Does Hot Water Really Fade Hair Colour?

Want to make your hair colour last? You need to learn what causes it to fade and separate myth from fact. Here’s the lowdown on hot water and hair.

If you love your hair colour, make it last! Small changes in your grooming routine can make a serious difference in the lifespan of your hair colour. Here’s what you need to know about how hot water affects your hair.

Does Hot Water Really Fade Hair Colour?

Does Hot Water Fade Hair Colour?

Yes! Hot water will fade your hair colour in no time. In fact, anything hot will fade your hue. From the sun to styling tools to hot water, heat damages your strands and raises the cuticle, giving colour an escape route.

How Do I Protect My Hair From Hot Water?

The best way to prevent fading is to keep your hair out of hot water. If you love hot showers, start out in very warm water, and then slowly adjust the temp until it's lukewarm. Once you've gotten warm in that first minute, you won’t really notice a tiny drop in temperature.

Beyond just using cooler water, it's important to wash your hair as little as possible. While greasy hair is gross, you can do a lot to prevent oily build-up.

Never use conditioner on your roots. You'll be adding a heavy layer to your hair that makes it look greasier sooner. Focus all of the conditioner on your ends.

To banish oil altogether, use a dry shampoo. We're crazy for Shu Uemura Color Lustre Dry Cleaner. Spritz some on anytime your hair is looking weighed down.

PRO TIP: Dry shampoo isn’t just for oily hair! Put dry shampoo in your hair before bed to prevent greasy build-up. The powder will absorb oil before it travels down your locks. You can also add dry shampoo anytime just to give a boost of volume.

Does Hot Water Really Fade Hair Colour?

How Can I Make My Colour Last Longer?

It's important to protect your hair against heat damage of all kind. One of the best ways to make your colour last is to use SPF on your tresses. Even if you aren’t hanging out at the beach, the sun is always fading your hair colour. In fact, you're soaking up UV rays on even the cloudiest day, so arm yourself.

Another important cause of a fading shade is styling. Heat tools do a serious number on your hair colour. Get creative with your styles and avoid heating up your hair as much as you can. Who doesn’t love a cool braid or a stunning hair clip?

When you do use hot tools, use protection! A top product like MOROCCANOIL Heat Styling Protection can totally transform your hair. Not only will it prevent damage, but it will also make your colour last infinitely longer.


Does Hot Water Really Fade Hair Colour?