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KORA Organics Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask 100ml 100ml

4.5 of 161 reviews


4 instalments of $18.75

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4 instalments of $18.75

Or 4 instalments of $18.75 with LEARN MORE

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The KORA Organics Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask is an organic formula designed to revitalise, brighten and smooth skin in one simple step. This multitasking face mask will help to decongest and detox pores, refine skin texture, promote healthy cell renewal and unveil a bright, radiant complexion thanks to added Tumeric, Papaya Enzymes, Rosehip Seeds and Peppermint. 

  • Certified Organic
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
  • Pigmentation, uneven skin tone

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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KORA Organics Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask 100ml Reviews

4.5 of 161 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



love this mask, always clears my skin!

Most Helpful Criticism

Super strong on my skin


I did a patch test of this mask and it was fine - then left the mask on for five minutes and no problems. It says to leave it on for 5-15 minutes so I felt like it was OK to leave it on longer (close to 15 minutes). My skin was sooo red and sensitive afterwards. The redness went away overnight but the sensitivity lasted days after (and I had a huge reaction to my usual sunscreen because of how sensitive it was). My skin is usually not that sensitive but the exfoliation is really coarse and it just didn't work for my skin. So please take care if you are going to leave it on for the recommended length of time - I would definitely say less is more!
  1. Great product


    I really enjoy this mask - it does a great job at exfoliating and I have noticed my skin appearing brighter after using the mask. It does tingle on my skin a bit and it has an intense smell - but think this is all the natural goodness! Recommend this product!
  2. Not Too Bad


    I find this exfoliator slightly too harsh for my skin but otherwise, it does an amazing job at brightening and drawing out impurities! Great stuff, would have gotten a 5 star from me if it wasn't too harsh for my skin!
  3. Amazing exfoliator


    I received a sample of this and it is amazing! The beads are quite rough but it really removes dead skin and leaves your skin super supple the next day. Will purchase again.
  4. Great exfoliant


    I purchased this after first getting a tester as I loved it! It is great and leaves the skin nice and clear. Wouldnt say I noticed a brightening effect but I still like the way it leaves my skin so smooth
  5. Nice physical exfoliant


    I really enjoyed this mask, I feel like it's a good one to use when complexion is feeling a little dull or needs a polish. The grains are quite gritty so those who aren't into physical exfoliation will want to skip, or remove with a cloth. Definitely a good one to have in your stash!
  6. Nice


    I feel a difference when using - brightening, skin texture, but it is quite a course product. I think once a week is plenty for my sensitive, combo skin.
  7. Not effective enough


    As an exfoliating product I don't find this mask very effective. While the granules are quite harsh- probably too harsh for some, I don't find it makes my skin smooth afterwards. The mask also makes my skin quite red and a bit irritated. I will probably use it up for the ritual (I like the smell) though won't repurchase.
  8. Highly Recommended


    Tried this product as I saw it was highly recommended and it did not disappoint. Leaves your skin soft, smooth, plump and glowing (with a hint of tan from the tumeric). Cannot recommend this product highly enough.
  9. FRESH


    Love this mask. Probably my fav brightening mask. I love the way it feels on the skin and how it tightens and smells. So relaxinggg.... Really wakes up and freshens your skin. I can definitely see a difference afterwards.
  10. Favourite natural exfoliator!


    I'm super impressed with this exfoliator! I enjoy that it has both physical exfoliating beads, as well as enzymes that help naturally remove and dissolve dead skin, revealing bright and even skin beneath. As someone with combination, sensitive skin, I have found that this product helps keep my breakouts and blackheads at bay, but doesn't irritate my sensitive skin too much. It can double as a face...
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  11. Best Mask Ever


    This is INCREDIBLE. It does have a strong scent but it's pleasant enough. The texture as you rub it in is grainy, could definitely feel the enzymes doing their thing during. I did the whole 15 minutes, no discomfort or irritation. Skin is incredibly soft and smooth
  12. Fabulous!


