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Since 1996, Designer Brands has been Australia's leading cosmetics brand to prove that affordability doesn't mean compromise. Designer Brands was created to challenge the notion that high-end was the be-all and end-all of quality.


After living in America and noticing that Los Angeles women always looked flawless in inexpensive clothing, but inexpensive in beauty tended to mean poor quality, a husband and wife team invented Designer Brands on the back of a napkin, and moved back to Australia to launch 15 products.


A decade later, Designer Brands is now found in four thousand pharmacies across Australia, pioneering quality affordable makeup inspired by trends yet maintaining a classic, timeless edge.


Designer Brands is proudly  free from parabens, talc and bismuth. On top of that, DB have also obtained Vegan and Cruelty Free Certifications across the entire makeup range.

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Designer Brands Blur PrimerDesigner Brands Blur Primer
Designer Brands
Designer Brands Blur Primer

Great primer

It has a beautiful silky texture and melts onto the skin creating a great base for your make-up. One surprise was how much of this product I actually needed to cover my whole face (I have a small face too :) For me it also doubles as a great eye-primer.
Designer Brands Glow This Way Illuminating ConcealerDesigner Brands Glow This Way Illuminating Concealer
Designer Brands
Designer Brands Glow This Way Illuminating Concealer

Not for me

I think this is the only DB product I have tried and not liked at all. I have normal skin with very mild oiliness on T-zone. No matter how I apply this under my eye it ends up drying so quickly that blending it just ends up tugging on my skin. It also didn't really perform well as a concealer on other parts of my face. I really wanted to love this but it just won't make friends with my skin.
Designer Brands Natural Ground MineralsDesigner Brands Natural Ground Minerals
Designer Brands
Designer Brands Natural Ground Minerals


I was a super fan of the Nude By Nature mineral powder, that is until I stumbled on this product! I have not used any other mineral powder since. It is a great product. The dispensation design is ingenious, it is more hygienic, much less messy and not as wasteful. You have to 'grind' the powder out and then apply. With a good brush this things does wonders. You can layer it if you want more coverage as well.
Designer Brands Rise and Prime Luminescent PrimerDesigner Brands Rise and Prime Luminescent Primer
Designer Brands
Designer Brands Rise and Prime Luminescent Primer

Excellent product

This product goes onto the skin very well, has a good coverage and helps foundation stay on for longer.