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Burt's Bees Coconut and Pear Lip Balm 4.25g

4.6 of 102 reviews


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4 instalments of $2.01


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Sweeten your every day with Burt's Bees Coconut and Pear Lip Balm. With a touch of fragrant coconut oil and a kiss of sweet peaach, indulge in the fragrant luxury of the tropics while you naturally moisturise and renew your lips with Coconut Oil, Pear Extract, and Shea Butter.
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SUPERIOR - 93% recommend

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4.6 of 102 reviews

93% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Fabulously hydrating


A lip balm that smells nice, goes on easily, great for your handbag and really does moisturise your lips and stop them from drying out.f

Most Helpful Criticism



This lip balm is moisturising enough and feels creamy on my lips. But I’m not a fan of the smell or taste
  1. Affordable lip balm


    Affordable lip balm. Nice texture. Have one at home, work and in my bag. My favourite is honey.
  2. Fabulously hydrating


    A lip balm that smells nice, goes on easily, great for your handbag and really does moisturise your lips and stop them from drying out.f
  3. Smell is amazing, oily


    This is a great, affordable product to use- perhaps the best thing about it is the smell! I bought it because a friend used it and I could smell it when they wore it. It is a bit waxy/oily and takes awhile to absorb so you have glossy lips- can be good and bad!
  4. nice balm


    Best balm so far - on par with Aspect's one. All the others are too heavy or rub off too easily
  5. Moisture


    A very moisturising lip balm, helps to restore hydration to my lips.
  6. Nice


    This item moistureses very well. Very creamy. Quite strong coconut scent though I like it. Affordable price as well.
  7. Nice


    These are fantastic to have everywhere and are cheap enough to replace frequently. Work well
  8. Lip Balm


    I love this lip balm! burt's bees are really great! all of their lip balms have a really nice smell! and feel very moisturizing
  9. Wonderful moisturising properties


    I have very dry lips and this does a great job at fixing it. I have to say I'm not a huge fan of the scent but it definitely does the job.
  10. Very Nourishing


    Smells delicious and extremely nourishing. I have multiple of these spread out all around my house and car!
  11. Best lipbalm


    I love this lip balm, it's one of my favourite brands! Lasts a long time and all the flavours are nice
  12. Best Lip Balm!


    i used to have very dry and irritated lips, but Ever since i have started using this product my lips are always hydrated. It is amazing and would 100% recommend.
  13. hydrating


    really moisturising, the tube lasts a long time too
  14. mmmm coconut


    Love the coconut oil texture of this lip balm. I do have to say though that in terms of hydration I do feel like the honey lip balm actually gives longer lasting hydration.
  15. Love


    Love the coconut - Such a great brand and such a great product. Really love how moisturising these are.
  16. Effective lipbalm


    Great lipbalm. Not sticky or tacky. The coconut and pear scent is pleasant.
  17. A favourite


    Probably one of my absolute favourites! The coconut scent is really nice and summery and the balm goes on clear and moisturising. I'd say it lasts a couple hours before you need to reapply
  18. Great everyday product


    Super moisturizing and a great texture, not too sticky or 'wet', and massive fan of coconut so I love the scent!
  19. all time favourite!


    i love this lip balm. i find it works the best for me, it lasts and smells really good!
  20. Nice enough


    This lip balm has a sweet but not overpowering scent. It smells nice, but not amazing. It provides a good level of moisture, but probably wouldn't be ideal for super dry lips.
  21. Love this


    Lasting hydration and a gorgeous scent. Big thanks to Burt and all his bees.
  22. Smells amazing


    I just recently got this as a present for my birthday from a friend, I have used it several times and I already know this is one of my favourites. I found that it stays super moisturising and almost creates a seal on your lips. Not to mention the smell is amazing and stays on for ages.
  23. I’m very happy with it!


