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KORA Organics Noni Glow Sleeping Mask 100ml

4.1 of 74 reviews


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Wake up to soft, glowing and hydrated skin thanks to Kora Organics Noni Glow Sleeping Mask. This lightweight, bouncy gel mask boosts hydration and evens skin tone for a smoother, plumper look and feel.
  • Australian Made
  • Certified Organic
  • Cruelty Free
  • Artificial Fragrance Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

GREAT - 75% recommend

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Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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KORA Organics Noni Glow Sleeping Mask Reviews

4.1 of 74 reviews

75% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



This sleeping mask is sooo gentle and actually makes a difference when I get up the next morning. Not only does it make my skin feel baby soft, it brightens and evens out my skin texture as well.

Most Helpful Criticism

Not sure


I have dry/combination skin and was worried the clear gel consistency would be too drying on my skin but was pleasantly surprised that although it was light, it didn't leave that dry, tightening feeling on my face.
The only downside is that I am not really noticing any improvement in the condition or texture of my skin. Love that it is all natural though.
  1. Hydrating


    I use this product every second night or so while I sleep. It a oaks in nicely and doesn’t get all over my pillow. Makes me feel hydrated and plumps my skin, leaving me fresh in the mornings! I often use it in the evenings after kora organic turmeric scrub for a real treat!
  2. Not good for mature skin


    This mask was not as good as thought. The texture is very watery and didn’t keep it
    moisturised over night and I felt my skin was drying and a little tight on. Probably more suitable for young people.
  3. Beware: stung like a bee

    Not for me

    Straight away after application, my skin felt like it was on fire but thought it would settle down. It didn't. A few minutes later I couldn't stand it and washed it off - leaving my skin looking like I'd been severely sunburnt. I sent pictures to where I purchased it from and they refunded me, but this was months ago and it's still not back to normal. And the money I've had to shell out for skinca...
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  4. Incredible


    This sleeping mask is sooo gentle and actually makes a difference when I get up the next morning. Not only does it make my skin feel baby soft, it brightens and evens out my skin texture as well.
  5. Good but not something I will go out of my way to purchase it


    The packaging looks nice, when you first put it on your face, you feel the burn, not too bad and not for too long (usually goes away in 2-3 mins), it is bearable for me, i usually leave it on overnight, and wash it off the next morning, I do feel my skin is softer after the use, but this is how you usually feel after you use a mask anyway, from the hydration point of view, I think it might only la...
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  6. Quite nice but also pricey


    I quite like this for my combo/oily skin. The packaging itself is so cute and feels really luxe. The product itself is nice. I sometimes put on a thin layer to use overnight, and other times I apply a thicker layer and wash off after 15 minutes. I can't say it makes my skin amazingly different by the morning and with frequent use, but it doesn't hurt. I probably won't repurchase as it's not really...
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  7. Better than the rest


    Tried all the masks in this brand - This is the only one that I will repurchase.
    Softens the skin the a fruity melt. Very supple the next day.
    Only downside is greases my pillow.
  8. Kora Sleep Mask


    Well, I have been so so excited to use this product. Just put it on my face and it burn the heck out of me. My face is more red than a beetroot. It’s burning like I’ve got severe sunburn. If I could put a photo wow it’s insane. Very annoying because it’s not cheap and suppose to be all natural?? I’ve never reacted to an other natural skin care product like this. I wonder what this has in it to mak...
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  9. Substitute as a moisturiser at night

    mature age

    verified purchaser
    I love using this at night. After all my serums, I skip the moisturiser and just put on this mask to sleep in. It dries well and doesn't transfer to my pillow. I wake up with hydrated skin in the morning. Good size, I've had mine for a while and it lasts a long time. Good value for money.
  10. Good overnight mask


    This mask works well as an overnight mask but I wouldn't use it as a wash off mask as you can hardly notice a difference. Even when used nightly, I am not seeing any results so far although I suspect it has helped in hydration on the whole. I will wait and see if I can see any change after getting through the whole tube but if not, I will not be repurchasing.
  11. Nice overnight mask


    I got this as part of a gift set and it's a nice mask - it feels hydrating and nourishing yet light enough to sleep in. Overall I'm not sure if it has made a huge difference in the texture/brightness of my skin so I'm unsure if I will order the bigger size in future.
  12. Great product


    First time using any product from this brand. Was recommended to me and I’m very glad I purchased it. It’s great hydrating my skin without making it oily. I’ve also noticed its helping calm down my break outs. Can be used as a mask or a night cream. Very happy with my purchase.
  13. Not sure


    I have dry/combination skin and was worried the clear gel consistency would be too drying on my skin but was pleasantly surprised that although it was light, it didn't leave that dry, tightening feeling on my face.
    The only downside is that I am not really noticing any improvement in the condition or texture of my skin. Love that it is all natural though.
  14. So calming and hydrating!


