Colour Corrector for Dark Circles

Looking to lighten your under-eye load? Well then, we'd like to introduce you to our friend, colour correcting makeup.

With every colour offering a different shadow shade resolution, we can help you find the right colour concealer for your skin.

If you’re used to slapping on a bit of creamy concealer, giving it a quick dab, and getting out the door fast, colour correcting and figuring out how to apply corrector could feel a bit intimidating. So that's why we're to help!

Colour Corrector for Dark CirclesColour Corrector for Dark Circles

What colour concealer is best for dark circles? The colour you use to correct your dark rings rests on the actual shade of your shadows.

Put simply: to help cancel out your dark circles, you need to apply a corrector that’s the opposite colour on the colour wheel.

Still feeling lost? This guide should help. Also, check out our video below explaining how to choose and apply concealer correctly.

Whether you’re picking up a green, red, orange, peach, pink, or yellow concealer for dark circles, you can colour-correct any shadow’s shade.

Now let's break down the different kinds of colour correctors and which kind of dark circles they will help cover.

Yellow corrector

A yellow colour corrector is a great option for those with shady under eye rings and fair-to-medium skin tones. Apply a colour any deeper than yellow on fair skin, and it could be tricky to conceal later.

What does a yellow colour corrector do? It neutralises the look of blue- and purple-looking dark circles. Good at covering those unexplainable bruises on your legs (where actually *do* they come from?!), a yellow corrector will also effectively counteract some deep reddish under-eye hues. Want to know how to use yellow concealer under eyes? Easy. Simply apply with a dabbing action rather than a back-and-forth swipe.

A complete concealer corrector palette.

Jane Iredale Corrective Colors contains 4 shades to effectively negate the look of your dark shadows. Every colour in the palette is cruelty-free and vegan, so you can enjoy each guilt-free. With the best yellow colour corrector, you’ll easily reduce the look of dark-red and blue-black eye bags. By brightening up the under-eye area with the pigmented yellow shade, you’ll make your skin look silky-smooth rather than cakey and clogged. Follow up with the beige to fully conceal. Ideal for all age ranges and skin types.

A complete concealer corrector palette.

Red, peach, and pink corrector

Ever seen a YouTube video of someone applying red lipstick under eye dark circles before? Well, it's not just a gimmick; this is one old wives’ tale that actually works! Luckily, you don’t have to reach for the red lippy any more—there’s a correcting formula for that. These days, the best red concealer for dark circles or the best peach colour corrector can help offset green-tinged shadows—especially if you have an olive or medium-to-dark skin tone.

If you have fair skin, a pink shade might better help correct the colour of any green undereye tones. Dark circles may all look the same on the surface, but take a closer look and you’ll notice the colour of your undertone. If your circles look more green-blue, pick yourself out a red or peach concealer or pink corrector to even out the look of your dark circles.

What to know how to apply under eye corrector? Like a wake-up call for your tired-looking eyes, Bobbi Brown Corrector helps cancel out any persistently shady shadows. Designed to be used before your usual skin-toned concealer, this is one of the best colour corrector for under eyes. It offers medium coverage and layers beautifully. Crafted for long-lasting wear, even in your high-stress moments, this corrector helps keep the lid on your blue-green eye shadows. Infused with a blend of softening skin conditioners, this formula helps keep your delicate eye area looking healthy and happy, so can forget about your circles as you go about your day.

Orange corrector

Perfect for counterbalancing the look of very deep blue circles, an orange under eye corrector works perfectly on a deeper complexion. Blending in and offsetting the unwanted dark circles, an orange shade is easier to hide under your regular concealer than those darkened skin tones.

Also good at neutralising rings that have a brownish look, an orange colour-cancellation formula helps bruised-looking skin appear glowy and healthy. Still struggling with how to apply corrector and foundation? This Long Lasting Kryolan Foundation tutorial will help.

Counteract the look of your dark circles with this easy correcting pen.

Available in a juicy apricot shade, the orange-toned Maybelline Master Camo Colour Correcting Pen is easy to use and super-effective. A highly pigmented formula that’s been carefully designed to cover discolouration, it diminishes the look of your dark circles in no time. The precise blending tip delivers effortless application, and you can use the formula wherever you need to. This colour corrector is made to layer perfectly under a creamy skin-toned concealer. Simply twist the solution up and dab it where you need it. Also available in green, blue, pink, yellow, and red shades, this handy pen makes colour correcting easy.

Counteract the look of your dark circles with this easy correcting pen.

Green corrector

Curious about what to use green concealer for? Well, it works great on red skin. Every dark shadow can look different. If your undertones are red, green-tinted makeup will work well as an under eye corrector for dark circles. If you have a darker skin tone, look for a deeper green colour, and if you have fair-to-medium skin, a lighter green will work best. A green corrector with a hint of blue helps brighten and lift a sallow-looking under eye area on all skin types.

A handy formula to have in your makeup kit, a green corrector will also offset the look of pimples and annoying red patches. Want to know how to use green concealer? If your under eyes look constantly red and flushed, apply a green formula sparingly and dab with a damp sponge or makeup brush.

Designed to give you a professional-looking finish, this cruelty-free and creamy formula blends seamlessly into your skin and wears beautifully under foundation. Easy to apply exactly where you need it, this formula evens out your skin tone and helps hide dark circles. Whether you’re correcting the look of red rings around your eyes or a slew of pimples on your chin, this handy blend has you covered. Want to know how to apply under eye concealer? For best results, blend and sheer out the green formula before building up your foundation.

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