    Really great because it isn’t overly shiny. Feels very hydrating and nice on the lips.
  24. Beat for winter time chapped lips


    I use in the winter time when my lips are dry and chapped and it’s very hydrating and moisturising
  25. Basic


    One of my favourite balms of all time. Great product these don't need any introduction. A must have in every handbag
  26. Nice lip balm


    This is a nice lip balm for the price, but not my favourite for hydrating my dry lips...although it does smell delicious!
  27. Great lip balm


    For the price, this is an incredible lip balm
    Very smooth and hydrating
    Essential for your purse all year round
    The smell is gorgeous, not too overpowering
  28. Nice but not my number one


    I love the smell but I’m not a huge fan of the consistency. It’s not quite as thick as I like my lip balms! But it’s still nice :)
  29. Best lip balm


    Very gentle and nice, it's the best lip balm because it lasts, goes on well, and is much more nourishing than other lip balms.
  30. favourite lip balm


    This is my favourite lip balm! it keeps my lips nice and moisturised
  31. Favorite Lip Product


    I found this to smell absolutely delicious ,pear with creamy coconut go together perfectly !
    It was very hydrating and didnt need to be applied frequently like most lip balms do (although with this one I'm more than happy to keep reapplying ! Its a pleasure to do instead of an annoyance :)
    This is one lip balm that I'll carry everywhere I go and is in no danger of ending up forgotten ...
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  32. Does the job!


    Sweet and subtle smell. Easy to carry around and apply when needed. Leaves a good coating of moisture on lips, especially during winter.
  33. Super hydrating lip balm


    A handy little lip balm that actually hydrates my dry, chapped lips. The only thing I don't love is the addition of pear - I feel like it lends something strange to the scent. BUT I'm a coconut purist!
  34. smells nice


    this lip balm does wonders for my dry and chapped lips, its so creamy, nourishing and hydrating, love the smell too and its affordable!!
  35. Most Moisturising lip balm EVER!


    I love, love, loveee this lip balm, I have many Burts Bees lip balms, but the scent of this one is definitely my favourite! Overall their products are amazing and leave your lips very moisturised, it's natural which I love, because that means there are no nasties getting absorbed into my skin. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone!!!!!
  36. Moisturising


    This lip balm is moisturising enough and feels creamy on my lips. But I’m not a fan of the smell or taste
  37. Nourishing


    This is my favourite flavour lip balm to use. It's tropical and super coconutty with not much pear to it. It soaks in and works it's healing magic really well.
  38. Very waxy


    I'm not the biggest fan. For dryer lips, it feels kind of weird? It's very waxy and it feels like it sits on my lips without really moisturising at all.
  39. moisturising


    smells good! handy to have in your hand bag! helps with dry lips
  40. Alright Lip balm


    Lip balm is moisturising and has a nice scent, however would not recommend this product in particular over the other lip balms i have tried in the past.
  41. Good


    This is my favorite lip balm I have ever tried and would definitely recommend it to anyone.If you love the scent of coconuts then this one is for you. My lips are very dry and this seemed to help with that. I make sure I never leave my house without it.
  42. Nice texture, scent a bit full on


    I quite like the texture of this lip balm though it is a bit heavier than my current favourite (Weleda) - goes on with a very slightly greasy textute but settles into a nice silky, matte feel quickly. It does have a very strong smell which is ok but a bit not really to my taste. The packaging is convenient and compact. I will probably purchase a different Burts Bees lip balm from the range next...
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  43. Heavenly


    Love the Burt's Bees lip balm for immediate hydration and to keep the lips smooth. The Coconut and Pear give a subtle sweet scent, not too overpowering.
  44. Lovely lip balm!


    Beautiful scent and the formula is so good! I love Burts Bees lip balms and this didn't disappoint. The packaging is great and it's super affordable. Would definitely recommend
  45. Great


    This was the first Burt’s Bees lip balm I ever bought, and I still find myself coming back to it. Like their other lip balms, it has a wonderful conditioning effect on my terribly dry lips, and the scent of pear and coconut is subtle and tasty. It would be great for someone who doesn’t like traditional fruity lip balms (eg strawberry)
  46. Extra soft for dry lips


    Nice and soothing. Feels light on application and has a subtle scent. Does wonders for my dry lips.
  47. Smells delicious


    Such a fun fruity lip balm that is so smooth and feels delightful on the lips
  48. Yummy


    So delicious smelling, but not super powerful. Good for maintaining hydration, not for repairing seriously dry or chapped lips. Great to have the handbag though.