    Great smelling product. Very invigorating. The exfoliator is probably a bit too coarse for my liking (for use on the face), however, it's still a great quality product . Love how it's Vegan and cruelty free too!
  13. Amazing natural mask


    I love everything about this mask. It really helps in brightening my skin and getting rid of acne scars. I love the grainy texture and love that it is also an exfoliator. It feels strong and I can feel the ingredients working on my skin- it might not be the best for sensitive skin. It also smells amazing.
  14. cooling on the skin

    mature skin

    A great exfoliant. It's cooling and refreshing with the aromatherapy ingredients. I love using it as a mask. It clears my chin which tends to get congested. Gets rid of the little surface bumps.
  15. Good exfoliation


    This mask definitely provides some good exfoliation but can also cause redness as it did for me the first time I used it. It hasn't made my skin sensitive since so I think you need to slowly build up to it by using it for less time to begin with. It is certainly one of the better Kora Organics products in my opinion.
  16. So impressed!


    A very cool, intense feeling when wearing the mask, but really makes it feel like it’s working! I have oily/acne prone skin and find I get no extra sensitivity or breakouts after using it. My skin feels immediately tighter and super clean! I use it twice a week for the last 6 weeks and have found an improvement in the texture and tone of my skin. Great value you for money.
  17. Exfoliating


    This left my skin feeling really smooth and soft but has a similar effect to masks that are a lot more affordable.

    While it's a good product I don't think the price point can be justified.
  18. Refreshing and uplifting!


    I read about this product before I bought it and although it's called a mask, you can use it in the shower after cleansing. I love it! Whether I leave it on for a few minutes or longer, my skin feels smooth I've noticed that my skin is looking really good. Oh and the scent is fabulous too.
  19. Really good face mask


    I really love the smell of it.I love how it feels when I put the mask on.Gives my skin a nice glow.Works well for me.
  20. The smell, the exfoliation, the texture


    I love this mask. It does not dry and crack on your skin if you leave it a little too long. It makes my skin feel tighter, smoother and look brighter after I use it. I find that it spreads easily over my face so I am not using as much as other mask brands. The price is a little steeper but as there is more in the bottle and I do not seem to use as much product, I am hoping it will last longer - s...
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  21. Favourite exfoliator


    Was very unsure about trying a new product with this kind of price tag but wow! I’m in love. My skin is usually fairly average, a little oily around my T area. This does wonders for me! My skin was ridiculously soft and felt amazing after one application. Would highly recommend this, worth it. It’s now my favourite mask and exfoliator. The actual colour is a little questionable but didn’t bother m...
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  22. So minty


    This is a brown very grainy mask. It makes it hard to spread on my face because I don't like rubbing the particles on my skin because it feels so harsh.
    Another thing that hit me straight away was the mintiness. It is so overwhelming my face felt numb after I took it off.
    I couldn't smell any turmeric, I doubt there's much in there. I'm confused why this is so minty though, they shoul...
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  23. LOVE LOVE!!


    I love this product. I use it in the shower to wake me up each morning. It leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and clean. I can't recommend it enough!!
  24. Amazing results


    This product delivers on fresh and bright skin after the first use. I will be purchasing again for sure!
  25. Super strong on my skin


    I did a patch test of this mask and it was fine - then left the mask on for five minutes and no problems. It says to leave it on for 5-15 minutes so I felt like it was OK to leave it on longer (close to 15 minutes). My skin was sooo red and sensitive afterwards. The redness went away overnight but the sensitivity lasted days after (and I had a huge reaction to my usual sunscreen because of how se...
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  26. Not Bad


    This mask really helps to brighten my skin and makes it look clearer but I find the beats a bit on the harsher side. Otherwise, great stuff!
  27. Mixed feel



    exfoliating mask relatively new concept to the market
    good fresh ginger like fragrance
    makes skin slightly tingly (I know its working)
    makes skin supple and soft


    Dryness - did feel quite dry after - the kind that makes you rush to your moisturiser immediately afte...
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  28. Game Changer Exfoliating Mask


    This exfoliating mask is next level and I absolutely love it.

