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Play with colour. Play with light, play with texture. INC.redible by NAILS.INC comes through with the hottest shades and makeup products that both fun and super effective. Not just a pretty face, INC.redible products are full of nourishing, natural ingredients. Even better, INC.credible is totally cruelty free, to help keep our fluffy friends safe.

Not settling just for innovation, INC.redible is here to start trends. Not content to just play it safe, Nails Inc’s founder Thea Green wanted to create makeup products that makes it possible to challenge your comfort zone, with shades and textures that will delight you in how easily you can pull them off. With an inclusive perspective, INC.redible makeup is made for all skin tones and skin shades. No more longing scrolls through your social media; it’s easy to find a beautiful shade that will suit you.

Want something that will speak volumes? Looking for a wearable, everyday look? Don’t settle for anything less than INC.redible.

What are the products that everyone is talking about from INC.redible?

  • Get your hands on something that keeps selling out. INC.redible were making glass skin effects possible way before it even had a name.
    INC.redible You Glow Girl Iridescent Jelly Highlighter is a melting gel texture highlighter for all over the face. This gorgeous highlighter can be built up from a ‘woke up like this’ healthy sheen, to a glamorous editorial look.
  • Tired of glosses that move around, or even worse, that don’t even hydrate? INC.redible Glazin’ Over Long Lasting Intense Colour Gloss offers full coverage that goes on evenly and easily. Ultra-comfy throughout the day, and so hydrating you wont need a balm, this is a gloss that will change your mind about lip gloss.
  • Lip balm doesn’t have to be boring. With a unique flower detail and shaped like a lipstick, INC.redible Jelly Shot Superfood Lip Quenchers are enriched with Rice Bran Oil and Avocado Oil, which naturally protect and hydrate the lips.

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INC.redible Illuminating & Highlighting Cream - Rose Gold Whooooop!INC.redible Illuminating & Highlighting Cream - Rose Gold Whooooop!
INC.redible Illuminating & Highlighting Cream - Rose Gold Whooooop!

Gorgeous colour

Decent product, fell in love with the rose gold colour
INC.redible Jelly Shot Superfood Lip QuencherINC.redible Jelly Shot Superfood Lip Quencher
INC.redible Jelly Shot Superfood Lip Quencher

Super pretty

I remember there was a time when these flower embedded lipsticks were the hype but due to the price I decided to skip out on it. After seeing that INC.redible had it at such an affordable price I thought why not give it a try. The lipstick is transparent green in colour and I was pleasantly surprised (and relieved) that it went on as a pretty pink similar to those Korean tints that react to the pH of the skin.
INC.redible Matte My Day Liquid LipstickINC.redible Matte My Day Liquid Lipstick
INC.redible Matte My Day Liquid Lipstick

Amazing matte lipstick!

This is my first time using a matte lipstick because I suffer dry lips but this is great!! It has vitamin E as it claims and very light on lips. Cannot recommend it enough!! Get it gurls. Loved to get the metallic version.