    I love the texture of this product, it feels really nice when you apply it to you skin and it leaves your face feeling so soft and hydrated.
  15. Amazing skin pick me up


    My first overnight mask and I love it. I was worried it would be sticky and I would be able to feel it overnight, but very happy with no sticky feeling and once its on, Its easy to forget about it. Leaves skin soft in the morning
  16. best sleeping mask


    use this leading up to big events, skin is so beautiful in the morning. I sleep with this on and wash it off in the morning. Love it so much
  17. Amazing product


    This sleeping mask is hands down, the best for my oily skin! It does everything it claims to - leaves my skin super hydrated and leaves a healthy glow. This is by far my favourite sleeping mask!!
  18. Favorite mask


    By far my favourite mask, my skin feels so soft and hydrated after using this.
  19. Not my favourite


    This is an ok mask but I much prefer the Glow Recipe watermelon mask. This mask smells like voltaren gel so I don’t find it pleasant to put on my face and I find it remains quite sticky.
    Again, another turn off on this brand is that they say that are all Australian made but on the packaging it says made in the US. :(
  20. Wake up fresh


    I love this product so much I try to always have some ready for when I run out. At first the texture took some getting used to but now I love how my skin feels especially in early shifts I still wake up feeling like my skin is bright and hydrated and it is nice and light so it doesn’t clog pores or cause breakouts. Love that it is natural and organic. Worth the extra to get this!
  21. hl


    I like the way this makes my skin look and feel. It seems to make it more radiant and clear. I don't like sleeping with it on however as I find it too messy. I prefer to wear it for an hour or so around the house
  22. miracle in a bottle


    This stuff is amazing. I love to use this on my neck and chest too (if I'm wearing a singlet) and it just works wonders! I am so happy with this product, as I am with everything I've tried from KORA.
  23. not my fave


    I received a sample of this and used it over 3 nights as was a very generous sample. I found my skin was hydrated in the morning but a bit pink. I love all the other kora products that I've tried but think my skin might be too sensitive for this one.
  24. Intense hydration!

    Laura O

    I have oily / combination skin so I'm always a bit hesitant to try super hydrating products in case they break me out. I've used this for three nights in a row now and I'm impressed with the results - my skin looks bright, hydrated and feels soft.
  25. A little luxury but wouldn't go out of my way to purchase


    I received two samples of this mask and used it for two nights. It feels lovely going on and both mornings when I woke up in the morning my face felt plump and hydrated. For the cost, however, I likely wouldn't purchase the full size product as I have used much cheaper masks and products that have given a similar effect.
  26. Spot test first!


    I put this on and within a few minutes my skin was burning and I had to rinse it off. My skin is really red and still burning after rinsing. Should definitely have spot tested first so I recommend you check how your skin responds before popping it all over your face


    2 weeks before my wedding with stress mounting, I woke up with hives all over my neck and face. To make things worse, my job requires me to wear a mask that my skin is already sensitive to. ENTER KORA SLEEP MASK! This baby was legit my saviour. As well as wearing it to bed, I actually also wore it during the day to provide a barrier layer between my mask and my skin, a few days later I was good as...
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  28. Perfect for a busy mumma needs


    i has really dry skin and I found that other masks were just not hitting the mark. This beautifully scented mask is so hydrating. I put it on at night, it soaks in super fast and I just go to bed and wake up with beautify hydrated skin. No mess on the pillow and if I forget to wash it off first thing there’s no irritation! I use it everyday for my skin and have found the appearance and hydration l...
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  29. Horrible experience


    My skin felt like it was burning as soon as I put it on. I lasted a few minutes before I had to wipe it off and my skin was horribly red, like severe sunburnt and felt really warm. My skin is still pink and recovering days later. Spot test before trying.
  30. Gorgeous mask


    My first overnight mask and I love it. I was worried it would be sticky and I would be able to feel it overnight, but very happy with no sticky feeling and once its on, Its easy to forget about it. Leaves skin soft in the morning
  31. Awesome


    I received this mask as a sample and it was simply love at first sight! My skin was soft and conditioned but not oily! It felt very good. I recommend it
  32. my skin was the dessert and this was my saviour!


