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Inika Long Lash Vegan Mascara

3.9 of 43 reviews


4 instalments of $12.25

Or 4 instalments of $12.25 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $12.25

Or 4 instalments of $12.25 with LEARN MORE

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Awarded best natural mascara by GLAMOUR Magazine. Long Lash Vegan Mineral Mascara uses 100% plant derived and natural ingredients to boost length, volume and lash span.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

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GOOD - 65% recommend

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Inika Long Lash Vegan Mascara Reviews

3.9 of 43 reviews

65% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Most smudge proof natural mascara


This is a great mascars for someone whos looking for a natural alternative. It has great texture, glides on easily on your lashes. Probably not recommended for a warm humid day. I guess its not sticky enoigh so doesnt last all day like its chemical but it's more natural for you.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not smudge proof for me


Great look at first, but sadly this gives me smudges. Mirenesse is still my go to.
  1. Most smudge proof natural mascara


    This is a great mascars for someone whos looking for a natural alternative. It has great texture, glides on easily on your lashes. Probably not recommended for a warm humid day. I guess its not sticky enoigh so doesnt last all day like its chemical but it's more natural for you.
  2. Not smudge proof for me


    Great look at first, but sadly this gives me smudges. Mirenesse is still my go to.
  3. Disappointing


    Why this is called long lash is beyond me. This mascara does very little for my eyelashes, and don't make them nearly as long as other cheaper pharmacy brands. Only pro is that it doesn't clump, and that it is natural.
  4. Lovely natural mascara


    This mascara is perfect for every day and can be built up when I'm going for a more intense look. It comes off easily and feels so gentle on my sensitive eyes.
  5. Great mascara!


    verified purchaser
    I love that this is a cruelty free mascara which goes on really nicely and is easy to remove .
  6. Hands down best mascara


    This is hands down my favourite mascara out of so many highend brands (Lancome, Bobbi Brown, benefit ect) this makes my lashes look long, fuller, not clumpy and separates really well. I love it. My lashes look false almost
  7. go-to mascara


    verified purchaser
    A great go-to mascara. Other eye products usually irritate my eyes but not this one. A good dark colour, goes on nicely with no clumps. Also easy to remove.
  8. Love


    Great natural mascara. Doesnt give you panda eyes and makes the lashes look dark and full
  9. Natural mascara


    A nice natural, vegan mascara, prefer to use something containing natural ingredients for my eye area.
  10. Beautiful mascara


    verified purchaser
    Best natural mascara I’ve come across. Lasts all day and makes my eyelashes look extra long!
  11. Expensive but worth it


    I got a sample of this from a magazine, and it’s really lovely. Does the job well and makes my lashes look really fluffy, also there’s none of that strong mascara smell that some of them have. I love that it’s vegan too, would definitely be second on my list of best mascaras (Better Than Sex will always be number 1).
  12. Gives such long lashes


    This mascara makes my lashes look crazy insane long. I am in love with it
  13. Great mascara but messy


    The mascara is a great, light but effective formula. But the bottle itself has a black coating on it which started to flake off after a few uses. Now, every time I use it I end up with little flakes of black coating all over my hands and even on my face. If it weren’t for this the mascara would be perfect.
  14. My all time fave mascara


    I love this mascara. It doesn’t irritate my eyes, it stays put all day long (unless I rub my eyes or cry- it’s definitely not waterproof) and I love that it’s all natural being so close to my eyes. It’s not super thick but I pop on a few layers and it really makes my eyes pop!!
  15. Pleasantly Surprised

    Kirsten M

    I received this product as a gift, and having struggled with mascara (I have very short, fair and straight) lashes for so long my expectations weren't high.
    I have been very pleasantly surprised.
    It doesn't make my lashes super curly or ridiculously long BUT it lasts all day and doesn't flake or rub off under my eyes at all really.
    I also love the old-school brush applicator and ...
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  16. A good one!


    I got this as a free sample and liked it. It doesn't smudge and gives beautiful, long eyelashes. If you are looking for a natural look, this might do the job.
  17. Lovely sexy lashes


    Beautiful lashes lashes. Does take a little time to dry, but we are not talking a crazy time, a couple of minutes, so I have never found this. Real problem. I also found mine didn’t dry out like some other reviews said, it lasted aaaages. My only complaint is that it has a clump of mascara at the end that can make applying it to the inner eye smudgy. I love this mascara and have been using it for ...
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  18. Looks nice but smudges really badly


    This mascara looks amazing when first applied and I was so happy with it. Unfortunately after a couple of hours of wear it ended up smudged under my eyes and looks terrible. I found it quite disappointing and wish they had a waterproof option. Probably wouldn’t recommend
  19. Not a great mascara for thin eyelashes

    Kat F

    I purchased this product as I only by cruelty free brands and try to buy vegan when I can. I was in the market for a new mascara, however this one was disappointing and I ended up giving it away.
    I have quite thing eyelashes so I need a mascara that thickens them, I found this really didn't do the job. I wouldn't recommend this product to anybody else.
  20. Okay Mascara - great ethics


