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Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation 30ml

4.6 of 332 reviews


4 instalments of $27.25

Or 4 instalments of $27.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $27.25

Or 4 instalments of $27.25 with LEARN MORE

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Reveal your inner light with Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. This cult classic is weightless on the skin, while imparting a flawless, lit-from-within glow.

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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
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Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation Reviews

4.6 of 332 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Lightest foundation ever


It is a lightweight foundation that sits so beautifully on the skin and gives a luminous finish. Coverage is not too high that makes it perfect for summers

Most Helpful Criticism

A little cakey


This foundation looks lovely on a lot of my friends but just clings to all my dry areas and looks cakey! Which is such a shame because it can look so good when first applied. Id recommend trialling primers with this one!
  1. Lovely.. but after a lot of trial and error


    I have oily/combo skin, but wanted to try a lighter foundation product. Fair warning, the only way I can get this foundation to not look cakey is to use a wet sponge. However, I only can dab it lightly (and not too much) otherwise it starts to peel. It has taken me so long and lots of trial and error to make it work, so hopefully this helps someone else! Otherwise it is a lovely light foundation,...
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  2. Lightest foundation ever


    It is a lightweight foundation that sits so beautifully on the skin and gives a luminous finish. Coverage is not too high that makes it perfect for summers
  3. Incredible


    This is the most beautiful foundation I’ve ever put on my face. The coverage is beautiful, the shade is perfect, it lasts, it doesn’t cling to dry patches or slip off oily ones. If it was t so expensive, I’d use it every day!
  4. My HG special foundation


    I use this foundation when I’ve got a special event or if I’m going out. It’s lightweight, makes your skin so beautiful and luminous. Honestly looks so beautiful on. I use it with the Giorgio Armani foundation brush and also a beauty blender.
  5. One of my favourites


    This foundation gave me a beautiful, luminous skin, especially that I have a combination skin with an oily t zone. Lasts for hours and leaves a satin finish. I tend to use a brush to apply and blend. Gives a light to medium coverage. Didn’t notice a scent. I use this mostly during winter season as my skin doesn’t get too oily.
  6. My holy grail foundation


    Still the best foundation I've used and, for the price, it's not that much more than a NARS or MAC foundation but I just find it so much better. It's natural-looking and it really sinks into your skin instead of just lying on top like face paint or clinging to dry spots. I hadn't bought in a while because of the price tag but now I remember why it's totally justifiable (for me).
  7. Flawless finish


    Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk is by far my favourite foundation. I bought my first bottle for a job interview and fell in love. The coverage is light to medium, luminous (duh) but not at all shiny. I would call it radiant. It evens out my skin tone without ever looking cakey or over the top. Day to day I wear a tinted moisturiser with SPF 50 but for special occasions, weddings, going out, job inter...
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  8. Absolutely the best out there


    There is no doubt this is the best foundation I've every tried, and it is worth every penny. There is no price you can put on gorgeous, smooth, silk like skin and this gives you that.
  9. Great colour match but . . .

    M D

    The packaging is lux and it comes in a frosted, heavy glass bottle.

    I have a medium olive skin tone and the shade 6 is perfect for me. But I feel like the pro ends there.

    The cons: I found that this flaked and looks cakey throughout the day no matter how much I moisturise, how long I wait for my base products to set before I put it on, and even if I try the correct prime...
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  10. Gorgeous foundy


    Love this foundation! Definitely a good option if you favour light-medium coverage. Before this I was using Nars sheer glow - I prefer luminous silk.
  11. Everything I want in a foundation


    This has been my go to foundation for many years now.

    I will occasionally use others I like or try new ones, but Armani Luminous Silk is the foundation that I ALWAYS have in my makeup collection. It has the perfect amount of coverage and glow for me, and it photographs lovely. It's a beautiful foundation and is always the one I will reach for before a night out or an event, and quite...
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  12. My new best friend


    Perfect for everyday and perfect for night's out !

    This foundation goes on so smooth and easily and doesn't dry too quickly so it gives you time to work with it and blend it out ! But when it dries, it leaves a glowy (not too glowy) finish to the skin, giving you a very smooth airbrush texture to your skin without being matte.

