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innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm 30g 30g

3.7 of 41 reviews


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Melt-on cleansing balm that dissolves blackheads and impurities with the extraordinary absorbing powers of Jeju Volcanic Clusters.

What customers say

GREAT - 70% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Acne, breakouts and blackheads
  • Oiliness and shine

Skin Type:

  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm 30g Reviews

3.7 of 41 reviews

70% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Effective product!


Lately I have had horrendous blackheads on my chin from the masks. This balm is affordable and gets right into the pores to remove the dirt!

Most Helpful Criticism

Good but not great


I found using this by itself doesn’t do much but it I use a scrub first then the balm my skin feels less bumpy especially my nose.
Maybe if the balm had a little more grit it would work better alone.
  1. good cleanser


    after washing it off my face feels so refreshed and smooth. love it
  2. Effective product!


    Lately I have had horrendous blackheads on my chin from the masks. This balm is affordable and gets right into the pores to remove the dirt!
  3. Great Product


    I bought this product on a whim .. basically was trying to make up $ for free shipping and I am so happy I did! At the time I started using this product I could feel little bumps all over my forehead.. after using it here and there over a couple of months black heads are no longer an issue for me! If I feel my skin getting bumpy I use this and it feels exfoliated afterwards and the bumps are gone...
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  4. Good for the price


    verified purchaser
    This is great to take when travelling. It doesn't leave my skin feeling dry
  5. okay


    this is good for the price and worth a try but not all that amazing of results
  6. No instant fix but that price though


    verified purchaser
    For $8.00 this balm is worth a try, yet to see the results, but I haven't been using it that long or religiously. Gets off my heavy zinc based sunscreen with easy and feels pretty good on the skin.
  7. Great cleansing balm


    verified purchaser
    I use this as a regular cleansing balm rather than to try to get rid of blackheads as I find salicylic acid products are better for that purpose. This melts makeup and sunscreen off really effectively and emulsifies into a milk that is easy to rinse off. I follow it with a gel cleanser. It's a great size for travel or for those who want to try oil balm cleansing. It does not bother my hormonal acn...
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  8. its nice


    verified purchaser
    I use it everyday as a cleanser, it took a while for results to show up but I definitely have less blackheads and my skin altogether is really smooth now. It's weird to rub into my face at first but then I got used to it and now I really enjoy it
  9. Best cleansing balm


    verified purchaser
    I love the price point and efficacy of this balm. Much prefer it over dermalogica pre-cleanse balm and it is far more cost effective. Smells pleasant and absolutely melts away make up and sunscreen. #yearofinnisfree
  10. good cleanser


    verified purchaser
    it was a bit weird to use at first but i got used to it and now use it every night to clean my face. my blackheads have reduced but i use it more as a cleanser than for blackheads
  11. Blackheads gone


    Such a great product to add to your routine, it goes on so smooth and really works, I noticed less blackheads after one use. I’m loving using it before I do my Innisfree clay mask!
  12. Exfoliating balm


    This balm exfoliates well and leaves skin smooth but takes some work and time. It made some difference to most of the impurities on my nose but did not remove all the blackheads. Not sure that the time and effort is worth it. The price point is very good though and it left my skin feeling very soft

  13. Slow but great results


    I watched a lot of reviews before buying this product and was skeptical at first, I used it for over a week and had no significant results, however, after daily use for 2 weeks I finally noticed I had less black heads. The process was long but overall happy with the product.
  14. Good but not great


    I found using this by itself doesn’t do much but it I use a scrub first then the balm my skin feels less bumpy especially my nose.
    Maybe if the balm had a little more grit it would work better alone.
  15. Not too oily


    I use this before I cleanse my face at night as a double cleanse. I don't wear makeup, and I feel like it's good to use as a cleansing balm before I use my normal cleanser to get rid of the dirt on the surface. It has reduced the size of my blackheads the slightest bit, but definitely not drastically. it doesn't leave my skin feeling too oily, however I do cleanse straight afterwards. It doesn't r...
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  16. Skincare Staple


    This has been my go-to cleansing balm. It melts away make-up and cleanses my face without drying it out. Works well with Innisfree Jeju Foam Cleanser.
  17. Really helpful balm!


    I was skeptical at first but this product really does make a visible difference on my skin. I struggle with blackheads on my nose and this is a great solution to them. It is a balm but it doesn't make your skin oily or feel gross. Also it smells incredible! #yearofinnisfree
  18. Doesn't really help with blackheads but still a worthy product


    This product claims to dissolve blackheads and this is kind of a miracle statement. I believe if i looked closely enough and worked hard enough with the product i may have seen a little bit of a difference, but nothing major. However, the product itself, is still lovely to use. The price point is fantastic for innisfree.
  19. Not bad


    I think it helped to minimise blackheads a bit but not completely. Left skin feeling super smooth and clean though. Super cheap so worth a go. I’ll keep using it.
  20. Feels nice, but no visible results


    The balm did not show any visible improvements to my skin, however it does feel great when applied! My blackheads were not targeted by the product, but I enjoyed the feel of my skin after using it. It was good enough that I finished the entire 30g, but not enough to make me re-purchase.
  21. okay


    it's okay not much difference with blackheads
  22. Works temporarily


    This balm requires you to massage it into your nose area for quite a long time before you rinse with water to emulsify. Upon using it, I did see some temporary improvement in the blackheads, but they came back in the next few days so I don't think it's worth the time and effort you have to take to massage it. I have been using a gentle bha toner with salicylic acid and I'm finding that's a much be...
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  23. Somewhat helpful but certainly not the best !

