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Hunter Lab Lip Ammo 15ml 15ml

4.4 of 53 reviews


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All natural. Always hydrated. Hunter Lab Lip Ammo is a smart superfood blend of botanical ingredients that balances hydration with a natural finish. Designed to be used as both a lip treatment and a daily lip balm, Lip Ammo keeps your lips in tip top condition every day.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Australian Made
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Sulphate Free

What customers say

GREAT - 84% recommend

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Hunter Lab Lip Ammo 15ml Reviews

4.4 of 53 reviews

84% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



BEST LIP BALM EVER!!! Don't leave the house without it. Worth every cent. Will never buy another brand again

Most Helpful Criticism

Average lip balm


I bought this lip balm for my partner who was on the hunt for a nourishing lip balm that wasn't bright pink or bright red. The packaging and branding is lovely, as is the scent. However, it doesn't moisturise the lips very well and it doesn't stay for long. We wouldn't re-purchase.


    BEST LIP BALM EVER!!! Don't leave the house without it. Worth every cent. Will never buy another brand again
  2. This lip balm isn't for me


    Unfortunately this lip balm just isn't for me. I have really dry lips and it seemed to make the worse and not better. And I'm not a fan of minty lip flavours.
  3. Seriously Divine


    Love Love this balm even though it's very pricey. I use it on my son's chapped lips and the next day, his lips are as smooth as baby's bum. I only use very little and in emergency, I can also use it on my cuticles.
  4. One of the best


    This is a seriously good lip balm! Super hydrating and nourishing. It has a minty/tingling effect on the lips. The only issue I had with it is that the product gets grainy when it gets cold, but once you work it into the lips it melts and blends really nicely - might be due to the natural ingredients separating.
  5. A good product


    I gave this to my girlfriend she seemed to like it. Smells great too.
  6. Fantastic


    I was really surprised with this lip balm it’s easy to apply and comes out of the tube gritty almost like a exfoliating effect. The lumps smooth out completely once you rub your lips together and it has a mild minty feeling on the lips. The balm is thin and has to be re-applied although this doesn’t bother me l apply it before bed. It is good value and the price point is great l will definitely bu...
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  7. Delicious


    verified purchaser
    I love love love this. I have about 3 on the go. It’s super nourishing on the lips and smells delicious. If you’re like me and sometimes have trouble with lip balms leaving a weird film on your lips and feeling dryer than before, try this. It soaks in well and leaves my lips super soft
  8. Nourishing


    Received this for free and it is very nourishing on the lips. Leaves them feeling very hydrated and soft
  9. Average lip balm


    verified purchaser
    I bought this lip balm for my partner who was on the hunt for a nourishing lip balm that wasn't bright pink or bright red. The packaging and branding is lovely, as is the scent. However, it doesn't moisturise the lips very well and it doesn't stay for long. We wouldn't re-purchase.
  10. Great lip balm


    This is the best lip balm I’ve found in awhile - lovely scent and feels really nourishing - I apply religiously before bed. Also love the fact that it doesn’t contain petrolatum, unlike so many products. Only downside for me was the texture, which was a little gritty.
  11. Smells great, but doesn't hydrate very well


    While this one smells great it doesn't really hydrate my lips very well. Don't think I'd purchase it again.
  12. Great lip


    A good lip balm, very hydrating and nourishing my lip in harsh weather
  13. Nice and nourishing


    This lip balm is so nice and nourishing on the lips. It has a great scent and adds much needed moisture to the lips.
  14. A must have


    it has become a necessary item in my bag. i have very dry lips during the winter and it helped me a lot by hydrated them nicely.
  15. Works well


    Got it from promotion, I really like it at first and then winter came, it doesn't fix winter lips,but like the fresh feeling
  16. The absolute best


    I’ve been using this lip after receiving it as a free gift on one of my orders. It is the ONLY lip balm I ever use!!! I use it twice a day and my lips never ever go dry. The scent is so lovely and leaves my lips looking plump and hydrated all day. Highly recommend especially to those like me with dry skin.
  17. good lip balm


    good lip balm, however nothing special. I love the natural ingredients but I feel it isn't as long lasting as others that I have tried
  18. Would buy again


    I received this as a gift with purchase and I love it. It's nice and smooth on my lips and the peppermint scent is really refreshing. It has stayed in my purse for the whole winter and I would definitely buy it again.
  19. love it

    perfecting skin

    it has become a necessary item in my bag. i have very dry lips during the winter and it helped me a lot by hydrated them nicely.
  20. Excellent But Not For Me.


