The 6 Best Oral Health Care Products

Keeping on top of your oral care routine isn’t just about staving off bad breath. Maintaining and improving your oral hygiene is vital to your health, and helps to prevent the build-up of acids and bacteria that can cause tooth decay and other health issues

Apart from regular brushing and flossing there are a wide range of products that will make your whole mouth feel super fresh and minty clean.

So, if you want to take your oral care routine from a simple scrub to an updated, and well rounded, full mouth affair, we’re here to show you the ropes. 

To help you on your oral care journey we also spoke to a Dentist, Dr. Phillip Bliss, to give us the facts and some good advice about these products and how to use them.

Foreo ISSA Play Sonic Toothbrush in Pearl Pink - A hand with red nails holds electric toothbrush - 1080 x 771Foreo ISSA Play Sonic Toothbrush in Pearl Pink - A hand with red nails holds electric toothbrush - 1080 x 771

How to brush your teeth the right way:

Okay, so I’m sure you’re probably thinking:“how could there possibly be a wrong way to brush your teeth?!

Believe me, it’s not as intuitive as you think, and a lot of people are actually getting it wrong.

Sometimes it’s because we’re tired, sometimes it’s because we’re a bit lazy and sometimes it’s because we’re a little too enthusiastic to get the process over and done with. 

One of the first mistakes we can make is picking the wrong brush. It’s important to choose a brush with soft bristles, as well as a small enough brush head for our mouth size.

So there you have it: bigger isn’t necessarily better

The same goes for aggressively scrubbing your teeth. According to Dr. Phillip Bliss: “If using a manual toothbrush the most effective way is to rotate the brush in small circles following the contour of the gum, both on the inner and outer surfaces, and finishing off brushing the biting surfaces… Do not scrub the teeth as over time, sensitive grooves can develop and the gum surface can be literally brushed away.”

So, while you’re gently brushing your teeth, remember to take it slow and go for 2 minutes (and we mean a whole 2 minutes) every morning and night. 

This brings us to the big question: Is an electric toothbrush better than your regular toothbrush? 

Dr Phillip Bliss explains that “electric toothbrushes are more efficient than manual brushes as they already rotate in the correct fashion.”

So, essentially, a regular soft brushed toothbrush is going to do a great job if you use it right, but an electric toothbrush is going to do that job for you. That’s why we love ‘em. 

This electric toothbrush really compliments the right approach to brushing, with a small head, soft silicone bristles, and gentle, but powerful Sonic Pulse Technology. One of the best things about this toothbrush is that it’s silicone bristles resist bacteria build up (carrying 10,000x less bacteria than normal bristles), making it an ultra-hygienic option. You should use this brush twice daily for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, using wide circular motions. No need to worry about over brushing, because fortunately this brush inhibits it. Plus, it comes in a travel-friendly size with a pink electric toothbrush or a black electric toothbrush option.

Black Chicken Tongue Cleaner  - a hand is holding copper tongue cleaner over a white surface with shadows on it - 1080 x 771Black Chicken Tongue Cleaner  - a hand is holding copper tongue cleaner over a white surface with shadows on it - 1080 x 771

How to clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner:

It can be pretty easy to forget to clean your tongue in the midst of a busy oral care routine, but according to Dr. Phillip Bliss it can be “a major source of bacteria that can cause bad breath.”

According to Dr. Phillip Bliss there are a couple of ways you can clean your tongue, including using your toothbrush, or a specially designed tongue cleaner. A method we love to suggest is using a Copper Tongue Cleaner, which uses a scraping technique to purify and cleanse. 

This 100% Copper Tongue Cleaner has origins in Ayurvedic practices, where Copper Vessels were used to kill bacteria. However, if it’s new to you you’re probably wondering exactly how you use it. It’s best to use this tool first thing in the morning. Simply relax your tongue and reach the scraper as far back as it feels comfortable, scraping back to front 5 times, and rinse in between each scrape. While this might seem like an odd addition to your routine, it is an extremely effective way to freshen your breath and improve your ability to taste by removing build up. Believe us, it really removes gunk like nothing else and is an unexpectedly satisfying experience.

What is a natural mouthwash?

The main thing that differentiates natural mouthwash from other generic formulas is that it excludes Alcohol, SLS and other chemical ingredients. Instead, natural mouthwashes rely on essential oils and other natural ingredients that have antibacterial properties to fight bacteria build up in your mouth. 

Dr. Phillip Bliss explains that: “There are also good bacteria in the mouth that are used in the first stage of digestion, so regular antiseptic mouth rinses should be avoided and only used on an irregular basis” This alone could be a good reason to make the switch, or at least tone down your use of regular mouthwash. 

If you suffer from dry mouth, don’t like the burning sensation of regular mouthwash, or simply prefer natural options, then natural mouthwash is a great alternative. They come in some soothing and interesting flavours, and can even feel like a bit of a treat as they help to keep your mouth clean.

An alcohol-free mouthwash

If you’re after an Alcohol free, pH balanced natural mouthwash, that’s still a little bit bougie, then this is the best pick for your vanity. This refreshing mouthwash is perfect for sensitive mouths, with natural flavours of Mint, Anise and Spice. Not only does the amber glass packaging look gorgeous, the experience of the product feels luxurious as well.

An alcohol-free mouthwash
  • Pair it with the Aesop Toothpaste for a very sophisticated moment in your bathroom.

Another natural option is a swishing oil that uses natural ingredients to remove toxins from your mouth. Packed with antioxidants, this choice is both gentle and Alcohol free. The Castor oil in this formula works to remove plaque and build up, while Cardamom and Peppermint have antibacterial properties that keep breath fresh. This is definitely a product that becomes hard to live without once it's part of your regular routine. Use this oil before brushing and on an empty stomach, swishing it without swallowing for up to 20 minutes.

Does toothpaste expire?

Like most consumable products, toothpaste does unfortunately expire. However, it doesn’t necessarily become harmful to you after expiry, it just becomes less effective. That means the active ingredients in toothpaste, such as Fluoride, are no longer working. This is a good reason to change our toothpaste up every once in a while, and keep an eye on those expiry dates.

Some of our favourite toothpastes include natural formulas, whitening formulas, and formulas that are both! Natural toothpastes are free of chemicals, detergents, additives and synthetic sweeteners, which makes them preferable to people who like to avoid these things. We love them because they tend to be quite gentle and come in some flavours and formulas that we think are extra special. 

If you’re like us and love a whitening option, but want to avoid abrasive ingredients, then this natural toothpaste is a stand out choice. This hydrogen peroxide-free formula removes enamel stains, fights bacteria and supports sensitive teeth. Many people wonder if it is safe to use whitening toothpaste everyday, but with this gentle formula you can actually use this toothpaste twice daily. Just apply a small amount onto your soft bristled toothbrush and massage gently using gentle, circular motions. Then, simply spit and rinse. Oh, and don’t forget to smile because your teeth will be bright and shining in no time.

A fluoride-free formulation
A fluoride-free formulation

This fluoride-free toothpaste is a seriously fancy option. The formula gently cleanses with Sea Buckthorn oil, Cardamom and Wasabia Japonica. Toothpaste really never tasted so good, or looked so minimalist and chic on your bathroom counter. This is also a great alternative for those who want to swap that regular mint taste for something different, but still enlivening.

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