    Melbourne girl

    I introduce new products one at a time into my routine. While this product did help with blackheads on my nose, it has actually caused some congestion especially around my foreheard. I use this for my first cleanse and follow up with another cleanser.
    In terms of texture, it's ok but I probably will not repurchase due to the breakouts it has caused.
    Kinda disapponting.
  24. Great for the price

    Special K

    I quite like innisfree from what I've tried and was quite excited when I saw this product. That said, I was also sceptical given how cheap it is! I haven't noticed a huge reduction in blackheads, but I couldn't believe how smooth my nose looked after! I could definitely see blackheads but it looked radiant. Perhaps with continued use the blackheads will decrease, but either way, I'd get it again f...
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  25. It works!


    A great product. It feels like vasoline on the skin but doesn't leave your skin feeling oily. It works! My skin has been seeing an improvement ever since I started using it about 1 month ago. The first time I was amazed at the difference it made to my skin and acne, reduced the redness and drew out some of the impurities. My skin was so much better and calmer the next day. I'm now using it once a...
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  26. Okay

    Cristina Z.

    it does help keeping blackheads under some control but don't expect miracle. Not bad though for the price.
  27. Leaves skin smooth


    I love how smooth this makes my skin feel in the areas of congestion. I haven’t really noticed any change in the amount of blackheads in those areas though.
  28. Don't love it


    I was very excited to try this as I love this brand, I didn't find it worked for me, I did as instructions but nothing seemed to happen. Maybe it's not right for my combination skin.
  29. Innisfree Blackhead out balm


    Loved it !!!! Was skeptical on actually seeing any results but within the first 5ish minutes of rubbing it into chin little black heads and oil plugs were visibly coming out. 100% recommend for the amazing price!!
  30. Works!


    Great value product. Doesn't necessarily remove 100% of blackheads, especially little ones on the nose, but skin feels immediately smoother and tighter.
  31. Amazing


    This REMOVED my black head but didn’t minimise my pores, recommend if you have blackheads, good for it’s price.
  32. Works ok


    I think it works ok, wasn’t a miracle worker, may have to use it a few times for it to be effective. Feels like Vaseline a bit!
  33. Removed some of my blackheads


    I love this range of product and i had a lot of hope in this one but it didnt seem to work great for me, i use it every 3 days after a steam bath but with no noticeable difference
  34. Not sure


    Not sure about this one, it gets rid of some of the blackheads but I haven't seen amazing results.
  35. Quickly dissolves blackheads


    I used this after a hot shower to open up the pores first, then massage this over my nose for 5 mins. Didn't get rid of all of them, but it loosened a lot of blackheads.
  36. Gentle Cleanser


    This is a great cleanser, it's compact if I need to travel. It doesn't leave my skin feeling dry and tight. It's nice and gentle and an amazing price. Love it
  37. Innisfree Blackhead Out Balm


    Seems like it works, but this made me breakout like crazy so not worth it for me!
  38. Works ok


    I think it’s helping my very persistent blackheads a little. Very well priced product and will keep using it because I guess it can’t hurt.
  39. Innisfree Blackhead Out Balm


    Wow, if you use the product as instructed, running blackheads with balm for 3-5 minutes... there are visibly clear results on first use! I followed with the Innisfree Pore Cleanser. Great product, especially for the price!
  40. Decent

    Michelle S.

    I was skeptical at first, how can a balm remove my blackheads? But at the first few go-s, it proved me wrong. I could visibly see my blackheads scrubbing out, but after a while, it doesn't work as efficiently anymore. I have 3/4 of the balm left, but I guess for it's price, it's worth a try if you're really curious. Otherwise, I'd stick with a nose pack.
  41. Yet to see results - likely to not work


    The packaging is simple with a plastic tub. The external packaging uses the innisfree volcanic range print and is quite nice.

    The product is a balm and does not require water. The instruction directs the balm to be applied to skin before cleansing. The balm is rubbed in blackhead prone areas for 3-5min. I think this is a long time and all I got after was a bit of redness.

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  42. Not much difference


    I thought this was a very interesting concept and therefore decided to give this a try. The product has a texture that is in between a balm and a balm cleansers, it sort of melts after being heated up by the skin. In terms of blackheads I saw very little if any difference but my nose did feel super clean after using it.
  43. wow!


    it actually works! my blackheads have gotten significantly smaller and less noticeable. it’s a literal life saver!
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