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No skincare product packs as powerful a punch as serums. Vegan serums provide all the benefits of traditional serums with none of the drawbacks because vegan serums are filled with natural, animal-friendly, cruelty-free ingredients that are great for the skin.

Vegan serums are formulated to target specific skin concerns, including, but not limited to, fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. They contain high concentrations of readily absorbed active ingredients that quickly and noticeably repair skin and restore it to radiance.

Natural, vegan serums

Are you looking for a vegan serum to address a specific skin concern? Adore Beauty’s collection of vegan serums include formulations infused with a variety of targeting ingredients and potent extracts to help with your specific skin care challenges. Our selection of vegan serums are cruelty-free, natural and free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, alcohol and artificial fragrances and other potentially irritating chemicals.

Browse Adore Beauty’s selection of vegan, natural, plant-based facial serums today and get your skin on the road to radiance.

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MAAEMO Vitalize Face Elixir 30mlMAAEMO Vitalize Face Elixir 30ml
MAAEMO Vitalize Face Elixir 30ml


High quality in every regard; product, packaging, performance. My skin has never looked better! I liked it so much I bought more Maaemo products- all of which have impressed me.
Biologi BL Nourish Lip Serum 5mlBiologi BL Nourish Lip Serum 5ml
Biologi BL Nourish Lip Serum 5ml


I find that the serum has worked really well in keeping my lips hydrated and has definitely helped them to stop cracking, however I tend to end up reapplying lip balm not too long after as it absorbs so quickly and I prefer the creamier feel of a balm.
Biologi BL Nourish Lip Serum 5mlBiologi BL Nourish Lip Serum 5ml
Biologi BL Nourish Lip Serum 5ml

Very light moisture

It is definitely a serum texture as opposed to a lip balm. I like to use it when I don’t want the heavy balm feeling. The moisturising effect is reasonable and I think it would be great to put under lip stick. It also gives a subtle healthy shine. The design of the product and packaging is appealing. The sponge applicator is great for applying.