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Benefit Roller Liner Mini - Black 0.5ml

4.4 of 72 reviews


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Glide on a natural-looking, fine line with Benefit Roller Liner Mini! This matte mini liquid eyeliner features a precision felt tip for sharp controlled lines and a super-smooth application that won’t drag or jag.

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GREAT - 87% recommend

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Benefit Roller Liner Mini - Black Reviews

4.4 of 72 reviews

87% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



This eyeliner was better than expected. glides on easily and stayed on.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not amazing, but not bad..


I have tried quite a few eye liners lately trying to find one that glides on easily, has nice sharp lines and stays in place. This one is ok.. Does the job, but I don't love it. Doesn't stay on as well as I'd like, and isn't as smooth as I'd hoped either. Still using it, but will try another brand next order.
  1. Not amazing, but not bad..


    I have tried quite a few eye liners lately trying to find one that glides on easily, has nice sharp lines and stays in place. This one is ok.. Does the job, but I don't love it. Doesn't stay on as well as I'd like, and isn't as smooth as I'd hoped either. Still using it, but will try another brand next order.
  2. Great!


    This eyeliner was better than expected. glides on easily and stayed on.
  3. Best. Eyeliner. EVER


    verified purchaser
    My favourite eyeliner, so good. Super easy to apply and long-lasting. Easy to remove with the right makeup removers, but you don't have to worry about it rubbing off.
  4. alright


    mini size good for travel but this eyeliner not stay long during the day.
  5. decent mascara


    good mascara, love the mini size for travel, easy to remove
  6. Winged lashes


    Love this product however the bigger size is easily to handle when applying your liner.
  7. Great liner!


    Doesn't smudge, easy to apply, looks great and lasts all day. Fantastic product!
  8. Didn't love


    verified purchaser
    Full disclosure: I'm not the best at eyeliner, but I'm trying to learn!

    I found this liner does not glide on smoothly as advertised, it kept catching on my skin and becoming crooked. To the point that I completely gave up on trying to apply it. I can't comment on it's durability because I didn't get that far.

    Maybe it's just not a product for newbies? Either way, I wante...
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  9. Hmm is it me?


    A beautiful matte finish however it is a little tricky to apply without pulling at my lid. Could just be me and my funny eye lids haha
  10. Terrible


    I want to first say I love benefit and all the other products I use I love but this is probably one of the worst eyeliners ive ever used. I wear eyeliner everyday for work all day and my other ones never move and almost never smudge this one smudged and movies and made my eyelids black from the colour without me even touching it, unfortunately this eyeliner dosnt stay put, I wouldn’t recommend it ...
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  11. First purchase


    Great eyeliner and super duper easy to apply!
  12. Excellent!


    Great liner that dries quick and doesn’t smudge. Extremely black as well, and the pen tip is the perfect size to get a great wing
  13. Not bad


    It is easy to apply and stays on all day. However, there are other liners that do the same job for less price.
  14. Very nice eyeliner


    This is a very nice eyeliner from benefit. It is very black and doesn't bleed. Would definitely recommend.
  15. Long lasting but a bit shiny


    I’m a massive eyeliner fan and this eyeliner does a great job at not flaking or smudging. However it does dry shiny which is a turn off for me.
  16. A Great Staple Liner.


    I love this liner! After searching for a liquid liner that doesn't transfer or smudge I have found the one. The felt tip applicator makes creating that perfect wing effortless and elminates the usual meltdown that goes along with it. I will forever be repurchasing this little guy!
  17. Doesn’t live up to the hype


    I was really excited to try this eyeliner because of the reviews - literally all I was after in a liquid liner was that it stayed put until I wanted to remove it, but it smudged a few hours into my first use and has done every time since. I have tried it with a primer and without a primer to no avail. For the price I was really expecting a better result. It at least gets points for being easy to a...
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  18. Wish this love affair didn't end so soon...