    A beautiful product that has saved my winter skin, whilst not making me spend an additional 500 hours in the bathroom applying skincare. Sleeping masks FTW! It also looks incredibly pretty on my shelf in that quintessential Kora colour.
  33. Not worth the money


    I had a sample of this Kora sleeping mask. It looked like I had a little bit more plumped skin when I woke up but it is nothing really wow for the price. Surely there is other products that works more for less pricey. :)
  34. This product is fine


    My skin drinks this up but the reality is that I end up rubbing it off my face during the night. Maybe that's all about my sleeping habits? That said, it is nicely hydrating and I will use it until there is nothing left in the tube.
  35. Good time saver


    My skin is quite dry and sensitive and prematurely aged so I usually have lots of steps in my night time routine. This mask is a nice change on those busy nights when I only have time to put on a one step mask. It doesn't rub off on my pillow overnight so my skin is nicely hydrated and protected in the morning.
  36. Didn't see any results


    This mask feels nice when you put it on, but taking it off in the morning I didn't really notice any difference. Not worth the investment, plenty of other great sheet masks make your skin glow.
  37. Beautiful


    Tried a sample of this and have absolutely fallen in love! Will be buying for sure
  38. So easy to love


    Love using this mask often, Hurd rating plus super easy as you just wash off in the shower the next morning
  39. WOW


    nourishes my skin intensely. I use the night before an event to pamper my skin and to achieve that celebrity facial glow
  40. Amazing


    I use this mask twice a week. It is very hydrating and it moisture my skin. My skin feels more hydrated and soft. Definitely recommend.
  41. Plumper,Softer Skin


    I'm a huge fan of the Kora range so I purchased this as soon as it was released. I absolutely adore the shimmery turquoise tube it comes in!
    The product itself is rather scentless (which is actually a shame as I adore that Kora fragrance!), the mask is a cooling gel like texture and feels quite sticky on the skin.
    Skin is very soft and quite plumper feeling in the morning. Gentle and ...
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  42. Good


    This is a hydrating mask that I wear at night after a long day of makeup or after a detoxifying mask. Super nourishing
  43. Leaves skin smooth


    I received this as a sample, but will be buying it. Have found my skin is softer and smoother. Have had a bit of irritation following pregnancy and this appears to be soothing it.
  44. Glowy


    This is hydrating sleeping mask with a runny gel consistency. I slather it on my face as my last step in my night time sleep routine and go to bed.
    It stays tacky all night and even in the morning. I wash it off and my face looks and feels hydrated and plumped up.
    It really makes me glowy.
    I apply a generous amount, about twice as much as I would a moisturiser. Any more and it fe...
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  45. Plump and Glowy Skin


    Extremely plumping and hydrating! Made my skin look incredibly glowy! I found it also healed up some irritation I was having really nicely. I love the texture of this product as well.
  46. so hydrating


    i put this on almost every night before bed and even after using it for a week i'v noticed results. my skin is more dewy and hydrated, and i wake up feeling more refreshed. it isn't oily either, so if you have oily skin you can still use it. smells really good too. i feel like for the price you actually do get what you pay for, because you only need to use a tiny bit to cover your entire face, and...
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  47. Amazing


    Amazing mask! You wake up with plump hydrated and glowing skin! Love it
  48. Amazing face mask


    I love Kora organics and this mask didn't disappoint! I use the turmeric mask for brightening and exfoliating my skin but I needed something for hydrating. I have really dry skin and this is perfect for giving me the hydration boost I need. I use it once a week or sometimes more if I am feeling stressed and worn out. Would definitely recommend! Even though it is a bit pricey it is really big so I'...
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  49. Amazing


    I received this as a sample and WOW. The small sample has lasted quite some time so although this is a little more expensive, it would last you a long time. I’d recommend putting it on before bed and then washing your face in the morning. Your face will glow and feel like a baby’s bottom. Would definitely buy again


    Feels lovely on,nice and light, it stays on all night, my skin feels nice and soft in the morning. Using as a weekly treat, love the packaging too!
  51. Extreme hydration


    I use this product whenever I feel like my skin needs a little hydration boost. The mask is so lightweight and does not irritate my skin at all. For brighter glowing skin, I use it right after the Kora Tumeric Mask. This product is definitely worth the price and I am so relieved it works and I will be buying it again.
  52. My skin must be sensitive


    When I put this on I felt the burn a little of fruit acids?. As long as you wear sunscreen after applying this you will be fine. Noticed a reduction in fine lines
  53. Highly recommend!


    I received the Kora Organics Sleeping Mask as a sample and have loved using this product. I will definitely purchase the full size tube. I received compliments from only using it twice. I use it as an overnight mask and it feels good on my skin and smells great. I am usually very sensitive to products and this one does not react to my skin at all.
  54. It works!


    This mask really works. It helps reduce the redness and dry patches on my face. When I wake up, my face is literally glowing. This also hydrates my face while I sleep.
  55. Amazing product


    I love this sleeping mask, make my skin shine and glow!
  56. Really good wash off mask, not a sleeping mask


    My skin is considered combination, borderline oily in sections, otherwise quite dry. I tried usuing this mask as a sleeping mask but I get it liked it so much that without it my face felt extra dry (including during the day). I started using it prior to "days/night out" whereby before applying makeup I'd put on the mask for 15-20 mins before removing. I felt that helped prep my skin for make up.
  57. Was fine


    Honestly, i didnt notice a diference but I loved it on. It didnt burn for me but I have pretty tough skin. Woke up and was still the same I think i need to use it for a longer period to actually see results. but love the texture and the smell so.. bonus
  58. Gorgeous, plump, hydrated skin!!


