Our Favourite Blow Dry Brushes for a Perfect Blow Wave

Ever wondered which hair brush is best for blow-drying? You’ve certainly come to the right place to find out.

The hair brush category may seem daunting: there are many products of varying shapes and sizes, but they’re not created equal.

In fact, there’s at least one hairbrush designed for every single hair length and hair goal in mind, whether you prefer blow-drying your hair poker-straight or big and bouncy.

Here are the best blow-dry brushes we’ve come across.

The best blow dry brushes if you have short hair

It’s easier than ever to create natural-looking volume in short hair with a brush like this one from Denman. We can’t get enough of its 25 mm barrel, which is fitting to use on cropped hair, and its hourglass design, which fits nicely around the scalp. On top of that, this Ceramic round hair brush for blow-drying has superior heat-retention properties. Simply wrap a section of hair around the tool to dry it. Then hold the brush in place for another 10 seconds, while hair cools, to boost texture even further.

The best hair brush for blow drying fine hair
The best hair brush for blow drying fine hair

Mason Pearson is the OG when it comes to trusted hairbrush brands. Mason Pearsons are built to last a lifetime, even when used with a hairdryer. This particular brush model gets several ticks of approval: The small size is easy to handle (especially if you’re looking to blow-dry short hair straight), the flexible little bristles won’t pull your hair out, and the rubber cushion is extra-gentle (even on sensitive scalps).

Those with medium-length hair, these are the best blow-dry brushes for you

Look no further if you’re seeking a round hair brush for blow-drying—especially if you have medium-length hair. A round brush with a mid-sized barrel is what you need for added volume or texture. This one from MOROCCANOIL fits the bill perfectly with its 35 mm diameter barrel. Because the brush is made with Ceramic, it can heat up and cool down easily, setting your hairstyle faster. The built-in Ionic technology also deserves a mention. Ions can actually repel water and help it evaporate faster, which improves drying time. Plus, ions seal your hair shafts, eliminating frizz and making your hair look smoother.

Boar bristles. A 22 mm diameter barrel. A cute little sectioning knob on the end of the handle (total genius if you ask us). What’s not to love? This round brush from evo is a great option if you’re looking for the best round brush to blow dry hair without frizz. The natural boar bristles help to stimulate the scalp, reduce frizz and add shine. We’re calling it now: it’s one of the best hair brushes for blow-drying medium-length hair.

Farewell, knots! This tool from Christophe Robin effectively banishes matted hair and is one of the best flat brushes for blow drying we’ve seen. It’s perfect to use when blow drying your hair straight. Not only are the boar bristles sustainably sourced. They’re also incredibly similar to the structure of human hair and gentle enough to use daily. Brushing your hair with the Detangling Hair Brush also distributes natural oils from your scalp through your hair lengths to the ends, improving shine and softness in the process.

If you have long hair, these are the best blow dry brushes for you

Blow dry long hair with a round brush
Blow dry long hair with a round brush

Meet one of the best hair brushes for blow-drying long hair: the Medium size Eleven Round Brush. Despite its size label, this is an excellent large round brush for blow-drying with. There are so many reasons why we can’t get enough of this round hair brush! First, the 33 mm diameter barrel is the perfect size for making bouncy curls in long hair. Second, it’s made with a mix of boar and nylon bristles that grip the hair without damaging it (say bye-bye to breakage!). Third, the Magnesium barrel allows for even heat distribution. Lastly, the anti-static coating minimises ‘bzz’ and frizz.

Sometimes bigger *is* better! This brush from ghd is one of the best hair brushes for blow-drying. Featuring natural bristles on a jumbo 55 mm diameter barrel, this large round brush is just the thing for creating bouncy, voluminous waves. We’re big fans of the non-slip handle too, which makes it easier to wield the brush on long and extra-long hair.

Don’t underestimate this brush from Janeke, which features sparse nylon bristles and large air vents. It’s actually a top tool to quickly and effectively dry your hair as well as increase shine and detangle your hair without snapping it. We’re big fans of the versatility of this brush too. Besides using it with a hairdryer to style your hair, you can also use it to comb through a nourishing treatment or mask for increased manageability.

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This guide was updated last Feb 26, 2021.

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