    Coverage is medium, but I found if you pop ...
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  13. Goodbye pores


    As I applied this foundation I assumed the cover would be quite light cover because it felt so light on my skin but it blended into my skin beautifully, covering my acne and making my large pores around my nose look non-existent. Possibly the nicest foundation I've tried in s long time. The only thing I dont like is the strong scent, but that's just personal preference.
  14. Best foundation


    This foundation is the go to, it's fine and light with medium coverage to wear all day long. I'm on my third bottle now.
  15. My Go To


    Despite the price tag, I quickly began replacing my old foundation with Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation. Unlike most, this foundation looks like a second skin. It has a smooth and dewy application (which can easily be minimised with some powder). It also holds up well throughout the day.
  16. The good reviews say it all.


    This is a brilliant foundation with a beautiful dewy finish and medium coverage that is long lasting and comfortable to wear all day. Total winner.
  17. #1 foundation


    This foundation is perfect in every way. Perfect colour, good coverage and feels beautiful on skin. I keep it for special occasions as it’s pricey.
  18. Perfecto!!


    I have been looking at soo many foundations lately. I have noticed a massive change in my skin (approaching 40) I trialed over 8 foundations... I finally caved and bought the most expensive one, but WOW, it is definitely worth it. Glides on smoothly, The colour match is perfect and just feels like second skin. Silky to touch. I wish I didn't wait so long to purchase. A beautiful satin finish
  19. Go-To for light-medium coverage day events!


    Finally purchased this product and definitely did not disappoint (bought shade 6.5 which matches my fake tan perfectly - very similar colour match to NARS Sheer Glow in Barcelona which I also adore for more so medium-full coverage) I think its gorgeous for day time events and it has hold up pretty well longevity wise which I am impressed by! I do suffer from some of that post-blemish pigmentation,...
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  20. Second Skin


    This is the god of all foundations. Literally like a second skin. Beautifully matte, yet dewy. Stays in place all day, doesn’t settle in fine lines. Blends amazingly with whatever products I put over it. Words cannot describe, I am blown away!
  21. Luminous look


    This gives me a smooth, even and luminous look. Recommend it
  22. Best Foundation for Olive Skin Tone


    This is truly the perfect foundation. It has a lovely finish that makes my skin glow, however it is not too dewy for my oily/combo skin. It has a medium coverage, that can be applied more sheer or built up. It doesn't look cakey and you can still see your skin. I have tried so many other foundations and I always come back to this one. The other thing I love is that shade 6 perfectly matches my med...
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  23. Great for light coverage


    I have normal to dry skin and this product lasts all day without much sign of wear - I was looking for a more luxury foundation and this is perfect for a natural finish. Did not find it to be cakey and spreads over face really easily.
  24. Natural finish


    I’ve been using tinted moisturizers recently and decided to try something a little more coverage. This has a surprisingly natural finish, one layer is perfect for me without feeling heavy. It’s a light liquid but can be built up and gets better over time. I’m fair but ran easily and 5 suits me perfectly can I can deepen it with bronzer if needed.
  25. So good


    I bought this because I had a voucher to use and I would never normally pay full price for this. At first I thought it looked a little powdery on me but I get that it’s a satin finish. But then the more I played around with it; I actually love it. It looks Glowy without looking shiny or wet on the skin.
  26. Definitely silky


    Have had a lot of friends recommend this foundation but was hesitant because of price but being a beauty therapist myself, I thought I best give it a go and I’m so glad I did. It sits like a second skin and give you an overall flawless coverage, once it warms into the skin, you have a healthy radiance with little to no effort. My new fav !!
  27. Everyday Look


    This foundation is really lightweight and sheer, great for the 'no makeup' look but also very buildable!
  28. Love!!


    Love love love this foundation. Gives a nice medium coverage but can be layered to a full coverage. Love the longevity too.
  29. Silky and natural looking


    I am so glad I spent the money on this foundation. Its so light (feels barely there) and looks so natural. Easy to apply to feels really silky and smooth. Its more of a LIGHT to MEDIUM coverage. Definitely not a FULL coverage foundation. I usually go over with a concealer or a little bit of the Estee Lauder Double wear on my red areas (Nose and Chin)
  30. Almost perfect


    This looks so amazing and elegant on the skin, about medium coverage with a nice natural finish. The only cons are that the shade range is kind of confusing, and this does get quite oily for me.
  31. Not for me


    I bought this online after seeing my friend wear it and she looked GLOWY. For me however it is very matte and makes me skin look dry. Won't be swapping form Nars sheer glow for this, especially at $100
  32. Not for me


    I bought this online after seeing my friend wear it and she looked GLOWY. For me however it is very matte and makes me skin look dry. Won't be swapping form Nars sheer glow for this, especially at $100
  33. Not for me


