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Benefit Stay Don't Stray Eye & Concealer Primer Light/Medium 10ml

4.4 of 54 reviews


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A stay-out primer for eye shadows and concealer. It preps, protects and perfects eye makeup!

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SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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Benefit Stay Don't Stray Eye & Concealer Primer Light/Medium Reviews

4.4 of 54 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great primer


Perfect if you have fine lines under your eyes that tend to crease when you wear concealer. This is super helpful and keeps my concealer locked in place.

Most Helpful Criticism

Benefit Stay Don't Stray Eye & Concealer Primer


This little cutie concealer is perfect for carryon , and it’s really work on my dark circle, the texture is smooth and leave skin a soft touch feeling, after long day wear, it is still moisture and the fully coverage. Highly recommended for dry skin type.
  1. Great primer


    Perfect if you have fine lines under your eyes that tend to crease when you wear concealer. This is super helpful and keeps my concealer locked in place.
  2. amazing


    I saw my fav beauty guru using this and constantly recommending it. SO I had to try for myself. This make my eyeshadow look amazing. My eye look looks even better after this. Doesn't crease. Its like a primer for your eye.
  3. Fantastic as an eye primer


    Absolutely fantastic as an eye shadow primer. Eye shadow lasts so well if used with this. It does not crease at all.
  4. my favourite!


    an absolute staple in my makeup routine. this does such a great job of prepping the eye. such an amazing colour and nice and thick without being cakey
  5. Eyeshadow stays put


    verified purchaser
    One of the best eye primers I’ve used . Glides on and isn’t dry at all . Eyeshadow doesn’t crease at all . I’ve bought this a few times now
  6. Locks the eye shadow


    Benefit eye primer really makes my eye shadow stay on all day and it preps, protects - doesn't dry out or crease my eye shadow, like some do.Highly recommend it.
  7. Love it!


    I apply it over my eye lid before doing my eye makeup, let it set for like 2-3 minutes before applying my eye makeup. It does not crease my eye makeup and it's easier to apply shadow on the lids with this. Great product.
  8. nice


    So brought this after one of my fav beauty guru talk about it I use on my eyelids because my eyeshadow stay on longer.
  9. Good


    Works good when I want to create smokey eyes otherwise I never really use this.
  10. Great eyeshadow primer


    Great eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow lasts so well if used with this. I don't like it undereyes though, I find it creases.
  11. Good eyeshadow primer


    This works well as an eyeshadow primer, but not so well as an undereye concealer. I find it cakes my undereye area a bit, but when used as an eyeshadow primer it does stop eyeshadow from creasing so it does the job in that regard. The shade light/medium is too orange/dark for my pale skin so, again, it doesn't work as an undereye concealer for me, but once blended on the eyelid and with eyeshadow ...
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  12. Benefit Stay Don't Stray Eye & Concealer Primer


    This little cutie concealer is perfect for carryon , and it’s really work on my dark circle, the texture is smooth and leave skin a soft touch feeling, after long day wear, it is still moisture and the fully coverage. Highly recommended for dry skin type.
  13. Helps eyeshadow stay on longer


    Love it for keeping my eyeshadow on longer but also makes pigment of eyeshadow stronger. Love it. great colour for a paler-medium skin.
  14. Gals this is a necessity!


    I didn't realize how amazing this product was until the day I forgot to use it. My eyeshadow barely lasted the whole work day, and wit this product I don't have to reapply shadow all day.
  15. It really sticks


    This is great and really helps my eyeliner and shadow stick.
  16. Really Works


    I find my eyeshadow moves heaps but a bit of this and my eyeshadow stays in place all day. Also gives an even skin tone around the eyes.
  17. I liked it


    Helped with my eyeshadow not creasing but I loved it as a light concealer! Really nice and looks super natural.
  18. Works great


    Omg I have very dark circles under my eyes & this has helped so much with taking aways those dark circles.. I had never seen something work so well & so fast. U only have to use such a little amount.. so this product lasts forever.
  19. IN LOVE


    eye shadow stays in place all day even with oily skin!!! Also works well as a concealer
  20. good eye primer

    perfecting skin

    i love this as my eye primer. i apply it over my eye lid before doing my eye makeup. i let it set for like 5-10 min before doing my eye makeup. it does not crease my eye makeup, let my eye makeup on very smoothly and keeps it in place for the entire day.
  21. Nice base


