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Hermetica is a collection of molecular fragrances, inspired by the ancient practices of alchemy and the works of Hermes Trismegistus. Both mystical and philosophical, alchemy sought to transform the most basic metals into precious materials and discover the elixir of life.

Applying these principles to modern day perfumery, Hermetica believes that finding your perfect fragrance match relies on the unique chemical connection between each scent and your skin. Hermetica founders John and Clara Molloy set out to create a revolutionary collection of fragrances, with an industry-first patented technology that blends both natural ingredients and synthetic molecules, unlocking the true potential of each scent.


What sets Hermetica apart?

  • Formulated without alcohol
    Hermetica’s alcohol-free fragrances not only feel comfortable and moisturising on skin but have excellent longevity and strength.

  • Hybrid fragrances
    Hermetica fragrances are crafted using a blend of both natural ingredients and synthetic molecules, with every ingredient evaluated and chosen to minimise environmental impact.

  • Sustainability
    Hermetica carries a focus on sustainability in every element, while maintaining a luxurious look and feel. Each fragrance is presented in an emerald green lacquered bottle, made from recycled glass and sand sourced locally to the French manufacturer. 

Which Hermetica fragrance is right for me?

The Hermetica fragrance collection is made up of 13 scents, divided into four families and Source1, a citrusy oriental blend that is used as a base throughout the collection.

  • If you like floral scents:
    Try a fragrance from the Drywaters collection - Rosefire, Megaflower or Multilotus
  • If you prefer something green:
    Try Greenlion, Jade888 or Spiceair - all part of the Emerald Stairways collection. 
  • If you love woody fragrances:
    Choose from Sandalsun, Cedarise and Patchoulight, all part of The Door collection of woody scents. 
  • For those who love oriental scents:
    Choose from any of the Vertical Ambers - Amberbee, Vaninight or Verticaloud. And if you can’t decide - try the Hermetica Discovery Kit, with a sample vial of every fragrance in the collection. 

Hermetica full-size fragrances are all eligible for the Scent Room Promise, with each fragrance coming with a matching sample vial so you can try before you fully commit. Terms and conditions apply, read more about The Scent Room Promise here.

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Recent reviews on Hermetica products

HERMETICA Source1 EDP 50ml
HERMETICA Source1 EDP 50ml

Different dry down

For me this fragrance was quite interesting since I find the top notes and dry down so so different from one another. The scent opens with very fruit and fresh notes, something similar to bergamot but then after an hour of wear the citrus notes are completely replaced with a very musky powdery note and it almost feels like a completely different fragrance. I find the dry down to be very similar to...
HERMETICA Rosefire EDP 50ml
HERMETICA Rosefire EDP 50ml

Lychee in a bottle

I'm usually very skeptical about rose scents since I tend to find a many of them quite strong and overpowering. However, this is the first rose scent that I feel will become something I wear on the daily. The scent of this fragrance is so lovely, a subtle rose laced with lychee which gives it a fresh tartness similar to a raspberry note. Although this is a fruity floral scent, it isn't at all sick...
HERMETICA Sandalsun EDP 50ml
HERMETICA Sandalsun EDP 50ml

Not my cup of tea

The notes of this perfume is perfectly gourmand which sounded right up my alley so I decided to make the purchase. However this to me had a slightly savory aspect to it which does make it a very interesting scent but it just isn't my cup of tea.

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