto-Replenishing HydratorClinique Moisture Surge 100 Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator

OK, first thing's first. Let’s take a look at this product's full name: Clinique Moisture Surge 100 Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator 50ml

'100 Hour Auto-Replenishing' is what piqued my interest because this tub of moisturiser comes with some big, big claims.

It promises to hydrate 10 layers deep into the skin, delivering a 174 per cent immediate boost in moisture to keep skin hydrated for 100 hours. 

Favoured by the oily, acne-prone and dehydrated, gel moisturisers like this one have lightweight, oil-free formulas that hydrate by utilising the power of hyaluronic acid to draw water to the skin.

Unlike an oil-based cream that creates more of a barrier on the skin to lock in moisture and prevent dryness, a gel formula delivers the same hydration, without the thick or greasy texture.

You can learn more about types of moisturisers in our YouTube video below.

Sweet, but what's actually in this gel moisturiser?

  • Moisture Surge uses two molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to draw and retain moisture in different layers of the skin.

  • A combination of activated aloe water and caffeine leverage the skin’s ability to rehydrate itself. Activated aloe water also helps skin absorb moisture more easily.

  • The new ingredient in this formula is aloe bio-ferment, which is basically a probiotic-charged aloe blend that keeps the skin’s microbiome healthy, happy and hydrated.

In other words, this product's one and only mission is to hydrate, hydrate, and then hydrate some more.

But... Will It Actually Hydrate My Skin For 100 Hours? 

Short answer: Yes, but no.

Personally, I find it confusing when brands include a time limit in the product name because, I guess I just worry it can be misunderstood.

In this case, one might assume they only need to moisturise once every 100 hours and the rest of that time just, chill. That's definitely not the case, so let's be crystal clear.

Moisture Surge might keep your skin hydrated for 100 hours, which could potentially strengthen the skin’s barrier and help it retain moisture for longer. But just because the product has 100 hours in the name, it does NOT mean you only apply it once every 4.5 days.

Don’t chill. Please keep moisturising day and night, yeah? Skin care isn't an extreme endurance test. Instead, think of this moisturiser like superannuation for your future face.

My Clinique Moisture Surge 100 Hour Review.

Clinique Moisture Surge 100 Hour Auto-Replenishing HydratorClinique Moisture Surge 100 Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator

Now for the juicy bit, my first impressions of this juicy gel moisturiser.

Right now, I'd describe my skin as dehydrated. Or maybe more dehydrated by neglect, because I've recently gotten into this shocking habit of washing my face then going about my morning for a good hour before getting into my skin care. (PSA don't do this unless you want your poor skin to dry out.)

The first day I tried this moisturiser, I applied it with my normal morning skincare routine (a mist, serums, this gel moisturiser and sunscreen). It applied so nicely over my other products and gave the top layers of my skin the hydration it needed.

Scent isn’t a dealbreaker for me, but it's worth noting the original Moisture Surge formula had a pretty pungent plastic-y scent that kind of put me off using it. The scent of this one is subtle in comparison and isn’t noticeable at all after application (the product is 100 per cent fragrance free, so it's just the smell of the ingredients). 

Importantly, it also didn’t pill or roll underneath my makeup, and left a visible amount of dewiness to my skin - without being sticky. As you can see, the texture of this product is surprisingly light given how hydrating it feels.

Clinique Moisture Surge 100 Hour Auto-Replenishing HydratorClinique Moisture Surge 100 Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator

I also used the product as my moisturiser most nights and while I didn’t quite roll out of bed beaming, my skin appeared smoother and I didn’t notice any dryness. Big tick.

But to really test out its hydration powers, I even used the gel on its own (followed by sunscreen) for a few days. No serums. No hydrating mists or essences. And my skin was... fine! Still glowy. No tightness. No panic or regret at not applying my usual treatments.

By the end of the day, my face was a little dry on the forehead and my chin (I always rest my chin on my hand) but nothing major.

This makes it a great option for those of us who are time poor and can only commit to a quick three-step routine - I would just do a thicker layer before bed and think of it like an overnight mask.

Final Verdict...

Who will love this moisturiser?

  • Anyone with oily, acne-prone, dry or dehydrated skin.

  • Those who already rate the texture of gel moisturisers over thicker creams.

  • People who want one no-fuss moisturiser that will work day and night.

  • Anyone like me who just loves an effective product that looks pretty and feels really nice on the skin.

OK, that’s it from me. Time to go get my aesthetically-pleasing tub of Clinique Moisture Surge 100 Hour from my skincare fridge and slather it on my face.

You heard it here first, it's a dreeeeam.

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