    I use this twice weekly and I can really feel a difference straight away. After I cleanse, I put this on for around 10 min or so and wash off. My skin is super soft and I follow this through with the Kora Vitamin C and the Kora purifying moisturiser. This mask is also fantastic for any flare ups and blemishes...every time I...
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  29. Confused about what it does


    Not the best. Its a weird colour to start with and doesn't feel like its doing much when its on as a mask. After the 10 mins and you wash it off the coarseness of it feels like its exfoliating yes but not deeply or below the surface. It would be better just as an exfoliator. I rather exfoliator serums or masks that act more as a peel.
  30. Super exfoliating


    I was nervous spending so much money without trying the product previously, but I LOVE it! I use it twice a week as a deep scrub. I’ve got normal to dry skin and follow it with a moisturising serum and rosehip oil before bed. Yum! I would be careful with more sensitive skin and wouldn’t leave it on longer than recommended as it can create a little redness.
  31. The best 2 in 1


    This is one of my favourite skincare products at the moment! I started off by using it once a week, post-shower. Now I use it twice a week, after my regular cleanser. My skin feels so soft after I use it. You know it's doing something right when you feel a slight tingling sensation
  32. Very nice product


    I really like this product. It leaves your skin feeling glowy and refreshed.
  33. Love this skin tone evening product


    I’ve been using this for years to help even out my skin tone and dull dark pigmentation spots. I love it so much. Leaving it on as a mask has a deep clean feel too!
  34. 2 in 1


    I love how this exfoliator doubles as a mask! Leaves me skin smooth and clean everytime!
  35. amazing eye cream


    I use this product weekly and absolutely love it, I love the way it gives you a physical exfoliation as well. only issue is that it does stain my towels but thats not a major issue
  36. Powerful mask/scrub


    Beads are very coarse and the peppermint sent is very strong. I wouldn’t recommend the scrub for all skin types but I am in love with it. My skin looks red after washing it off but the morning after it has a glow and brightness.
  37. Nice mask


    I’ve been using this mask a couple of times a week and love how soft it makes my skin feel. It’s a great brightening mask which also exfoliates well. I have been alternating with chemical masks and together have noticed a slight reduction in pigmentation, will continue to use to see if results improve before repurchasing. Gentle on sensitive skin.
  38. Average


    Not as great as I hope it would be. It is not a bad product but it just didn't work for my skin.
  39. Too coarse


    Beads are very coarse, I feel like I am scrubbing off a whole layer off my skin when I use this product. Very irritating to active acne too. I think there are much better, less invasive scrubs on the market.
  40. It is a nice product


    I'll use the exfoliator after cleansing twice. I'll leave it on for about 10-15 mins. The exfoliator leaves my skin feeling bright, smooth, and glowy. I use it around 2 or 3 times a week. Not sure if I'll repurchase just because I'm looking for something that works a bit stronger. I do love how it's all natural though.
  41. Divine


    I am loving this mask! I use it once weekly for a thorough physical exfoliation and it just makes your skin look clear, smooth and glowy. Make sure you don’t leave it on for longer than it states though because it can make your skin quite red and sensitive
    Definitely recommend this one!
  42. Divine


    I am loving this mask! I use it once weekly for a thorough physical exfoliation and it just makes your skin look clear, smooth and glowy. Make sure you don’t leave it on for longer than it states though because it can make your skin quite red and sensitive
    Definitely recommend this one!
  43. No breakouts


    I love most kora products, and this face mask is one of them, tried a sample and haven’t looked back :)
  44. Not amazing


    I had really high hopes for this mask as I love the whole kora organic range but although this mask was nice to apply and my skin felt nice afterwards, I felt like it stung my face and I felt like I couldn’t keep it on for as long as instructed. It may be because I have semi sensitive skin but I’ve never really had a problem before
  45. marvellous


    I was a bit hesitant to use this as I know turmeric stains. However, the mask didn't stain and my skin looked so bright, fresh and youthful!
  46. So fresh


    I love this mask it leaves you feeling sooooo clean and fresh and my skin feels so silky and soft after.
  47. Very good


    Fantastic product. Leaves your face very fresh (from the mint) and smooth after applying it on for 15 minutes. I would use this once or twice a week. It has become a very therapeutic and essential part of my skincare procedure.
  48. Nothing positive to say


    I was really looking forward to trying this. Unfortunately all I experienced was an assault of overly-strong menthol, combined with sharp shards scraping over my face. An *incredibly* harsh 'mask' , and an experience I never wish to have again.
  49. obsessed


