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Shhh Silk Face Mask Black
Shhh Silk
Shhh Silk Face Mask Black

Gentle on skin

Of all the masks I’ve worn this is by far the most gentle on my skin. It’s comfortable, fits well and looks nice. The only downside for me is that I felt it was somewhat stifling when breathing heavier, for example, when walking fast. When taking a deep breath I’d also suck in the mask, there’s little ventilation and it sits firmly across your face. Overall it’s a good mask but not when taking p...
The Beauty Chef ADAPTOGEN Inner Beauty Boost 500ml
The Beauty Chef
The Beauty Chef ADAPTOGEN Inner Beauty Boost 500ml

If you love a chilled coke....

I love the beauty chef! I drink their inner beauty boosts daily and have been doing so for quite some time. As I have only just started using Adaptogen I can't comment on the results. But I can comment on the delicious taste- if you love coke then this is your guilt free beauty boost! I add it in with chilled soda water it is great!!