How Long Will My Straight Hair Last After Using a Straightener?

Wouldn't it be great if you could straighten your hair once and get permanently lovely locks? Straightening your hair every day can be annoying, but where's the fun in a hairstyle that never changes?

If you're worried that frequently straightening your hair will damage it, take heart. You might not need to straighten as often as you expect, particularly if you invest in a great straightener and a few must-have products.

How Long Will My Hair Stay Straight? Factors Affecting Your Style

Excessive use of any heated styler can dry out your hair, producing split ends and lots of frizz. So as with other electricals, you should use your straightener only as often as necessary.

Your hair won't stay straight after washing it, of course, but your hair can remain straight for a day or two. With the right straightener, most hair aficionados find that their style can remain intact (with a touch-up or two) in between shampoos.

A handful of factors affect the life of your style. Those include:

  • The weather: Rain and humidity saturate your hair shafts, producing frizz and shortening the life of your style. You may find that your straightening needs change seasonally or when you travel.

  • Your hair texture:  Fine hair stays straight longer, but coarse hair is more vulnerable to frizz. Very curly hair may need more touch-ups, but hair with just a bit of wave will hold a straight finish longer.

  • The quality of your straightener: High-quality straighteners produce longer-lasting styles and are less likely to damage your hair.

  • Lifestyle: The way you sleep can alter your style, producing bumps and waves. You also might find that your hair gets wavy more quickly if you frequently exercise or sweat.

Why You Need a Quality Straightener

A quality straightener uses better materials, such as ceramic or tourmaline, to produce even heat. Higher-value straighteners heat up more evenly and may allow you to adjust heat settings. The ghd gold professional hair styler uses dual-zone technology to control the heat from root to tip. You may also want to check out the CLOUD NINE Original Iron.

The right temperature delivered evenly across your hair reduces frizz by ensuring that each and every strand is fully straightened. Cheaper irons sometimes are only able to straighten the top layer of hair, producing a straight appearance that disappears as your hair moves. With a quality iron, you'll also be able to safely perform touch-ups a day or two later, since your straightener will produce less breakage.

The update to the best-selling original styler, the gold professional features improved heat-up time and dual zone technology to ensure hair is evenly heated.

Utilising state of the art temperature control technology, this revolutionary styler creates effortless looks in an instant- without the fried locks you’ve come to expect from other styling irons.

Increasing the Life of Your Hair Style

Health hair holds every style longer, so invest in a good conditioner and don't overuse heated styling devices. A quality hair treatment, such as Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Overnight Serum counteracts the drying effects of straighteners by reducing frizz and breakage and keeping your hair sleek and straight longer.

An intensive hair treatment such as Kérastase Serum Thérapiste Dual Treatment keeps frizz and dryness in check, maximising shine and reducing your need for daily straightening sessions. The right hair serum can also help. Sachajuan Straight and Shine Spray keeps your hair straighter longer whilst protecting against scorching heat.