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Fortune favours the bold, is the thing, and you’ve decided to colour your hair at home. We salute you. With a few caveats - leave going blonde to the professionals, for example, and forget about really radical colour changes - permanently dyeing your hair at home can be an absolutely genius move. We’ve done our best to make it easier, too. Rich, lush hues are so close. And greys? Sorry, we don’t know them.


Read more (and in fact, watch more) about at-home permanent hair colour over at BeautyIQ.


How do I dye my hair at home?


First up: you’ll want to do a strand test. Particularly if you’ve already got some colour in your hair, permanent home hair dye can behave in some slightly unexpected ways.


With that out of the way, you’ll want to wear old clothes, use the gloves provided, and make sure you get enough dye into your hair. You may end up needing two boxes of colour, if your hair is long or thick.


How long do I leave permanent hair dye in?


This is a case-by-case basis one. Different formulations will have different advice, so refer to your packet of permanent dye. It may also advise you to do your roots first, before pulling the dye through the lengths and ends of your hair in the last few minutes, if you’ve coloured your hair within the last little while.


As a general rule, you’re looking at around 30 minutes of processing for permanent hair dyes, but again: check your packet. 


How often can I dye my hair with permanent colour?


It’s best to leave at least a month between applications of permanent hair dye. You don’t want to stress your hair out. Be sure to follow any packet instructions about how to dye your hair when you’ve coloured it recently.

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