    I love this product. I usually use it as a mask and exfoliator so leave it on for 10-15 mins then massage it off in circles to exfoliate while washing it off and I find my skin is sooo soft and smooth afterwards and any serums or moisturisers I use afterwards sink in sooo nicely. when I got this I thought the tube felt small however a little goes a long way and it lasts ages. I will defy repurchas...
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  50. Love this brand


    The first time I used this, I used it as a mask first.
    I put it all over my face and when I washed it off my forehead was quite red and sensitive. The rest of my face was fine and actually super glowey and soft.
    I do love this mask but I only use it on the lower part of my face now.
    Just be aware that it acts the same way an acid mask (AHA/BHA) does, in the way that it can be qui...
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  51. surprised by this!


    I was really worried about my sensitive skin disliking this product but after reading reviews I went for it. I've been using it for a while now and not once has it irritated my skin. I'm always a little red after I wash it off but that's very common for me and it's never sore or tingly. it's a horrible colour but the scent is nice and refreshing especially after a long day. makes your skin bright ...
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  52. amazing


    great for exfoliating. makes my skin feel amazing. highly recommend.
  53. A girls best friend


    Ladies, if you’re after a 2-in-1 mask & exfoliate then look no further!
    Here’s why I love it;
    • it’s a brightening mask so I use it on the days I wash my hair, leave it on for 10 minutes then in circular motion I remove it
    • leaves your skin feeling fresh & smooth
    • removes impurities & dead skin
    • once settled with a nice moisturiser your skin glows
    • I r...
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  54. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous


    I just bought this mask after reading all of the fantastic reviews about it. I was a little hesitant given the price and not having tried it before. However, I really didn't need to be! This product does what it says it does. After just one use I was shocked to see how clear my skin was and it actually did leave my skin glowing! The smells is lovely and you don't need to use a lot of product to co...
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  55. It’s ok


    This product I was really hoping would be amazing considering the price. It is very harsh and I would definitely not be using it as often as it says on the tube. If you have sensitive skin be careful. I was hoping that my skin would get used to it, but my face gets very red and stays red for an hour or more. I suppose once it settles down it is ok, and after the application of a nice calming gel i...
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  56. It’s ok


    This product I was really hoping would be amazing considering the price. It is very harsh and I would definitely not be using it as often as it says on the tube. If you have sensitive skin be careful. I was hoping that my skin would get used to it, but my face gets very red and stays red for an hour or more. I suppose once it settles down it is ok, and after the application of a nice calming gel i...
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  57. Pleasant


    Scent is a little strange, but that is only due to the ingredients, which are all great for the skin and non-harsh or harmful. Leaves skin feeling soft once applied.
  58. It’s a winner


    Great 2-in-1 product! I use it straight from the tube as a 15 min leave on mask once a week, or I water it down to a thinner slurry and use it as a scrub every second morning to get rid of the dead skins cells from any overnight treatments. It’s very gentle, I haven’t experienced any irritation issues. When left on as a mask it definitely gives me a pink glow afterwards but it quickly fades & my s...
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  59. It's true love


    I have sensetive skin and and am careful about the products I use and usually they start to either make my skin breakout or cause my skin to really hurt. This has done neither and its actually made my skin look more glowy
  60. works wonder both either exfoliant or mask


    this is my go to mask whenever i feel my skin congested. It can scrub your skin softly and leave you with freshly cleaned face as well as brightening and glow your skin at the same time even in at your first use. I use it as an exfoliator if i dont have time and when i use it as a mask it gives a bonus as exfoliator. Best things is, it works! I have uneven skin tone and it has improved. It is grea...
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  61. Clean and glow


    I love this! It gives me the instant glow. It really helps to improve the texture and congested skin
  62. Refreshing and brightening


    I like the smell, the minty refreshing sensation on the skin, and its brightening and gentle exfoliating effects. Immediately after washing it off I do think the skin feels brighter and clearer. It’s a good relaxing mask to have as an alternative to the cosmeceutical masks
  63. Pure and clean skin


    Immediately after use you will see your skin getting softer, descongested and glowy! It's a must on your skin care routine!
  64. My go-to for smooth skin