    Good eyeshadow base, keeps it in place
  22. Locks shadow


    Keeps your shadow in place much longer than bare lids, but a good concealer also does the trick.
  23. Love it


    Keeps your eyeshadow on all day and blends beautifully! Perfect colour
  24. Good


    I didn't realize how amazing this product was until the day I forgot to use it. My eyeshadow barely lasted the whole work day, and wit this product I don't have to reapply shadow all day.
  25. Love


    This product is amazing I can't live with out it now. A little goes a long way. My make sure so nicely top it. A must try for all !
  26. Great


    Great! Helps everything stay in place nicely and even longer. Love how this feels.
  27. Love this


    The best part of the product is that I works really well to help my makeup stay put and not crease. I have older eyes and eye makeup rubs off under my eyes and make creases on my eye lids. This really helps. I have used another product I really like but the formulation changed and now I'm allergic to it. Glad I found this product to replace it!
  28. Multipurpose!


    I've actually only used this once as an eye shadow primer, so I can't comment on that. Instead, I use this as my works-for-everything holy grail concealer. My complexion is very light, and this is amazing when I apply it as a triangle from my outer eye corner to the bottom of my nostrils and blend it out in-between. It does not crease, lasts all day, and covers any darkness under my eyes.
  29. Strayed and didn’t stay

    Patrice S

    I love Benefits brow products and thought I’d try this concealer. I was disappointed, it goes on nicely but it didn’t stop creases in my eyeshadow or foundation at all. I went back to using my Nars Smudgeproof product.
  30. Not for the over 30's


    I had high hopes for this concealer as I'm prone to rubbing my eyes throughout the day and wanted something that would keep my makeup in place longer.
    Unfortunately this was very unflattering as it dried down very cakey and accentuated every line and wrinkle around my eyes. I can't recommend this for anyone over the age of 30 as I imagine it would add years to your face. I'm 43 with oily to ...
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  31. Not good for dry complexions


    Hated this product. Made my eyes look dry and cakey.
  32. Does the job!


    I prefer to use tinted eye primers such as this one as it does a good job of blocking out any unwanted tones on the eye before applying eyeshadow. I will sometimes use under the eye before concealer to stop my concealer creasing!
  33. Makes eyeshadow last for ages


    Love this as a base for eyeshow and it dries down really well and stops eyeshadow from creasing and your eyelids getting shiny
  34. great primer


    this eye primer really works and does all it claims to. eye shadow stays all day and doesn't crease!
  35. Does what it says, but...


    I find this product a little bit redundant as most quality eyeshadows last a decent amount of time these days - I also find it heavy to layer a lot of product around my eye area as it can be quite sensitive. However, I can see why people like and would use this product, and it completely does what it says.
  36. Game changer


    This concealer and eye shadow primer is a serious game changer. I have slightly hooded eyes and really struggled for ages with eyeshadows creasing all the time, but when I use this primer under the eye shadow they stay put all day! Also the same with under eye fine lines, when I use this primer under my concealer, it doesn't crease and I know that it's going to look good all day. Highly recommend ...
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  37. Great eyeshadow base


    Love this product as it creates a nice base for eyeshadow and allows the colours you use to really stand out as it is a light base. Not sure how this would work for deeper skin tones as I have light skin and the colour is great for me. Really increases longevity of eyeshadow!
  38. Underrated!


    Not many people talk about this primer however it's my go to! On days where I don't wear eyeshadow i'll even use this just to even out the colour of my eyelids. It's also great under eyeshadows, making them more intense and last way longer! A definite recconmendation
  39. Fantastic Product


    I use this product mainly for my under eyes after applying eye cream. I usually get really bad creasing with any concealer I wear. I have noticed my creasing is less visible when I wear makeup now.
  40. Great concealment of under eyes!


