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innisfree Green Barley Gommage Peeling Mask 120ml 120ml

4.3 of 30 reviews


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Exfoliating mask with Green Barley extract helps exfoliate dead skin cells, and with naturally derived AHA, BHA and Cellulose help promote skin’s turnover cycle for a softer and smoother skin.

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SUPERIOR - 91% recommend

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innisfree Green Barley Gommage Peeling Mask 120ml Reviews

4.3 of 30 reviews

91% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Gentle and effective


Lovely stuff, goes on smooth, but then you can gently scrub it and it brightens your face. Smells gorgeous

Most Helpful Criticism

It’s okay

Regi K.

Good product and a very gentle exfoliator. The only thing that puts me off this product is the smell, which I find too overwhelming. Am definitely going to finishing the tube that I have but I don’t think I will ever repurchase again, just for the scent. Really hoped that they would make one without fragrance.
  1. Gentle and effective


    Lovely stuff, goes on smooth, but then you can gently scrub it and it brightens your face. Smells gorgeous
  2. Great exfoliating mask!


    Love this product and I’m so glad I picked it up! It’s so easy to use and takes only 3 minutes out of my day to use. I love the scent and this tube may last me a while but I will definitely repurchase in the future!
  3. not the best for sensitive skin


    please do not use this product if you have sensitive skin. it is far too rough even for me, with dryer, coarser skin. Skin becomes raw after usage.
  4. Interesting texture


    verified purchaser
    I am not sure how to form a nice layer for peeling after applying the product. The product seems to become flaky and doesn't dry after waiting. My skin does feel softer after the treatment.
  5. Very Apeeling!


    verified purchaser
    Super comfortable peel with subtle fragrance. Skin feels fresh and cleansed after use, I use it once per week and have noticed my skin tone evening out.
  6. Great exfoliating mask


    verified purchaser
    I love this innisfree peeling mask, it chemically exfoliates my skin leaving it soft without stripping away the natural oil on my face. The smell is very minimal smells nature, I prefer products with a little bit more scent but that’s just personal preference.
  7. General exfoliating cleanser


    verified purchaser
    I really like this brand Innisfree. I love that they use natural ingredients from nature. This gentle exfoliating mask is great for sensitive skin, it will remove dead skin without stripping the natural oil on your face. I prefer more scent in my products which this product doesn’t have a lot of but that’s just my personal preference #yearofinnisfree
  8. the best peel I have used


    verified purchaser
    This was really calming and great for my sensitive skin it made such a difference and left my skin feeling smooth #Yearofinnisfree
  9. Skin feels so smooth after using this peeling mask


    verified purchaser
    Really love using this product. It's not a leave on mask but you have to rub it into your skin with dry hands. It gently exfoliates your skin and turns into something I can only describe as small eraser shavings, but my skin feels so smooth and baby soft afterwards. Love this so much!
  10. It’s okay

    Regi K.

    verified purchaser
    Good product and a very gentle exfoliator. The only thing that puts me off this product is the smell, which I find too overwhelming. Am definitely going to finishing the tube that I have but I don’t think I will ever repurchase again, just for the scent. Really hoped that they would make one without fragrance.
  11. Good exfoliater


    Such a good exfoliater when my skin is in the need for it. Feels fun to roll it off after use.
  12. Satisfying but ineffective


    It's a nice little scrub to use to collect dead skin cells but it doesn't cleanse enough for me. I usually follow up with a double cleanse.
  13. Gentle and effective


    This is great for sensitive skin, some scrubs out there are very harsh but this is extremely gentle yet effective, I find my skin is glowing afterwards and has a lovely soft texture.
  14. Not exfoliating enough


    This is a nice scrub to get rid of the dead skin cells, but it just doesn't do as good of a job that a chemical exfoliant can do. Other than that, it's suitable for easily irritated skin
  15. best gentle exfoliator


    use this weekly to exfoliate dead skin cells. it is so gentle and leaves skin feeling so smooth. you have to use this on dry skin otherwise it doesnt work!
  16. Perfect way to physically exfoliate without damaging your skin