    I got this as a present and really liked using it but I found like it dried out quickly. Its a bit pricey given its useful life but I am really happy I got it as a present and got to try it out.
  19. The greatest liner ever


    This liner is VERY black and VERY sleek. Although I found it difficult to apply (I am not a master at lining my lids), what I could manage looked really good. Unfortunately, this product is very pricey, so if you're not willing to spend this much money on a liner... don't.
  20. Great eyeliner


    I really liked this eyeliner, it stays on, is easy to apply and is a nice black colour. The only issue is that it dries out quite quick but most felt liners do. I really like the harder tip on this one it makes application super easy.
  21. Gorgeous


    I’m loving the brown liner for a softer look, really easy to use
  22. yass


    Love this product! easy to use and the liner lasts all day! Have just repurchased
  23. amazing


    IT hard to find that eyeliner you love. This is a very pigmented. It has a smooth application, easy to apply and once it's on. it doesn't smudge or come off.
  24. Amazing eyeliner


    Doesnt smudge and lasts long! It doesnt fade quickly and stays on for the whole day!
  25. amazing


    so nice, no flaking.
  26. perfect to try or travel


    really good to test out the product, or to travel with. I love this eyeliner its stays on pretty well, doesn't flake.
  27. great for travel


    great for travel, super longwearing and easy to apply
  28. Easy application!


    I usually hate doing my eyeliner but this one is so simple to use and doesn’t flake at all.
  29. beautiful


    it is a very good liner and works wonders with matching mascara. love it
  30. YES


    I love love love this. I buy in mini and full-size to use at home and on the go. It stays all night and I’ve even slept in it (oops) and it’s still stayed put through the night.
  31. Easy to apply


    Save your coin and get the mini as the full sizes ends up drying out anyway!
  32. amazing


    I love this eyeliner so much. It so black and I get that sharp wing.

  33. Amazing


    Amazing. Dries quickly and creates big wings without having to go back and forth. Stays on well.
  34. great


    I brought the mini and I was happy. IT hard to find that eyeliner you love. This is a very pigmented. It has a smooth application, easy to apply and once it's on. it doesn't smudge or come off.
  35. I really like this


    Really easy to use. Super pigmented and didn’t dry out for ages.
  36. Good but...


    Good pruduct but dry out super fast inside of the bottle :( .
  37. Roller liner


    black matte liner. lasts well without smudging. precise clean line
  38. The best eyeliner!


    I can't go past this for creating the best winged eyeliner look. Very smooth application, easy to apply and once it's on, it's on for the whole day/night and doesn't smudge or come off. The colour is very pigmented and it looks great.
  39. best eyeliner


    The roller lash is a very high pigmented eyeliner. Its so easy to apply and doest smudge. I tried the sample size and love so I brought the full size.
  40. Great size for travel!


    Great size for travel and the felt tip applicator makes it perfect for beginners like me who struggle with winged liner!
  41. Travel


    Works just as well as the original, and perfect for me as I don't do eyeliner a whole lot. I like how it makes it easy to lay the felt tip on the eye for a wing
  42. Good for beginners


    If you're not great at doing winged liner this is super helpful as the felt tip makes it so much easier!!
  43. Roller Liner


    this is easy to apply! i dont really wear a lot of liner but this one doesn't smudge!
  44. Great for winged liner


    This is the perfect liquid liner for creating a winged look. It has a fine felt tip that allows for the most precise wing. It is very pigmented and stay in place all day
  45. It was great in the beginning


    This worked well to begin with, drew nice pigmented lines that wouldn't budge. However, after only a few uses it dried up and started becoming difficult to work with and hard to create a smooth sharp line.
  46. Good


    This eyeliner has a great applicator and look great and lasts all day.
  47. wanted to like this..


    I had a fullsize sample of a napoleon liner that refused to die - I've had it forever! It went on really easily but it *always* transferred to my eyelids and was hard to remove it all. I'm not sure what the product is because the tube label had faded and none of the current products look the same

    Anyway, when I thought the NP was *finally* on the way out I thought I'd try this Benefit...
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  48. Love a matte liner? This one is the best!!


    Wow this eyeliner is the best matte Ive ever used.... I've used those dippy ones which I hate, but with a felt tip, this liner glides with ease and there's no little bumpy bits. I bought the mini one to try and I love it...It has not budged on my oily lids so I'm def impressed. Unfortunately the large one is over $40!!! But it's very pigmented and you don't have to go over the line multiple times....
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  49. Perfect for doing intricate eyeliner


    I find this roller liner is really fun to use and experiment with. It's really well priced too. Try it.
  50. The best!