    This is a potentially excellent lip balm as the moisturising effect is good and the feel excellent unless you have a reaction to any of the ingredients. Unfortunately I react to peppermint on my lips and that means it is unsuitable for me.

    I have rated the stars highly because the issue is with me and my allergic reaction, not the product, which I feel would be excellent if you could ...
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  21. Good


    Decent lip balm. Keeps my lips super hydrated and has a nice light fragrance
  22. Nourishing lip balm


    I received this as a free gift with purchase and am highly impressed with it. Unlike some balms that feel like an oil slick sitting on top of your lips, this lip balm feels nourishing and luxurious. I have noticed an improvement in the texture of my lips, they feel smoother and more supple. Its been a lip saver during winter especially since I've been doing a lot of travel for work. I love putting...
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  23. Fantastic!


    I’ve never been a fan of lip balms, could never stick with them, but this one is wonderful. I love it.
    It tastes like one of those peppermint wafer sticks, probably due to the mint & vanilla flavour combo.
    I actually notice a difference after using it, as opposed to the regular drug store balms that leave my lips sticky and tacky for a couple hours then are gone.
    Received as a sa...
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  24. Great hydration


    This lip balm has been great, especially as the weather cools and lips get dryer. Would purchase agsin.
  25. Nice lip balm in purse


    Received this as a gift with purchase - nice moisturising, simple lip balm
  26. Boyfriend LOVES it


    I was a little underwhelmed with this- it seemed to absorb straight into my lips leaving my lips feeling a little dry. I am usually not a fan of flavoured or fragranced lip products, but peppermint smell and gentle cooling effect is nice. My boyfriend on the other hand absolutely loves this. He never uses any kind of lip products (despite my encouragement!) but he is always reaching for this now, ...
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  27. It’s ok


    Was a bit underwhelmed with this product unfortunately, it didn’t make much of a difference to my lips. Not very long lasting either
  28. Nice texture and smell


    This lip balm feels and smells really nice, but it's not as moisturising as others - I find I need to reapply it more often than I'd like.
  29. Nice and minty


    I love minty lip balms, they feel so nice! This is a really nice lip balm, it is not sticky and applies nicely.
  30. Incredible


    I LOVE THIS! The smell and texture is perfect & not overpowering or uncomfortable. And it actually does really moisturise your lips.. I find myself reaching for it over my usual holy grail lip balm.. just wish it was cheaper :(
  31. Soothing balm


    Received as gift with purchase. Glides on smoothly and has a nice texture. Has a refreshing minty vanilla flavour and cooling sensation when applied. Planning to buy this product when sample runs out!
  32. nice and moisturing but not sticky


    I've been using this as an overnight treatment (I wear a retainer at night and have been getting drier lips in this cold weather). smells nice, not greasy, a little goes a long way
  33. Minty


    Love the minty smell and tingle and it does the trick in keeping your lips soft and smooth. Reminds me of the Jack Black intense therapy Lip Balm but with a thicker texture
  34. LOVE!


    I got this lip balm as a Gift With Purchase & I knew I was going to love it! I have chronic dry lips and always need lip balm. Not many are actually capable of preventing burning and chapping and so I normally stick to specific brands. This lovely lip balm is going into the group of brands I’ll stick to. It’s pepperminty but not overpowering. It’s thick but not sticky. The tube is sleek and totall...
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  35. Surpassed expectations


    Received as a gift and didn't have high expectations. I am a lip gloss and balm junkie and this product is just beautiful. Soothing, comfortable and non sticky. Have actually been carrying this around with me when I can't be bothered with fenty gloss bomb or lancome juicy tubes and to me they are the ultimate. I wish this could be made with spf - it would be perfect. Works well under lipstick as w...
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  36. Really good but is it worth the price?


