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4.5 of 37 reviews


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Detoxify your skin, organically. MAAEMO The Elimination Mask proves that there’s nothing better for congestion and dullness than what mother nature can offer. With a unique blend of raw clays and naturopathic botanicals, this multi-tasking mask helps to visibly improve impurities and imperfections. Your skin is left looking more even, and more smooth. Active botanicals rich in essential vitamins help to protect your skin, leaving it more luminous.

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GREAT - 89% recommend

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MAAEMO The Elimination Mask 45g Reviews

4.5 of 37 reviews

89% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

good choice


Overall it is good dripping. After using it, it is tender and tender. It feels really not greasy and easy to absorb. I look forward to the effect of long-term use. It is very good! Like~

Most Helpful Criticism

Love the texture, disappointed with the experience


This mask is so nice on, too early for visible results but I just can’t get past how disappointing the product experience is.
I thought as the brush is not sold separately that it must be included however the brush is not included (product description saying this may help). It’s impossible to fit a normal kitchen tablespoon (I tried 2) inside the top of the jar, which leads to uneven dosage or lots of mess and then “enough water to make a paste” is very vague and difficult to get consistent when you cannot consistently measure the powder. I really wanted to love this product but I won’t buy again purely for the hassle of the experience.
  1. Good


    Works well as a treat for congested skin to help detox and feel clear and pampered afterwards. Quite expensive though and I didn't find it went particularly far in terms of volume.
  2. Good product


    Really good product does the job and this packaging is so pretty
  3. beautiful packaging


    this looks so lovely in my bathroom and leaves my skin feeling hydrated
  4. Love the texture, disappointed with the experience


    verified purchaser
    This mask is so nice on, too early for visible results but I just can’t get past how disappointing the product experience is.
    I thought as the brush is not sold separately that it must be included however the brush is not included (product description saying this may help). It’s impossible to fit a normal kitchen tablespoon (I tried 2) inside the top of the jar, which leads to uneven dosage...
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  5. good choice


    Overall it is good dripping. After using it, it is tender and tender. It feels really not greasy and easy to absorb. I look forward to the effect of long-term use. It is very good! Like~
  6. Clearing, soft, smooth


    Have just bought this mask for round 2 super gentle and great to use a couple of times per week. I have acne prone skin and fine i can keep more on top of it using this mask a couple of time a week. It also leaves my skin soft and smooth
  7. Does not do anything


    I just finished the whole tub, using it as mask once a week. It was a nice mask, feels soothing. But that’s about it. It does not really help with my hormonal acnes. Unfortunatey I just could not find any skin improvement with this mask.
  8. Great elimination mask!


    I have been using this product for 6 months now and fall more in love with it every time!
    It brings out so many impurities in my extremely oily skin without ever feeling like it has stripped my natural oils (many elimination masks do this to me).
    I feel like the results of the mask last a good 4-5 days without feeling the need to redo so am using it 1-2 times a week max.
  9. Clean + Simple


    I love this mask, it’s a perfect regular mask. Leaves my skin super clean and bright after every application.
  10. Nice enough mask


    I've been using this twice a week now for a couple of weeks. I like the application process, it's not an exact science - sometimes I get different ratios and the mask is thicker/thinner. But I enjoy the process, it doesn't tighten to painful levels, just dries out. I haven't seen any major improvements in my skin, it doesn't get out the blackheads or shrink pores, but my skin definitely feels nice...
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  11. Not the best clay mask


    This is an ok product. I've used many clay masks before and they always have a great effect on my complexion immediately after, but I don't really notice any difference after using this mask. I'm not a fan of the smell, and the self-mix method is a little inconvenient.
  12. Mask that makes your skin feel clean


    This mask is really gentle on the skin and makes it feel super smooth and fresh afterwards. I do feel like it unclogs my pores somewhat but does not help with excess oil production and I haven’t noticed a huge difference in my skin as of yet. It can also have a drying effect if you leave it on for too long.
  13. love this mask


    This mask is amazing! It really cleans my skin leaving it super fresh and glowing! It does dry REALLY tight on the face but not at bad thing at all. I use it 2-3 times per week :)
  14. Truely an elimination mask


    I bought the Maaemo elimination mask when I was having problems with congestion & large pores.
    When I say it works instantly I truely mean it. My congestion cleared almost fully within 2 uses.
  15. Maaemo Face Mask


    I like the effect of this mask on my skin. What I'm disappointed about are the instructions. They're very clear and it's hard to get the ratio product/water, so when it's too watery, you need to add more product and as a result you end up with to much product and creates a lot of waste. It would be nice if the brush shown on the photos was also included.
  16. Great essential mask


    Great mask to have as a staple item.
    Frequent use for better results and definitely follow after with something hydrating for the skin.

