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FOREO is the Stockholm-based beauty company taking the world by storm with its range of innovative sonic cleansing devices, the LUNA and LUNA MINI.
FOREO uses groundbreaking technology to create unique products that are being raved about by beauty editors across the globe. FOREO provides a smarter and more effective way to care for your skin.
The promise is simple – FOREO is here to give you a new-found confidence, through innovative skincare that works.
Foreo LUNA offers total beauty care, combining sonic cleansing with anti-ageing benefits. The Foreo LUNA mini is a simpler device that offers deep, gentle cleansing for all skin types. Foreo LUNA for men is the ultimate in pre-shaving care.

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Foreo UFO Masks - Youth JunkieForeo UFO Masks - Youth Junkie
Foreo UFO Masks - Youth Junkie


This is a hydrating mask with a milky serum.
When used with the UFO it has red LED, warmth and vibrations, which is a relaxing routine.
I always go through the routine twice, and apply the remaining serum on my face before starting again the second time. There is always a pool of serum in each satchet which is such a shame to throw away.
My face feels plumped up and glowing after using this. I wouldn't use this during the day because it stays tacky for hours so I use this as the last step in my skincare routine at night.
The next morning my skin is smooth and soft.
Foreo UFO Masks Glow Addict 6-packForeo UFO Masks Glow Addict 6-pack
Foreo UFO Masks Glow Addict 6-pack


I love my Foreo UFO and all the masks I've tried so far have been great.
The routine for this one is vibrations and green LED with a slight warming at the beginning.
It felt lovely having this massage my face.
I'm not sure if the LED and all that do all that much but it still seems like it would do more than just slapping on a mask and leaving it on for 10 mins.
I always go through the routine twice, to get the most of the mask.
Afterwards my skin looked soft, smooth and glowy.
Foreo The Luna 3 for Combination SkinForeo The Luna 3 for Combination Skin
Foreo The Luna 3 for Combination Skin

Convenient and easy device for daily exfolliation

with Foreo 3 you MUST use the Foreo app for the first time to activate it (later you do not need to use it; it took me 30mins to connect it as the app could not find the device which was frustrating and hence why 4.5 stars, poor app plus the company is forcing you to share your data with them :( I have been using it for 3 months every evening and I'd say my skin is a bit clearer, it definitely did not cause any negative results. I was concerned it may dry out my skin (over-exfoliate?) but it is fine. I use it with a foaming face wash. It is super quick and easy to use. Love that it is made of silicon making it antibacterial. It got a bit wet a few times and is working fine, have not had to recharge it yet so great battery life. Initially, you made find the default setting of 8 a bit too strong but you either reduce it via the app or get used to it within a week.