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Foreo UFO Mask - Call It A Night 7 Pack 7 masks

4.6 of 15 reviews


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Designed to be used with the FOREO UFO, this evening mask treatment will deeply rejuvenate your skin, ensuring you wake up to a bright, radiant complexion. In a short 90-second treatment, the UFO combines advanced technology to deliver the mask formulation into the skin, ensuring that it is deeply absorbed, encouraging its effectiveness.  

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Foreo UFO Mask - Call It A Night 7 Pack Reviews

4.6 of 15 reviews

100% recommend this product

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Amazingly calming!


Loved this one. This is the first ever mask i have bought with my first Foreo UFO2 and i am loving it. Calms my irritated skin. Gives mye after spa feel!
  1. Amazingly calming!


    Loved this one. This is the first ever mask i have bought with my first Foreo UFO2 and i am loving it. Calms my irritated skin. Gives mye after spa feel!
  2. Perfect bedtime wind-down!


    A really lovely way to end the day. The mask is saturated in serum and leaves your skin feeling soft, hydrated and relaxed. I will definitely re-purchase.
  3. No sticky residue


    Unlike some hydrating sheet masks, this one delivers ample hydration without leaving a sticky film on the skin after the mask is removed. Paired with thermo therapy and red LED lights this creates a very soothing routine before bedtime which doesn't take all that much time as well. My skin definitely feels very hydrated and supple after using the mask.
  4. great


    verified purchaser
    This product is great, I can feel the difference in my skin after using and it lasted. It smells very nice and helped me to relax.
  5. great mask


    Love the UFO masks. This one is a bit heavier as it is for night time. Consistency is a bit thicker, more like syrup rather than watery like the day mask, and takes a bit longer to absorb. This doesn't bother me at all as I like the thicker consistency for a night treatment and I find it super hydrating, nourishing and leaves my skin very glowy even the next morning.
  6. Great value


    This is my favourite of all the Foreo UFO masks. It is super nourishing and hydrating to the skin. My face feels brighter after each use and they are relatively affordable when compared to other sheet masks. I like to use this one at least once a week.
  7. Very rich


    It is a lot for your skin so works well in winter, especially when your skin is dry. Otherwise, it is very heavy. The daytime mask is nicer and more refreshing. Great for very dry skin.
  8. Foreo delight


    This product is a night in heaven. The Call It A Night mask is a fresh and relaxing way to end the night. the mask alongside the Foreo UFO leaves your skin smooth, supple, bright and firm. this product is great as it glides over your skin leaving it clean and revitalized, you really notice the difference after 2 minutes wow!
  9. Not bad


    Not my favourite mask but still lovely and pampering, it is nice to end the day with this. I got this as a sample but probably would not re-purchase. The collagen one is much better.
  10. my favourite Foreo mask

    Laura w

    verified purchaser
    This is by far my favourite Foreo mask, it is the prefect way to finish the day and leave your skin feeling clean, smooth and plump.
  11. Amazing way to end the day


    I really liked this mask. I got the ufo because I love masks but hate typical sheet masks. This was different. Unlike many sheet masks I’ve tried the foreo masks actually have immediate results. The day mask gives me intense hydration and this mask seemed to tone, hydrate, and detoxify my skin. It also had a lot more warming than the day mask and I loved that. It felt great on the skin and was rea...
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  12. Amazing


    This mask is just amazing. It makes my skin feeling really refreshed and hydrated. Definitely recommend.
  13. Hydrating masks


    These masks used with the Foreo UFO leave my skin supple and smooth when used as part of my night time skincare routine.
  14. Amazing


    This is a warming facial that leaves my skin feeling smooth and refreshed. It's a great little pick me up when IM feeling down. It warms with the led red light and towards the end of the facial it cools down... I always repeat the facial to have 2 turns and Its so relaxing
  15. Warming


    This is a very moisturising mask, I use this twice a week.
    My skin feels soft and smooth and is hydrated all night. I use this after cleansing and don't need to apply anything else afterwards.
    These masks are great value and box lasts for weeks for me.
    Using the UFO, this works with vibrations, red light and warmth. But it's actually very warm, it can feel too hot at times.
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  16. Feels amazing on the skin!


    One of my favourite masks to use with the UFO. It's very moisturising and my skin feels so pumped and smooth afterwards. The treatment feels amazing on my skin after a long day and I love how my skin feels the next morning. Definitely recommend this!
  17. Very hydrating

    Gilda Anna

    This mask absorbs into the skin really easily and leaves the skin feeling really plump and hydrated. Naturally I apply it with the UFO and find that an overall relaxing experience!
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