    I bought this online after seeing my friend wear it and she looked GLOWY. For me however it is very matte and makes me skin look dry. Won't be swapping form Nars sheer glow for this, especially at $100
  34. Not for me


    I bought this online after seeing my friend wear it and she looked GLOWY. For me however it is very matte and makes me skin look dry. Won't be swapping form Nars sheer glow for this, especially at $100
  35. very lightweight


    This foundation is divine, it doesn't look like your wearing anything at all. It is good for photos or for a really natural look! It doesn't offer much coverage though.
  36. Super smooth


    I love this foundation, it has great coverage and makes the skin look super smooth! I’m now on my second bottle.
  37. Silky and no makeup look


    One of my favourite foundations it’s so light and sheer looking. I still have to use a concealer with it because it is sheer/light.
  38. Light on the skin


    It's my everyday foundation! It feels light on the skin, has a dewy finish and is medium coverage!
  39. flawless

    ashley wild

    this foundation gives a flawless, glowy, natural base. it still shows my freckles but creates an even tone. I forget im wearing it! It is very expensive though and I alternate with another foundation because of it.
  40. Perfect colour


    In my opinion the colour of the foundation is what makes it so good. The shade 5.5 is perfect for my skin when I have a tan on. It has a very watery consistency which makes applying and blending very easy. The coverage is light-medium in my opinion, and the finish is 'natural', leaning slightly towards glowy.
  41. Holy grail foundation!


    Such an amazing non-comedogenic foundation which doesn't feel heavy on the skin and sinks into your skin. Buildable to full coverage or can be applied lightly for a sheer wash of colour. Only downside is the price-point, but the quality is amazing.
  42. Foundation was interesting


    I found it just didn't sit well on my skin. I tried with primer, without and in different combinations of brush or sponge but it just didn't turn out how I was expecting.

    It looks cracked and dry on my skin.
  43. Great coverage


    Great amount of coverage and leaves the skin looking and feeling glowy and supple.
  44. Occasion wear


    Although this foundation is extremely expensive, it does give you a luxurious finish. I would never use this everyday but definitely save it for special occasions where you need to photograph flawless!
  45. glowing


    makes my skin glow
    doesn't make me too oily
    nice light coverage
    that doesn't break me out
  46. Absolutely worth every penny - best foundation I've ever used!


    I spent over a month watching review after review of this product, but was worried about spending $100 on a foundation. I have very pale skin but it is warm toned, and I have found many foundations in the past leave me looking orange and don't get the yellow tone of my skin right. I eventually went and got a tester and tried it on my skin - and BOY was I blown away. This foundation looks like my s...
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  47. holy grail foundation


    I loved this foundation! It had a medium buildable coverage with a satin finish. It looked very natural and blended into my skin seamlessly. If I only wore this foundation with no other makeup, it would like like I'm not wearing any makeup at all. On my normal to dry skin, this foundation sets down well and does not need a setting powder over the top. My other favourite foundation is the Make-up F...
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  48. Perfect skin in a bottle!


    This is the foundation that ruined all other foundations for me! I simply won't use anything else anymore. I've been a die hard fan of Lancome foundation for years but this really blows it out of the water. My skin looks PERFECT. Literally. Blurred and smooth and glowing and SKIN LIKE! Definitely doesn't look like I'm wearing makeup. I like to apply it with a brush (medium coverage) but it works g...
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  49. Amazingly silky smooth


    I purchased luminous silk foundation a week ago, and must say I’m not disappointed. Although my skin is combination and normally stick to full coverage foundations, this foundation is amazing. So smooth and silky and 4.5 completely matches my skin tone. It feels like I’m no wearing foundation at all, but can layer it where I need it more.
  50. not worth the price


    This is very expensive, especially for how much product you get, I also found it to be a bit cakey looking
  51. Great Hydrating Foundation


    A great hydrating and buildable foundation. The only downside is I feel like it isn't as long wearing but I still love this foundation. Colour 6.5 is the perfect Olive undertone.
  52. Good natural coverage


    This was my first time using this foundation and it is amazing! Gives me face full coverage while also have a nice natural dew look. Would recommend!
  53. Effortless glow


    A little goes a long way with this foundation! it is very light and you hardly feel like you have anything on.
  54. A skins best friend


    This is a beautiful foundation. Easy to apply and easy to remove. Highly recommend to those who like their skin to look like skin!
  55. Best foundation


    I used to use Chanel Vita Lumiere Acqua, however wanted to change it up. This product was recommended to me and it does not disappoint!