    This lip balm is super hydrating and smells delicious!
  50. Love this balm


    Im a fan of BB lip balms. Specially this one, veey hydrating and nice smell too. One of the must have item.
  51. Great


    This is by far the best lip balm I've ever used. Most end up drying my lips out more but this one moisturisers them so much that I can put it on at night and still feel it in the morning.
  52. Great lipbalm


    this lip balm is my go to very hydrating and helps dry cracked lips.
  53. Simple and effective


    I love all of the Burt's Bee's lip balms
    Simple, easy to use and do the job.
    The coconut and pear scent is subtle but nice.

    Love that the ingredients are all natural with nothing nasty to dry out your lips with continual use.

  54. I am all about this


    I previously have never used a lip balm, as I found that they just made your lips dryer (counter-intuitive I know). I am ALL ABOUT THIS lip balm. it's perfect. Light, quite to swipe on, leaves lips really soft and moisturised. I have one in every bag and bathroom and next to my bed. Few swipes a day and I'm getting comments about how good my lips look.
  55. Does its job


    Like all burt's bees lip products, the lip balm is not only super moisturising but also super fragrant. I was getting bored of my pomegranate and vanilla one so I thought I would try out this one to jazz up my routine. Those that enjoy coconut scents would really enjoy this, as you can really smell the warm creamy coconut but the subtle addition of pear really adds to the smell giving it a refresh...
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  56. Perfect gift


    I've purchased this as a gift for so many people! my husband loves it, great combination of ingredients however it does have a unique smell.
  57. Wonderful


    I absolutely love this lip balm. It's so creamy and nourishing on the lips and the fragrance is divine.


    Great ESPECIALLY during the winter months when moisturizing seems more essential
  59. HG lip balm


    I purchased this lip balm and it has holy grail status in my daily routine!!
  60. my go to lip balm


    this is the balm, i use on a daily basis, I always have a back up.

    these may be more expensive than many balms but i never have that dry feeling like i need more lip balm after it has worn off. i also love that the ingredients are natural.
  61. Hydration


    Love the Burt's Bees lip balm for immediate hydration and to keep the lips smooth. The Coconut and Pear give a subtle sweet scent, not too overpowering.
  62. Hydrating


    Cute little lip balm! Super hydrating and smells Delish! Must have for your handbag
  63. Beautiful scent, nice and hydrating


    This is a good basic handbag lip balm. No colour payoff, nice and light and nourishing and I am obsessed with coconut. Does the job!
  64. Best lip product


    So nourishing and lasts ages/doesn’t need to be constantly reapplied...the coconut and pear scent is amaze...just about to reorder
  65. Made my lips feel like heaven.


    I've been through countless lip balms and finally found one that caters for your chapped and flaky skin. I also love the gloss it gives.
  66. amazing on the lips


    bye bye chapped lips and the scent is amazing. just a bonus!!
  67. Does its job


    I've been using Burt's Bees lip balm for years. It does what its supposed to, its quick and easy, feels great on - can't complain. Coconut and pear smells divine, as do all of the different flavours I've tried previously. I like to apply this about 10 minutes before I put on lipstick to lock in moisture and make my lips supple.
  68. Smells great

    Gilda Anna

    This smells beautiful and is a great go to lip balm, however if your lips are really damaged or dry then this won't necessarily repair within a few days.
  69. A really good lip balm... as all Burt's Bees are.


    This lip balm is another winner for Burt's Bees. It smells really good too.
  70. Ok


    It has an unique scent and the balm also moisturises my lips.
  71. Yummmmmm


    A great moisturising/hydrating lip product. Easy to apply and wear, doesnt clump on the lips.
  72. Beautiful lip balm


    Really love this lip balm! The flavour is so yummy and I love the formula - it makes my lips so soft and lovely. Would definitely recommend
  73. Best for less!


    Affordable. Great lip moisturiser. Beautiful scent.
  74. Great lip balm!


