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Give your eyelashes a makeover and add definition and volume with our wide range of false eyelashes. Whether you’re looking for easy-to-apply lash strips for that short-term wow-factor, natural false lashes or semi-permanent lashes, you’ll love the shapes and styles on offer here.


What different types of false lashes are there?

There are a few different lash styles, and we stock them all. Common to beginners are Strip Lashes, like our MODELROCK Signature Lashes - Wispy Flower. These can be trimmed to suit the shape of your eye and length preferences, and are relatively easy to apply. Strip lashes come in a range of different styles from light and wispy, to dramatic and double layered.


The second sort of fake lashes can be categorised as ‘Flare Lashes’ or ‘Clusters’, are small groups of lashes designed to fill sparse areas. We love  Kryolan Eyelashes - Long Flares because they are versatile and add a natural flare to outer corners of your eye.


Then there are Individual Lashes, which are amazing for a subtle all over effect that you can easily control. They usually come in strands of varying lengths so they are easily customisable, and comfortable to wear, like the M.A.C Cosmetics 30 Lash.


Wondering what our false lashes are made of? We carry a range of synthetic lashes, natural lashes and mink lashes to suit your preferences!


How do you pick the right lashes for your eye shape?

If you haven’t experimented with false lashes it’s hard to know where to start. Ultimately, you know what looks best on you, but we’ve added some false lash tips based on your eye shape.


Round eyes: For a round, doe-eyed look, accentuate this eye shape with a single strip lash, that isn’t too heavy.


Almond shaped eyes: This common eye shape is easily complimented by most lash shapes, particularly wispy, fluttery lashes. This eye shape can also handle something a bit more dramatic, so don’t be afraid.


Deep-set eyes: This eye shape may need some extra curl and definition, which is why individual lashes, concentrated on the centre may be the best false lashes for this eye shape.


Hooded eyes: The perfect false lashes for hooded eyes are actually cluster lashes, which allow you to create more density towards the middle.


How to apply false lashes

Now that you’ve picked the best everyday false lashes for your eye shape, let us help you to apply them. First, make sure you measure your eye and trim the lash accordingly. Next, apply a thin layer of lash glue evenly across the lash. Then, as you apply the strip along the lash line, make sure you bond these with your natural lashes. For more applying false lash tips and info on how to trim false lashes, this article has the best hints.


How to clean false lashes

We love reusable products, and when it comes to false lashes the best way to keep them in use is by cleaning them. To clean false eyelashes first lay them on a paper towel and take a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or makeup remover. Then, use the cotton swab to wipe away makeup and glue from the lashes and lash band. Finally, let them air dry!

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MODELROCK Signature Lashes - Dominatrix Double Layered
MODELROCK Signature Lashes - Dominatrix Double Layered

Dramatic lashes on the cheap!

These lashes are excellent if you're looking for flutter & drama! Personally, I prefer a thinner, more flexible band and probably won't opt for the double layered affect next time.
MODELROCK Regular Long Knotted Lashes
MODELROCK Regular Long Knotted Lashes

Well priced & beautiful

A large amount for the price, incredibly nice quality and very easy to use! Perfect for everyday or even adding onto strip lashes for a desired affect.

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