    I got this as a freebie with one of my orders and I am really loving how hydrating yet ‘not too greasy’ it is. I love the minty sensation when I put it on. I put it on every night and wake up to really hydrated lips. Now I am thinking, that’s all great but $24 for a lip balm? I don’t know if it’s worth that much. A nice lip balm by Burt’s bees or Vaseline will cost you $10 at best so not sure if I...
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  37. Replaced all my lip balms!


    I received this lip balm just recently but immediately fell in love! It's wonderfully comforting, moisturising and calming. My lips get very dry and painful but this product helped soothe them and make them healthy again. It's officially replaced all my other lip balms!
  38. Lovely on the lips!


    I received the Hunter Lab Lip Ammo as a gift with purchase a couple of weeks ago. I was in the market for a new lip balm and this product did not disappoint! I love the tube and that you don't have to get your fingers dirty. The balm is conditioning and smells divine. It has also really improved my dry, chapped lips. Will definitely purchase in the future.
  39. Good but not the best on the market


    This lip balm does do the job, it’s quite a thick consistency and gives a tingly feeling when first applied. As someone that religiously uses the Nuxe lip balm I find that in comparison this product doesn’t last as long and has to be applied quite often!
  40. Surprised!


    It actually has a beautiful glossy shine without stickiness! Love this. Gentle, fresh uplifting scent but not too strong, smooth and easy to apply from tube.
  41. Love it


    This lip balm is an absolute dream to use. It has a slight tingly feeling on the lips with beautiful light peppermint and vanilla scent.
  42. the best


    i got it as gift with purchase and it is so soothing on the lips and has a bit of minty and vanilla flavour that i loved on my lips. i have dry lips and only applying it for once soothed them.
  43. Love!


    This Lip Treatment And Balm is AMAZING!!! Such a fabulous product for the up coming cold winter! And smells so lovely! A little bit goes a long way too! :)
  44. Quite nice


    Recieved as a gift with purchase. Packaging is cute. Product is nice to put on, it does have quite a cooling minty affect to it. I’m not usually a fan of this but you do get used to it fast. I found it doesn’t really sink into the lips, and hasn’t helped with moisture. Leaves a nice shine though and it’s subtle enough for day time use
  45. Not a huge fan


    I received this product free in one of my orders. It does the job and make my lips feel nice and soft, but it tingles my lips and I find it very sticky. I love the gloss finish but I really don’t think the price point of $24 would ever be worth it.
  46. Wonderful!


    Amazing! I love the flavour and it moisturises my lips so much! Definitely worth the price!
  47. Very Nice!


    I have tried so many lip balms and this is definitely a winner.
    It hydrated without being greasy.
    It smells like cocoa to me!
  48. Tastes so good and has a minty tingle!


    The peppermint and vanilla scent is so satisfying and it drenches my lips with moisture and a lovely glow. It does tingle (in a good way) on application and my lips are nice and soft afterwards. A great Aussie brand!
  49. Drink for my lips!

    Danii (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This is a big drink for my lips with just the right consistency and sheen. It leaves a low level gloss so perfect for everyday and especially good as a night time lip treatment before bed. Extra points for the zingy minty flavour!
  50. Hydrating


    Received this as a free sample with my recent AB order. Pleasant smell, have to say I didn't notice results within the first 20 minutes of application. Suddenly I touched my lips and they felt super soft and supple. Not sticky to the touch at all. Will definitely purchase when mine runs out.
  51. YES


    Just got this and I’m already in love! I love the scent and it keeps my lips super hydrated. Really good and doesn’t feel sticky or anything!
  52. My current #1

    Yasamin (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I have a zillion lip balms but this is my current #1. It's hydrating but not sticky and i'm all about the glossy finish.
  53. Big Fan!!!

    Elena (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I'm a big of Hunter Lab Products and Lip Ammo is no exception. It's perfect for everyday and has a permanent spot on my desk.
  54. Great scent

    Tamara (Adore Beauty Staff)

    I love the peppermint and vanilla scent! It's so yummy that I want to keep putting it on all day.
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