    This is one of my favourite skincare products at the moment! I started off by using it once a week, post-shower. Now I use it twice a week, after my regular cleanser. My skin feels so soft after I use it. You know it's doing something right when you feel a slight tingling sensation
  65. Love Kora


    I love the Kora sleeping mask, and now this is a permanent addition to my skincare routine. I use it twice a week to brighten my skin and unblock my pores.
  66. Brightening face mask


    I have so many face masks so I tend to use this when I need an exfoliation as well. The mask sets hard and I use water to gently massage the mask off as there are small granules in the mask. My skin is sensitive and dry and I do not find that this mask irritates my skin. It’s left sort and fresh. Will repurchase when I run out.
  67. Bit overrated


    I wanted to love this mask, but same with the sleeping one I didn't notice any visible results. Perhaps more suited to someone with already great skin. I regret buying a full size bottle.
  68. Get those pores cleaned


    This mask has a bit of an odd scent, but it’s not so much overpowering. It has a really nice cooling sensation. Post use my skin was so clean and soft, so radiant and bright!! the exfoliants although harsher than most, really lifted the dead skin and dirt from my pores which was awesome. Downside is the price, it is on the expensive side especially for the amount of product you receive.
  69. Calming and Moisturising


    Super nourishing and soft on my delicate skin. Leaves my face feeling refreshed, brightened and moisturised. Love it
  70. Awesome


    I love this product!! As someone who travels regularly, nothing makes my face feel as clean as this does. It leave my skin feeling soft and smooth, really brightens my face.
  71. love it


    by far the greatest mask I have ever used - my dry, dull and flaky skin absolutely loves it. The difference in the appearance of my skin after using this is remarkable. I use the excess on the backs of my hands, and have noticed my age spots have faded away to nothing.
  72. Glowing


    Smells a bit weird but my skin really does glow incredibly after using this
  73. Really nice product


    I wanted to wait until I used this a few times before I reviewed - after using it for 3 weeks I can confidently say this is a really good product. I absolutely love the fresh, minty smell. Even though its a scrub, I don't find it harsh on my dry, sensitive skin and I can see a noticeable difference after I use it. My skin is clearer, smoother and brighter. It is a bit pricey, but it's worth it as ...
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  74. A bit pricey but worth it


    Exfoliates and brightens my skin! Leaves my skin bright, glowy and soft
  75. Nice refreshing mask


    I bought this mask mainly for pigmentation issues which tumeric is supposed to be good for. I don't rub it in as I prefer chemical exfoliation over physical but I gently wash it off and leaves my face feeling fresh. I haven't noticed any significant improvement in my pigmentation but hopefully with time it will.
  76. Hands down best face mask


    I can honestly say that this is the best face mask I have ever used! I have sensitive skin and it doesn't make my face red and blotchy. It feels incredible, smells amazing, and leaves my face smooth and fresh after use. I definitely recommend this product.
  77. Great


    This mask is just great. It helps to remove all my dead skin and brighten my complexion. I use it twice a week and I can already feel my skin become softer. Definitely recommend.
  78. Not for me


    I bought this because I live the Kora face and eye oils and the luminizers. After the first use my skin was extremely oily for two days afterwards. I used it again thinking maybe my skin jut needed to 'get used to it'. Again, my face was an oil slick for a few days afterwards. I have stopped using it. I gave it to a friend though and she loves it.
  79. Love this mask!


    I love the scent and the mask leaves my skin feeling so fresh and clean. I use it once a week to exfoliate and it’s great.
  80. Better skin


    I love turmeric face masks and this gives me such improved complexion and takes off the dead skin. I use it about once or twice a week and it always improves my skin after a long and busy week.
  81. Great for oily skin


    I love the whole concept of the product - a scrub and a mask in one. I don’t use physical exfoliators any more therefore I don’t rub this one while applying and try to just gently massage my skin while taking the mask off. I have a combination skin prone to breakouts and I love this product: it cleanses my skin and gives it a vitality boost. I leave it on for as long as I like and do not experienc...
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  82. Amazing product!


    My skin is fairy sensitive and dry, I’ve found this product to be an all round amazing exfoliator and face mask, you see amazing results straight after. My skin was visibility clearer and brighter, I was so suprised! I would highly recommend it!
  83. AMAZING!