    This eye liner is stunning! The applicator makes it so easy to apply, giving me the best chance to get that perfect wing everytime! The liner is so matte and black and makes any eye look look amazing!! Definitely recommend
  51. Perfect travel size


    This is one of my favourite eyeliners, I've purchased it a few times. I love the mini as it's great to travel with.
  52. Great


    this liner is sooo matte. the formula layers nicely on top of itself and lasts all day! The full size has DOUBLE the amount of product in it compared to all the other brands! The mini has the same amount of product in it as the other brands do in their FULL SIZE product! Such good bang for your buck!
  53. Easy to apply!


    Great mini to keep in the handbag easy to apply!
  54. Amazing


    Nice and easy to apply. You have great control over where u place it. It doesn’t crack or dry your eye out fantastic
  55. Good but needs practice


    I bought this as I have recently discovered benefit and became a true fan.

    The roller liner is good, super dark and soft. I found it makes my eyes look bigger and stays all day. The only con I can think about is that if you are not really an expert at makeup -as I am- you will find that sometimes if you make a mistake while lining it will be hard to correct.

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  56. LOVE IT


    So Nice!!!! really easy to apply and lasts so long
  57. definitely worth every dollar


    perfect travel size and to try the produt out. this is hands down the best liner i have ever used. doenst crack and is long lasting
  58. Sharp AF


    Perfect mini to test out and see if the formula and tip is for you- which it is, for me. Sharp, crisp, and stays all night.
  59. Great Super Black Liner


    This is a very rich black that applies easily and stays on really well. The only downside for me is if you make a mistake it is difficult to fix. Normally I would use a little makeup remover on a cotton bud to fix any little errors but with this liner it just made a mess and the liner beside the part I was trying to fix started to break down. I also felt that the applicator could have been a touch...
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  60. Great initial look


    Had this applied in store as part of a makeup application. Looked amazing - such a rich colour - at first. I tend to use oils as part of my skincare/priming routine and maybe this is what caused it to migrate around my eyes so badly. Ended up with panda eyes within an hour. So, for me the staying power just isn’t there. Other people might not have the same problem though (I have these problems wi...
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  61. Easy to use


    This travel sized liner is perfect. It’s size gives you so much more control, and means that the product doesn’t dry up before you get a chance to use it all. Formula is long lasting, pigmented and glides on with ease.
  62. Nice clean liner


    I like this liner, it draws a precise line and has great colour payoff. Doesn't drag or smudge. I find it lasts well throughout the day and doesn't irritate my eyes.
  63. Very Convenient


    I bought this mini liner since I was unsure of whether I would like this product or not and didn't want to waste money on something that wont work. I am quite grateful that benefit has this available in a mini which is around half the price of the full for about half the amount of product contained in the fullsize. I really like the pigmentation of this liner which is around the same darkness as t...
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  64. Precise tip and great staying power


    This eyeliner is very pigmented, glides on so easily, and the felt tip allows for very clean and precise lines. This does not budge even after I’ve rubbed my eyes. I would say the mini is perfect for keeping in your bag for touch ups, but I really haven’t needed to touch up when wearing this.
  65. Travel


    I keep this in my bag for touch ups, love it
  66. Lovely eyeliner!


    Amazing eyeliner that makes my morning makeup routine so much easier!
  67. Easy to apply


    I tried this mini version but would definitely invest in the full version next time. Super pigmented, only need 1 layer for a crisp super black. The felt tip is precise and easy to manage to give the perfect wing. So far it has lasted all day without rubbing, and I do tend to touch my eyes unconsciously.
  68. Simple


    Love this simple liner, so easy to use
  69. amazing


    great eyeliner. it's easy to apply it lasts all day
  70. Amazing


    Amazing eyeliner!! So easy to apply!! Long staying power! Love it
  71. Amazing


    So this is so easy to use. The product glides on very easily the tip does not dry out.
  72. Matte and lasting


    Matte and black, great staying power. I find the mini size is a bit more convenient to hold and get precision with.
  73. Convenient for on the go


    Great for beauty on the go, but the price is a bit too high for what it is. Pigmented and doesn't seem to budge, but not as waterproof as Stila
  74. Easy


    Handy mini, I like this liner so much better than the ‘theyre real’ as it’s so much easier to use
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