    This gommage is not quite a mask, it is a scrub that balls up in your hands when it is time to remove it. You have to apply it for three minutes and then use your hands to pill the product into balls which will remove the dead skin cells. It does not have sharp physical exfoliating pieces that will damage your skin, instead it is fine powder along with some chemical exfoliating acids. Your skin in...
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  17. My New Favourite


    I love this product so much that I am not sure what I did without it. I use it 2 + times a week and it has made such a huge difference to my skin (less break outs, unwanted texture and my pores are less obvious). My skin is super sensitive so I have been using it as a gentle exfoliator. I put it on leave it for 10-15minutes then rub it off with warm water. Highly recommended
  18. Works better over time


    After the first use I didn't really notice any change, but after using it for around a month, I've noticed that my skin is smoother and less red and inflamed. I also only use it when I feel my skin needs it, which is usually on the weekend, so this tube will last forever. Weird texture, but works and good value for money, so I'm not complaining.
  19. Love it


    I love this products. It leaves my skin feeling super smooth and hydrated. The smell is so fresh and doesn’t feel like it irritates my skin at all. 10/10 will repurchase as it is super affordable and a little bit goes a long way.
  20. Satisfying scrub


    This scrub helps collect the dead skin cells on your face, so I love to use it once a week. It's not really a mask. It's definitely refreshing and leaves the skin soft afterwards. I just wish it were a bit more exfoliating.
  21. Not really a mask...


    This isn’t a peeling mask as it claims. It’s more of a scrub. It doesn’t dry like a mask and I can’t see how you could ever peel it off despite trying to layer it on extra thick. It does have a pleasant smell & gives a light exfoliation if you rub in. For the price it’s OK but not blown away.
  22. Good


    Squeaky clean skin that isn't dried out after using this. For the price, it is really really good.
  23. love


    worth every penny
  24. Loyal user


    Good product. Helps exfoliate my skin but does not make it dry. Can really see the difference after a couple of time using it. Leaves skin soft and smooth.
  25. Feels so good on skin


    Have only used this a handful of times but already I know im going to love it it I used 2-3 times per week and after you wash it off your face feels so smoooth
  26. Good for what you get


    When I first tried this 'mask' I initially didn't really like it. It's not really a mask it's more of a scrub I would say. It goes on very lumpy and then doesn't dry tight, instead you move around the lumpy product on your face to create the exfoliating effect.
    After using it a few times I definitely see results and improvements in my skin texture and some reduction in the blackheads in my T...
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  27. Hydrated and smooth


    I tried this for the first time and was so impressed it literally rubbed away any dead dry skin and left the most beautiful glowy hydrated skin. This is a must have for your skin care routine.
  28. Not my favourite mask


    Nothing physically wrong with this mask, it’s just not my cup of tea. I expected the mask to be a peeling mask, however it’s more like a rub off mask. Overall smell is nice but just not my cup of tea.
  29. Pick-me up


    This is a great pick me-up. Super easy and convenient to use, so is great in my busy schedule. Made my skin feel so nice and smooth afterwards.
  30. gentle but effective


    Easy to use mask, 3 minutes and my skin was left feeling super refreshed and clean. Very gentle and no irritation, just a great revitalising quick fix peel
  31. Perfect exfoliator


    It is amazing, almost perfection!! I find it really helps with my dehydrated and sensitive skin. It does not leave any dryness behind you will feel so smooth. Really recommend it since it also only takes 3 minutes to put on , so it does not really waste anytime.
  32. Perfect for sensitive skin exfolitation


    Looooovvvveee it!! My favourite exfoliator I have used so far. It's perfect for sensitive skin. Does not feel drying after you take it off, it actually feels really smooth. It really takes away all the dead skin cells and you only need to leave it on for 3 MINUTES!! So you can quickly use this exfoliator and in the morning and it won't cut out your time. I will say that taking off this mask is a ...
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  33. Loved it. Very mild. Perfect for my sensitive skin. Left my skin so soft and smooth.


    It does not irritate or itch your skin while applying. You can just softly apply and clean your skin! It freshens up the skin removing all the impurities and dead skin cells. You will notice the difference after first use itself!
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