    I received this as a sample and the 5ml packet lasted me three nights, so I can see that the full size product will give you lots of bang for your buck! After just one use I noticed a huge difference in my skin. I had a few days old baby at the time and love the convenience of popping a mask on before bed and not having to worry about rinsing it off until the best day. My skin was plump, glowing a...
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  59. Love love love


    Got this product as a sample in one of my orders and have since purchased. My skin glows the next morning and is so hydrated and fresh! Safe to say this is a part of my daily skin care routine !
  60. Love this!


    Received this as a sample and I love it!!!! A little goes a long way and I find that it makes me wake up with plump and glowing skin. I apply it over my eco tan face tanning water, and it doesn't affect the tan in any way. I will be purchasing the full size product once the sample runs out.
  61. Early days but pretty happy


    I recently purchased this as I was reading such great reviews and was unable to get a previous mask that was insanely amazing. I have used it a few times and I don’t use too thick a layer of it as I have really sensitive skin so testing the waters before I go all out. I’m pretty happy with the level of hydration it gives and am definitely nice and soft and smooth in the morning :)
  62. Allergic reaction, Red face


    I got this as a sample gift, thank God I didn't buy it. Within 2 minutes my face was burning and bright red! Washed it off straight away, face still burning and bright red 30mins later.
    Would not recommend.
  63. Bad reaction


    I tried this after getting a sample with other items that I ordered, after about 2 minutes of the mask being applied to my face my skin went super red and blotchy so I had to wash off immediately. I have never had a reaction to any other skin care products and my skin is not sensitive at all.
  64. Plump it

    Christine (Adore Beauty Staff)

    Looking for musicians to create a Black Eyed Peas parody called "Plump It" because this mask is just as F-R-E-S-H (fresh).

    On a more serious note, I was excited to use this, particularly on my acne prone skin, and was happy to find my skin feeling plumper and more nourished in the morning.

    If you're a goof like me, make sure you let it dry a bit before you lay your head ...
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  65. Lots of compliments after 1 day


    feels light and easy to apply. People at work saying I look like Im glowing like I have been on a holiday.

    I tried the sample pack i received from another order.

  66. Red rash!!


    I was excited to try this product, but when I put it on it started to burn so I instantly took it off now I have a red rash all over my face...I’ve rinsed my face numerous times and it still feels like it’s burning, I’m starting to get worried!!
    Definitely wouldn’t recommend!
  67. Beautiful and softening


    My skin is so soft in the morning. It’s a bit expensive but I use it nearly every night. I’m outside every day and although I use sunscreen, it’s still drying etc so this is lovely in conjunction with another serum
    Like retinol or vitamin c.
  68. great for dry skin


    My skin feels super hydrated & nourished after using this mask
  69. Allergic reaction


    I tried the turmeric mask as well and it caused my skin to burn and get irritated. I thought this mask would be different- WRONG! Same reaction. I hate to review this mask negatively because it looked so promising, but I think it's the salicylic acid in this mask that burns when I apply it. Don't buy it if you have very sensitive skin!
  70. Glowing like a God

    Vanessa (Staff)

    I'm feeling glowy, I'm feeling hydrated & nourished. This is a lightweight gel mask that has a very soft citrus smell. My dehydrated skin felt hydrated and plump after using this mask. Excited to keep on using this mask to see more visible results!
  71. Love my skin after using this


    I love this product. As soon as I wake up I feel instantly hydrated and I glow. My skin is left so smooth, soft and supple and I will definitely be buying again.
  72. Great for dry skin


    I have been using this for just over a week now and it’s really nice. You only need a small amount to put all over face, neck and declotage and the skin is refreshed, glowing and plumped upon waking up!
  73. Great for dry skin


    I brought this product few months ago and it's a game changer for my skin! Overnight I noticed a difference, and within a few days not only were the dry spots disappearing but the overall texture of my skin was completely smooth. Great product and a little goes a long way.
  74. A Very Hydrating Treat!


    I absolutely love this Sleeping Mask! It really does feel like a spa treatment in my own home! I have used this product a few times now and haven't looked back! After applying it at night, I wake to find my face looks and feels very hydrated and glowing! My face is now ultra dewy...which I love!
  75. Such a nice Skin Treat!

    Ash (Adore Beauty Staff)

    If your looking for mask that is calming, soothing and nourishing- This is the one for you. I have oily skin but with it being summer here in Aus, it was feeling really dehydrated and need a little pick up.
    I used this as an overnight mask and woke with hydrated, restored skin.
    A little goes a long way and it smells spa worthy!
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