    Burts bees make my fav lip balms! Tastes lovely and the formula makes my lips so soft and smooth. I love the natural ingredients they use and it's so cheap!
    Would definitely recommend
  75. Great scent


    Lovely lip balm with a great scent. Leaves lips soft and moisturised.
  76. Best

    Kylie Q

    These are the best lip balms ever! I have every flavour
  77. Super hydrating!


    I love Burt Bee’s lip balms, I think I have them all! This one in particular is super hydrating and leaves my lips feeling moisturised and plump. I have dry lips so it’s perfect. Smells great too.
  78. Great lipbalm


    Love this scent of this lip balm, moisturizing but still absorbs quite nicely into your lips. Love that it's quite natural too
  79. Love


    Fav lip balm for sure!!! It’s perfect for dehydrated lips and doesn’t dry them out, would definitely recommend!
  80. My favourite lip balm on the market


    Burt's Bees is my favourite lip balm on the market. The perfect amount of balminess and moisturiser, it sits well, has a gorgeous aroma but isn't overpowering. I used every night before bed and as a primer on my lips before I do my make up. Works perfectly for both uses, I cannot recommend highly enough.
  81. Another favourite


    I really love the coconut and pear scent. Keeps my lips soft and moisturized. Love burt's bees!!
  82. Nice


    Nice scent combo. Great lip balm like classic burts bees lip balms.
  83. So good


    A very moisturising and soft lip balm. Comes in a small package which is great when travelling. Perfect to keep lips smooth and refrain from chapping. Love this product!
  84. Smells so nice!


    Love the pear and coconut scent. Really moisturizing and great for dry lips.
  85. Lovely


    Burt’s bees make some of my favourite lip products. Their balms are among my favourites and I’m pretty sure I have one in every flavour. A must have staple for your handbag! Keep this one out of the hot car as it contains coconut it can get a bit melty
  86. Highly recommended


    I love a good lipbalm and this one is no exception. The smell is divine and the feeling of my smooth lips just makes me happy!
  87. So delicious!


    I can't get enough of this balm, it smells delicious and does all the softening and hydrating you want a balm to do. I usually have dry lips, particularly first thing in the morning (I may or may not be a mouth-open-sleeper) but a bit of Burt balm has sorted that out. Winner.
  88. Essential beauty must have


    This is my all time favourite lip balm leaves my lips feeling soft and smells amazing. Really nourshing on dry lips.The best thing is its made from natural ingredients. No petroleum
  89. So hydrated


    I love this Burts Bees product. It is so soft and glides onto your lips easily without loosing its shape. My boyfriend always wants to use mine! We used it when we worked in the ski fields in Canada to hydrate our lips as the cold makes the skin so dry over there. Fits perfectly in your bag or pocket. Love it!
  90. beautiful flavour


    This lip balm does exactly what it says on the packing, it hydrates the lips really well. It also has a beautiful coconut and pear flavour. It's such a lovely product.
  91. Nice lip balm!


    This lip balm leaves my lips nice and soft and smells like coconut!
  92. Silky smooth


    Such a silky smooth texture to this one, my dry winter lips love it, feels like it almost lathers on, so luxurious. Smell is more on the coconut side. A lovely sheen without being sticky.
  93. Best lip balm ever


    this lip balm is honestly the most hydrating and long-lasting that i have ever used. It leaves my lips so hydrated and soft and best of all i don't feel like i have to re-apply ever 5 seconds!! would definitely recommend to anyone xo
  94. super moisturizing


    this lip balm is honestly the best lip balm I've come across, it is so so moisturising and lasts a while on your lips compared to other balms so I don't have to re apply. the smell is so nice but not too strong which is good!!
  95. Smell is to die for


    Nice and moisturising doesn't leave my lips feeling like I need to reapply every 5 minutes so lasts a while! Used mine every day for almost 3 months! And omg THE SMELL!
  96. Smells Delicious


    This has to be my favourite Burts Bees Lip balm alongside their mango lip balm because of the absolutely delicious smell and to make it even better it tastes amazing too. It is also super hydrating as any lip balm should be and hence gets a 100/10 from me
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