    Honestly this is an amazing face mask! I was a bit hesitant because it's exfoliating (and I have dry skin) but it works so well for me. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth and super radiant. This is the best face mask!
  84. Love it


    My go to product when my skin is looking lifeless, gives it a instant boost of radiance without the irritation!
  85. Great mask or exfoliator!


    I love that you can use this product as both a mask or exfoliator - I tend to use it as a mask more often a few times a week (my skin type is dry). I rub it in and leave for at least 15mins - it leaves the skin minty fresh, cool and feeling so soft and clean! It may leave the cheeks a bit red for a few minutes after but this doesn’t last long for me. It comes out of the bottle a dark brown colour,...
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  86. Fresh Skin


    Great physical exfoliant if you're in the market for one. I tend to avoid physical exfoliants now but when I used this my skin was bright and fresh. Initially worked really well at combating some dark spots and uneven skin tone. Made my skin feel really smooth and soft. I enjoyed the scent too. Very invigorating.
  87. Favourite Exfoliator


    It may be damagaging to the skin, but I like exfoliators that are quite "scrubby".
    This one is great for that and also for a 10min mask. Have no complaints and have already repurchased multiple times
  88. Amazing


    Amazing mask/exfoliated that really brightenes the skin.. love it!!
  89. As good as everyone says it is!


    This mask quickly became my favourite way to exfoliate. I love that it’s natural and organic but also because it’s the best exfoliating mask on the market. It leaves me dehydrated skin looking fresh and glowy and has also addressed pigmentation issues left over from acne marks and pregnancy. Highly recommend this mask for anyone with pigmentation or congestion concerns!
  90. Good depending on your skin


    I have oily/combination skin and I really liked this mask when I initially started using it. The one thing I liked about this mask is it gives you an instant brightness and glow to your skin.

    However, I will not continue using this weekly because I find the "physical exfoliant' very harsh (especially for the face). This is a "sometimes" mask for me.

    I find its great as ...
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  91. My favourite Mask


    I'm onto my 4th bottle of the tumeric mask. Its been a game changer for me. Since i started using it, my skin is smooth, clear and glowing. It also great for those tired mornings when i need a boost. I love it!
  92. Beautiful Mask


    This mask is beautiful and feels like a treat when you put it on. The exfoliation part feels like a bonus.

    The only downside is the price point, which is a bit expensive for me.
  93. Really great 2 in 1 product


    I have very dull dry skin on a normal day but as soon as I used this mask, my face was more radiant and my skin felt so supple. And best of all it's ORGANIC. I will definitely be buying this product again.
  94. Really pleasant scrub


    I really enjoy this face scrub, it doesn't feel harsh on the skin and has a lovely and pleasant scent. Skin feels very smooth after using it and is surprisingly moisturised (unlike other scrubs which leave my skin feeling somewhat dry).
  95. Good for Occasional Use


    At first I liked this product, but now I am finding it a bit too harsh for my skin. I know it is meant to have a glowing effect, but my skin is like shiny bright red after which I'm not sure is a good thing. I leave it on for a couple of minutes, no more than five. The 5-15 mins recommended on the packaging would be far too much for me. I only use it occasionally now, and only on my T zone as it s...
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  96. Really good product for exfoliating


    As someone with dull skin tone that it prone to clogged pores, the thought of a product that can exfoliate and brighten seems like a dream match. The Kora mask is a great product, it smells amazing, my skin feels nice after and look a little brighter (but only slightly, which is why I scored it a 4). Some people noticed a reaction to it,, which I was concerned about as my skin is very sensitive, h...
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  97. Smoothed and Glowing


    I decided to try this for the main fact its a 2 in 1 product. I'm so happy I did! It's just perfect for a much needed scrub and saves so much time also in that it can be used as a mask. The smell is very natural with strong notes of the main ingredient turmeric. It also packs a punch once on as my skin went nice and pink due to the circulation boost it created. It's wonderful to feel something wor...
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  98. does what is says....lovely smooth skin


    I loved using this mask... it has a nice refreshing peppermint smell.. In general, I find exfoliators either too harsh or too soft...Kora's one is just ideal. I am left with the smoothest skin afterwards. Have recommended to friends.
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