    I love ethically sourced products, and Inika is a brand I respect for their ethical, cruelty free and vegan products. This particular product was not my favourite - however it looked good on my lashes, and if I were unable to source a mascara that was equally ethically sound, I would reorder, given that it looks good and works reasonably for me.
  21. Doesn't dry


    This mascara may have lovely ingredients and is certified organic, however it takes a very long time to dry,
  22. Dried out quickly


    I agree with what others have said. It was a great product while it lasted, and definitely true to its name. But unfortunately it dried out very quickly and I had to buy a new mascara (went for a different brand). Maybe because it was vegan/organic, they don't use the same preservatives as mainstream brands. I wouldn't buy it again, but I do like the brand Inika.
  23. Love this for a natural look


    Daytime lovely lashes, without clumping or drying. Can reapply more heavily for evening look
  24. nice, natural mascara!


    this mascara makes the appearance of your lashes look super natural without any clumping or thickening that makes your eyelashes look cakey! good for day time nautral no makeup makeup, without looking like a cake face!
  25. Nothing special


    I loved the idea of using a natural mascara but honesty don't think this one is worth the price. I found it dried out quickly and didn't apply that well. It also would smudge and wear down throughout the day. If you want a natural mascara this ticks the box, but honestly don't think it's worth the price.
  26. One of my favourites


    LOve this mascara, it makes my lashes look incredibly long and doesn’t clump at all. Plus it’s vegan!! It’s awesome
  27. I’m impressed


    I recieved this as a gift with purchase and I love it! Wow my lashes look so long and defined. This doesn’t make them look thick but very long and manages to seperate every single lash. They’ve made my lashes look like false lashes! I’m definitely buying the large when my mini runs out!
  28. Great cruelty free product


    Just received this as a freebie reward with purchase - and I already love it!
    I have applied it over a lash primer but wow, it goes on nicely, hasn't flaked or given me panda eyes. It gives me good lash length for during the day and build easily too. Will be buying!
  29. Great


    Its easy to apply, covers the lashes evenly and doesnt feel thick or clumpy. Wears extremely well during the day, however I do notice only a tiny bit of flaking by the end of the day when i am at work.
  30. Amazing mascara


    Honestly this is the best mascara I've ever tried! I have really short lashes and this actually worked! This is the first mascara that gives me long lashes even without curling them. I would definitely recommend! i love that it's organic - so happy with this purchase
  31. Good formula but makes lashes messy


    This is my first go at an organic and vegan mascara. The formula itself is not bad - it's quite thick but coats the lashes pretty evenly and noticeably makes my lashes thicker. I almost don't have to use eyeliner!

    One thing I noticed however is that as the mascara dries, it distorts my eyelashes such that they are all curled in a haphazard fashion - if you inspect closely it looks a...
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  32. Panda face


    I really wanted a good natural mascara and I love all of Inika's other products and use religiously however this really didn't cut it for me. The actual mascara dries out quite quickly which makes it harder to apply and go clumpy but also once you do apply it wears off and ends up more around your eyelashes than on them.
  33. Really Happy


    I purchased this mascara, having read the reviews - both positive and negative. It was also my first "natural" mascara purchase. I can say that I am really really happy with the product. I have long lashes and hooded eyes, meaning most mascaras end up on my brow bone! Providing I give this mascara a few seconds to dry - I can successfully last the entire day without making a mess! I haven't found ...
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  34. Dries quite quickly


    This product dries out quite quickly which can leave it looking clumpy at times
  35. Mostly great


    I do love this and probably would repurchase (but might try other brands first). It does come a bit clumpy out of the tube, and I find when I apply it I need to use fingertips to remove some clumps. But it does make your lashes really long, and it does last the night when I wear it out.
  36. Black Out


    If I had a friend who wanted a natural mascara, I would include this in my list of recommendations, but with a warning.
    Despite the product being reformulated recently and despite the word of the sales rep I encountered restocking the product at a local supplier, I can tell you that it absolutely smudges and within a few minutes of apllication, you'll look like you had a big night out and f...
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  37. Lovely mascara except the panda eyes!


    Immediate effect is beautiful - long defined lashes, small increase in volume, lovely consistency of product, no clumping. Easy to remove, gentle on sensitive eyes.
    I've had to stop using it because I find that by the end of the day I have panda eyes - no matter if I'm inside in air conditioning all day or out in the heat. I also get mild flaking.
  38. Great colour


    Great colour and easy to apply but wears of and tends to leave 'panda eyes' after a couple of hours. However, super smooth
  39. Excellent


    Absolutely love this mascara, doesn’t make my eyes bloodshot & sore the next day and I found it goes on well and as long as you don’t rub your eyes it stays put all day...
  40. Very disappointed


    Purchased this mascara after viewing their Instagram stories. Looked fabulous! Was super excited!
    However was truly disappointed in its wear. Within only a couple hours I had panda eyes. Will not use again.
  41. Inika mascara brown


    Love this product it is the first brown mascara that doesn't irriitate my eyes. The brush is great for fine lashes and the mascara keeps your eyelashes soft and flexible instead of stiff and breakable like some other mascaras. Will be purchasing this mascara from now on.
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