    Easy applied and removed and clears congestion
  17. LOVE

    Mama Shaz

    I love how this mask refreshes and brightens my skin! My skin feels extra clean when I use this with my nightly skin care routine! It also helps clear up some unwanted trouble spots that show up!
  18. Happy!


    Saw that this had great reviews so I decided to grab it! Really glad I did. Love it!
  19. Amazing


    I was in dire need for a good clay mask to help me with my open and congested pores. I’ve only used this mask twice and have noticed such a difference in my congestion and I am less oily as well. It makes my skin feel so smooth and divine. Love it
  20. Loveee this face mask


    I love trying out new products, face masks especially for my oily, acne prone skin.
    This is my second tub of MAAEMO elimination mask and couldn't recommend it any more.
  21. Detox


    Love clay masks and this one is good value as it comes in powder form which you then add water to to get the right consistency
  22. I hight recommended


    This mask is so great, I love it and hight recommended.
  23. Skin is soft


    I love the packaging of the Maaemo Elimination Mask. It give a luxe and classy feel to it!
    The mask itself is great and when reading the ingredients, I definitely can trust it since it's natural. The first time I used it, I think I must have put quite a lot of water (so it turned out watery). The powder has a bit of an odd smell but feels good on your face.

    Once the mask is ta...
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  24. Squeaky clean


    I don't care if experts say you shouldn't feel "squeaky clean" after face treatments; I love to and have perfect skin.
    I haven't any issues to address but do love a good clay mask once a week or so. This one you must mix up and I prefer this as I'm paying for product and not water.

    I think Maaemo is a great brand to support as it's Australian and gorgeous and effective.
    I ...
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  25. Pleasant clay mask that leaves skin fresh and glowing


    The packaging of this product is gorgeous. I love the bamboo cap. I also love the look and feel of this mask. It goes on as a rich green type of clay. It feels refreshing on and washes off relatively easily. It left my skin feeling fresher and a little brighter and glowy. Very pleasant experience.
  26. Great!


    Really nice mask helps clear up breakouts and to prevent them. Skin feels great afterwards.
  27. Flexible


    I love how you chose the thickness of this product pending on your skin concerns. I have used as a full face mask and also as a paste on blemishes.
  28. Great


    A great mask that helps to reduce my acne as well as improve my skin. My skin is clearer after using it. Recommend.
  29. Soo good!


    This mask is incredible. I love that the brand is all natural and the packaging is amazing. This mask is super hydrating and works so well on my normal/oily skin. Didn’t cause my skin to break out or have any adverse effects. Will definitely be repurchasing
  30. Fantastic


    Not only is this beautifully packaged but it works wonders for my congested skin! I'm fighting dullness, redness and breakouts all the time so I've really noticed a big difference since using this weekly.
  31. Great so far!


    Fantastic product, makes my skin feel great and I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin with repeated use about once a week for a month.
  32. So good for you!


    I love the packaging of this first of all, absolutely beautiful. the colour of the mask is a lovely green colour, which made me excited to test it out! Calmed my skin and felt like it was drawing out all the bad stuff on the layer of my skin! Love that this is so good for you, makes you feel abit better when using it
  33. Definitely RECOMMEND!


    I have used this Elimination mask from Maaemo twice now and both times my skin has been left feeling amazing, soft and plump the next day, it has also helped reduced my acne flare ups and redness.

    I Highly recommend! You will not be disappointed.
  34. Love MAAEMO


    I love MAAEMO products and this one is no exception - this is one of my favourite cleansing masks and actually feels healthy for the skin. You can even smell the Kale in it! Afterwards, my face is always baby soft and really smooth. The downside is that adore beauty does not sell the facial brush to go with it, but you can always use a good quality, clean makeup brush to apply it!
  35. Feels so good


    Tried this clay mask for the first time today and oh my goodness!!! As it dries it feels like it’s tightening on your skin and sucking all the nasties out. It smells nice and organic so you feel the goodness going onto your skin. Once you was it off your skin feels so smooth and my make up went on better. I have normal type skin with very little breakouts normally so not sure what it’s like for se...
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  36. Great mask


    This is such a great mask! Leaves skin clear and refreshed and love that it’s all natural ingredients
  37. Great natural mask

    Danii (Adore Beauty Staff)

    This mask is health in a jar! It's green, smells green and looks like its good for you. Not to mention the ingredients - french green clay and kale. A little goes a long way and you'll need a small bowl and spoon (and preferable a brush applicator). It's a great one for people who like to customise the consistency of their masks. Upon application, this feels calming, not too tight but still 'heavy...
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  38. gentle but effective

    Samantha - Adore Beauty Staff

    I have quite sensitive skin, so a lot of clay mask can feel really uncomfortable, but this one was lovely and gentle. After removing the mask my skin felt clean and tightened, and the next day it had noticeable glow.

    The smell is quite fresh, you can really pick up on the kale and other veggie ingredients that are in there.

    Would definitely recommend!
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