How To Use Our Best Hair Styling Products - Your Questions Answered

Our haircare experts answer your most common questions about hair styling products and tools. 


Q. GHD vs Cloud Nine?


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A.  We receive a lot of great feedback for both brands, and as both were originally designed by the same man that's not surprising at all :-)


Having said that, the majority recently do tend to sway towards Cloud Nine, and they're said to cause less snagging and damage to your hair as you can amend the temperature settings. We do have some great colour options and prices for GHD at the moment though, so it really is your choice!



Q. What texturising product works best for fine hair?



A. Have you tried O&M Sea Salt Spray? It's one of the most popular texturising sprays around, and works great for fine hair.



Q. How can I enhance my curls and minimize frizz?

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A. For holding curls and reducing frizz I would recommend the Kérastase Discipline Oleo-Curl Creme. It is a leave-in defining crème that creates relaxed, voluptuous curls. Apply on bathed and damp hair and spread downwards on the lengths, using your fingers to loosen the curls.


 An alternative option I would also recommend is the KEVIN.MURPHY Killer.Curls. It is a leave-in crème for medium to coarse, curly or wavy hair. Designed to give you perfect, frizz-free curls with natural feel and motion, this smoothing leave-in crème perfects your hair. Best applied to towel-dried or damp hair, then scrunched to activate your curls.

Q. What can I use to set my hair besides hairspray?

A. I recommend that you use a setting lotion. Kusco-Murphy Setting Lotion is a protective, volumizing, non-aerosol alternative to mousse and hairspray which adds shine, body and hold; protects against the damaging effects of heat styling.


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