    I have very dry skin and this does not show my dry patches, looks natural and has buildable coverage.

    I find this formula blurs and makes it look like you have a filter on!
  56. Lovely texture


    This foundation is a really nice texture and goes on well , unfortunately i purchased a shade too dark so I’ll probably buy a lighter one to mix in for the winter.
  57. Lovely texture


    This foundation is a really nice texture and goes on well , unfortunately i purchased a shade too dark so I’ll probably buy a lighter one to mix in for the winter.
  58. The Silkiest


    LOVE this foundation! I've been using it for a good few years now and find I just keep coming back to it. It still allows your skin to breathe and look like skin while providing a nice, clean coverage. I also feel as though it isn't bad for my skin in anyway as I have felt with other chemical filled foundations. A bit more on the pricey side but worth every cent!
  59. Best foundation


    This foundation is so silky smooth and beautiful on the skin!! Its got medium coverage that is buildable and an amazing light weight texture that makes you feel like you're wearing nothing.
  60. Over-rated


    I always hear so many good reviews about this foundation however, it did not work well on my skin type. I have normal to oily skin and am prone to breakouts, it did not cover my acne scars and the product completely faded by the end of the day. Definitely get a sample before buying as it is quite expensive.
  61. Silky like it’s name.........


    Love this top quality foundation!!! Provides a natural flawless cover. Unlike alot of other foundations it feels weightless on your skin.
  62. Silky smooth and weightless


    This foundation felt so weightless on my skin. Almost melts in and barely notice it. It’s is a sheer light coverage and can be built a little bit maybe to a medium coverage.
  63. Absolute favourtie!


    I have been using this for a year now, and It has become my favourite foundaiton I have used.
    Even though it leaves a glowy finish and I have normal-oily skin, I use a mattifying primer and it doesn't leave me oily through out the day.
    Definitely recommend it!
  64. Amazing Foundation


    If you don't like that heavy, full on coverage look and are used to cc/bb creams and tinted moisturisers - this is the foundation for you! I love to use this on days where I am going from day-to-night, or for events and nights out.
    It's got a beautiful natural, satin finish (not too glowy) but you can add extra glow depending on your occasion.
  65. Finally trying this beautiful foundation!


    I've wanted to try this for years and the recent offer with a $20 gift voucher seemed the perfect opportunity!

    The foundation is beautiful. It applies easily and has a fairly seamless coverage. Glad I finally took the plunge!
  66. Flawless finish


    This is awesome, gives such a glowy flawless finish to my skin. Expensive but worth it. The bottle is gorgous
  67. Nice but expensive


    I wanted to love this foundation but I like a much fuller coverage and this isn't what I'd call full coverage. It is quite a runny formula and doesn't have the staying power I'd like. If you are after a light coverage look than this is very nice. Not for anyone with blemishes or would like to cover up imperfections, the coverage is too light. Hefty price tag too
  68. my go to!!!

    Laura w

    This is a beautiful foundation, I love the packaging! The product feels amazing and there isnt an overwhelming smell to it at all. I have oily-normal skin and it doesn't break me out
  69. Still amazing


    For the past 10 years I have come and gone from this foundation. But in my eyes it’s still the top one for me. It’s gorgeous and natural. It gives a beautiful glow while making your skin look amazing
  70. One of the best


    Makes me feel so flawless covers all blemishes tried it only once but loved it
  71. BEST of the BEST


    A makeup artist friend recommended GA Luminous Silk foundation and I have never looked back. It glides on easily, matches my skin tone perfectly and always has a glowing, flawless finish. There’s nothing else like it!
  72. GOAT


    My most used foundation on clients! I love this one.. great for sheer-medium and can be built up to be quite a good coverage. I also mix it in with other foundations. Glowing and fresh finish which is super comfortable on the skin. My favourite shades are 3, 6 (for green based tan), 6.5 (for most other tans), 9 and 12!
  73. Perfect


    This foundation does not look cakey on my rough skin and it gives a nice luminous finish
  74. Best foundation


    This is one of the best foundations I've ever tried. Gives good medium coverage, very smooth and silky, doesn't flake or run, doesn't clog pores and is almost invisible on the skin making skin look very natural and fresh.
  75. holy grail


    This foundation is my holy grail. It is the best, most silkiest foundation that has gorgeous colour and gives amazing coverage.
  76. WOW


    I have tried and bought many high end foundations, but this one is my favourite, The colour match is perfect and applies so beautiful. I recommend this foundation before trying any other. Expensive but soo worth the price
  77. Wish I never discovered this because I love it but its so expensive


    It really is the silk on the skin. So lightweight and a little goes a very long way. It lasts a very long time and it feels like I am wearing nothing the entire time I am wearing it. But it is so pricey that it makes me sad... Like I definitely will repurchase it but it's just an expensive addiction.
  78. Love!