    This was my first concealer ever used at the age of 14 - and i kept using it for an entire year. The entire tube lasted me a year (maybe even if it wasn't supposed to). The coverage was fantastic and I loved the colour (at the time). However, the only issue was that it didn't stay on for as long as I wanted. I have very dark circles and it did smudge off a little and did disrupt the rest of my mak...
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  41. Great product


    I actually use this primer as a concealer for blemishes etc. The light shade is perfect for my skin and it covers so well (and blends well!) that I do't need anything over the top. And cos it's a primer it stays all day!
    I don't find it holds my eye shadow as well as some other eye shadow primers but because I use it exclusively as a concealer that doesn't bother me :) Am probably on my 5th ...
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  42. Very good product


    This concealler is very good my shadow stays in place all day when I use this product. It improves the surface of the eye area so products apply more smoothly. For me it works better if left for a while to set. I will be purchasing it again
  43. Not just an eyelid primer


    Not only is this product amazing at priming & concealing my veiny eyelids & making my shadow stay- it has the added bonus of being the ONLY product I have found (& i've tried a few) that will stay on the end of my nose! All other concealers/foundations separate and look all patchy & gross within an hour, even with a good skincare routine. Stay don't stray literally stays on my nose and does not s...
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  44. Definitely a great eye primer


    This colour is perfect for me - I use this even when I'm not wearing eyeshadow, as it's great to conceal my weirdly veiny eyelids without sliding off my lids like a lot of concealers do. I really like it for that purpose.

    It also really helps my eyeshadow stay in place, and my colours appear brighter and more even. It's pretty tacky (which is part of what helps the eyeshadow stay so w...
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  45. Be careful how you use it...


    It took me a while to get it right with Benefit Stay Don't Stray Primer but it's OK once I figured out the best way to use it. Note I said ok and not great though...

    The first couple time I used this Benefit product, I actually found it made my makeup smudge MORE than usual but now I've got it figured out it does the trick.

    The best way to use it, I find, is to put on as...
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  46. Will definitely buy again!


    This is a great eye primer! My eye makeup and concealer lasts all day and crease free! A nice light product that doesn't feel heavy on my skin and doesn't irritate my eyes. The perfect base for any look! Very happy!
  47. Great product!


    This primer does what it says it will - your eye shadow doesn''t stray! The texture is non-oily. It dries quickly once on. I will buy it again!
  48. Anonymous

    This is a really great multiuse primer that does what it claims. Be careful of using too much this is the only way I've had problems with it. Also the price is a bit more than what you would pay for other brands but it is a great product and I would buy it again.
  49. Anonymous

    Okay, firstly HATS OFF to Benefit for their adorable names and packaging. Seriously, their counters and products make me coo and gush in a fit of girly rapture. As far as an eye primer goes, this is fabbo. In the priming eyelids area, I currently use either a MAC paintpot, or a stila smudgepot, or Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I can't survive (!) without whacking something creme-based underneath m...
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  50. quixychick

    I was wondering if having a separate primer for eyes (than face) would provide a "benefit" and this product proved it did. Like belleluminere, I thought it would be nice if less product was dispenced, but practice makes perfect on this one. I also use a separate concealer, but I found this product seriously extends the life of the concealer as well as shadow. In 35+ degree heat. For over 1...
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  51. Anonymous

    The texture of this product is very much like a liquid concealer. Its creamy but still pretty fluid. The packaging is fabulous and I love the slim tube. My only issue would be that the pump dispenses too much product, but that is something you will learn to avoid with continued use. I liked the fact that this actually concealed the majority of my dark circles and made my eye area brighter. My e...
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  52. Anonymous

    I couldn't use the Stay Don't Stray as a concealer, as I am very fair skinned and the product was a little bit dark for me, but I used it as an eyeshadow primer and it was great. I tested the primer out with my worst performing eyeshadows (as far as staying power goes) and my shadow was still in place after a 9 hour work day. A little bit goes a long way, which means good value for money. Getti...
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  53. Anonymous

    This fine textured, skin coloured primer for eye lids and undereyes comes in a convenient pump pack, with lid. 1/2 a pump is enough to cover undereyes and eyelids. Would suit those with light-medium toned skin, rather than really pale people as its quite mid and yellow toned. Its quite a liquidy texture so you don't need much, and you need to make sure it dries before you blink or move your ...
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  54. Anonymous

    - perfect eyelid primer. eye makeup looks great all day. conceals all the marks etc on my eyelids, so it is excellent even if you are going without eyeshadow. - I don't think I need an undereye primer for concealer. I applied far too much underneath the
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