Our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Adore Beauty is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. We are passionate about helping our customers and our team feel empowered and confident. As a business, we feel it is our responsibility and our mission to do whatever we can to improve the world we live in. We know we have an important  journey ahead of us, but we are committed to listening, learning and growing.

Working with the Diversity Council Australia as our guide and mentor, we are focusing our efforts on Our Home; Our Community; and Our Voice. 

Our Home

Which we define as ensuring an inclusive work environment where diversity is celebrated and every team member feels they can bring their whole self to work.

When people join our team, we train and brief all team members on our values and the importance of these in creating an inclusive environment. These include: 

  • Doing the right thing 

  • Working for each other

  • Always growing

  • A positive approach

We implemented a Workplace Equal Opportunity policy that includes us providing a safe, flexible and respectful environment for staff and customers free from all forms of discrimination, bullying, sexual harassment, and racial and religious vilification. 

We respect peoples’ beliefs and culture and provide a safe and quiet place for Religious Practices and Rituals to take place.

Bringing your whole self to work means that we support team members to be caregivers with policies and practices including: 

  • A Parental leave policy supporting parents to spend time at home following birth or adoption. This policy aims to encourage and recognise our commitment to achieving gender equality at Adore Beauty by supporting both parents in the care of their child with up to 12 weeks paid leave. 

  • Family and Domestic Violence Leave policy supports those individuals who need time to ensure their safety and their families with up to 10 days paid leave provided.

  • Flexible working arrangements in all areas of the business for all life stages of our team.

We continue to work with a passionate group of team members in our Diversity and Inclusion Committee to create initiatives across the business that support an inclusive environment. 

Our Community 

Which we define as making every customer feel comfortable and empowered in their own skin. Through content we foster a community built on education, inclusivity and diversity.

  • We create content for and featuring BIPOC, the LGBTQIA+ community, catering for all ages and those with medical disabilities. 

  • We have established a sex category so that all customers have a safe, inclusive and discreet space to shop these products. This provides a safe space to empower individuals.  

  • We have promoted conversations around diversity & inclusivity on our podcast media . To date covering topics and speakers on ability, health, BIPOC experiences & views and will continue to devote media to raising awareness and giving voice to these and related dialogues.

  • We are working with our Brand partners to ensure that we are inclusive and represent diversity in the shaded ranges that we stock through our Global Shades initiative.

Our Voice 

Which we define as using our voice for good and to make the world a better place.

We continue to work hard to be part of the change we need to see in the world. So far we have:

  • Women in Tech Scholarship & Internship. Adore Beauty is passionate about supporting, encouraging and engaging women in technology at a grassroots level. Established in 2017, we offer a $2000 bursary towards university fees, plus a month long paid internship within our technology team. The scholarship is open to university students who identify as female, studying a university degree in computer science or similar qualification. 

  • In 2021 we became founding participants of the Encoreship program. This is a collaboration with 6 brands to provide aspirational employment opportunities to women who are facing challenges re-entering the workforce after an extended period of time away from work. 

  • Established a Charity partner with Safe Steps in 2020. Adore Beauty has supported efforts to ensure those faced with Domestic Violence have the means to seek safety. 1 in 4 women over the age of 15 have been affected by gendered violence. The COVID lockdowns created even more danger for women in violent situations, and through our assistance, Safe Steps was able to extend their services to offer live chat for women who couldn’t make a call while in lockdown.

  • We have launched our Global Shades initiative, which is a call for change to raise awareness and educate Australians about inequality in the current Australian beauty landscape.We believe all Australians should have equal access to foundations and concealers regardless of their skin tone. Adore Beauty’s goal is to provide as much diversity as possible for consumers so everyone can feel included and confident in their own skin, starting first with complexion beauty products.

But we are not stopping here. We are continuing to develop our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy through Our Home, Our Community and Our Voice. We are currently working with our Diversity and Inclusion Committee to confirm our measurable goals for 2021-2022 and will update this page to include and outline them once finalised, this will be completed by May 2021.

Our commitment is to:

  • Ensure Adore Beauty values and culture are lived and support diversity and inclusion right through our workplaces

  • Review our recruitment and selection practices at all levels to ensure a diverse range of candidates are considered and guard against any conscious or unconscious biases that might discriminate against candidates

  • Design and implement programs and processes that assist in the development of a broader and more diverse pool of skilled and experienced employees and that, over time, will prepare them for senior management and board positions

  • Support at all levels an individual’s domestic responsibilities (including the adoption of flexible work practices that will assist them to meet those responsibilities) as well as providing opportunities for employees on extended parental leave to maintain their connection with the workplace

  • Ensure the policy for selection and appointment of new directors is transparent and considers all facets of diversity to avoid “groupthink” or other cognitive biases in decision making;

  • Ensure development and succession plans for directors and Senior Management include diversity as a relevant consideration

  • Monitor and measure the achievement of all diversity objectives set by the Adore Beauty Board

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