    Beautiful foundation, I have oily-normal skin and does not break me out. No over whelming fragrance.
  79. Love!


    Beautiful foundation, I have oily-normal skin and does not break me out. No over whelming fragrance.
  80. Great


    This is my go to product for a night out and it gives a luminous and beautiful finish on my acne prone skin
  81. Luminous silk


    The best foundation I’ve ever tried. It’s the one foundation I always go back to and leaves a very natural, non cakey finish. Luminous silk isn’t a full coverage foundation, I’d say it’s medium coverage but leaves a beautiful slightly dewy finish. Definitely will repurchase
  82. Holy grail


    Great sheer coverage, does not look cakey. Looks like skin rather than makeup however the coverage is not high, would still need to use a fair amount of concealer to cover a pimple.
    If you like NARS sheer glow than this foundation is perfect for you
  83. Best Foundation


    This foundation glides on. With a good primer and highlighter you will be looking flawless AF
  84. Wow


    Tried it at Sephora and wow its amazing. It lasted me all day and I just felt flawless.
  85. Worth your Pennies

    Alice Feez

    This product initially wasn't my love, I found it different from other foundations to work with. But the end result is just divine. My skin has never looked so good. I'm all about the my skin but better look. And it just does that superbly.
  86. Just amazing!


    I really like that I can also build it up for evening or special occasion when I need just a little bit more! This is my favourite foundation of all time, it gives a really natural, fresh look.
  87. A staple!


    This foundation is such a staple for me. I know I can rely on it to look beautiful in any condition. It is the perfect special occasion base and photographs flawlessly.
  88. Everyone needs this


    Such a great long time favourite of mine. Perfect coverage every time perfect glow perfect shade. Always makes my skin look amazing
  89. Silk Foundation


    I use this on a daily basis and find it amazing. My favourite foundation and great for my skin.
  90. Best foundation


    This is the best foundation I’ve owned. Photographs well, feels great on my skin and looks great. Definitely try a tester in store first to find your shade.
  91. Silky foundation


    Such a silky foundation, cant say id use this over estee lauder and mac foundation though
  92. Perfection!

    Trish S

    I have both this foundation and the power fabric and they are honestly amazing!

    This is perfectly for a more sheer, dewy look. Looks gorgeous ok the weekend or for a special natural date night look. Feels great on and applies easily. Wears well with my combination skin.
  93. Perfection!

    Trish S

    I have both this foundation and the power fabric and they are honestly amazing!

    This is perfectly for a more sheer, dewy look. Looks gorgeous on the weekend or for a special natural date night look. Feels great on and applies easily. Wears well with my combination skin.
  94. Worth its money in gold


    I bought this foundation on a whim as another I was using was discontinued. I have acne prone oily skin and honestly cannot recommend this product enough. It did not break me out once, does not oxidise and just sits so flawlessly on your face! Well worth its price tag.
  95. Not worth it


    This foundation is great however it is very light coverage and you need to use a lot of the product every time you apply makeup, while the formula is nice it is definitely not worth the price especially if you intend to apply It everyday, it will run out very quickly.
  96. lives up to the hype!


    Lovely foundation! Perfect combination of flawless coverage but not too thick/ fake. Sorta glows and skin feels soft. Get colour matched in store first though :)
  97. Best I've used


    I found that mixing 7.5 with 6.5 is a perfect blend for me. The application is best with a damp sponge, as it's a buildable formula. I found that the higher the pigment in this foundation, the thicker it is,, or maybe it's me? Also, using a primer isn't necessary. I found the best way to showcase this high end beauty is to apply to a very moisturised face. It doesn't make you greasy. It works with...
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  98. Nice foundation


    Great foundation, I have combination skin this foundation actually last almost whole day, I love the medium coverage as well, it's not too thick and just leave my face luxury feeling
  99. Not sure...


    This foundation has so much hype, but unfortunately I didn't get to experience it for myself.

    It applies nicely and looks skin-like. It is easy to build up to a full coverage if desired.

    For me the initial application was nice but I found that it would crack, breakup and cake in certain areas.

    I feel like this foundation would be most suitable for normal to d...
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