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There’s nothing quite like the gorgeous swipe of a crisp, sultry eyeliner. When you go Luxe, you know that’s what you’re getting! Ever since Cleopatra sported her classic, heavily lined eyes, women have been using eyeliner to accentuate the windows to their soul. Why not treat yourself to a liner that’s richly pigmented, stays on all day, and can cope with whatever you throw at it? A defined eye helps you take on the day like no other facial feature. Our Luxe liner brands bring only the best to help you rock everything from a fierce cat eye to understated definition. From gels to pencils to liquids, the options are endless. Our Luxe selection has everything you need to accentuate your already-gorgeous eyes.

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Eye Of Horus Goddess PencilEye Of Horus Goddess Pencil
Eye Of Horus
Eye Of Horus Goddess Pencil

The only eye liner you need

My must have eye liner, ever since I discovered it, there is no other brand that matches the staying power of this liner, great pigmentation (especially the black) and glides nicely.
MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Xl Eye PencilMAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Xl Eye Pencil
MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Xl Eye Pencil

Easy peasy...

You know when you put eyeliner on and you do it badly and you keep trying to fix it and then before you know it you look like someone drew on your face with a crayon? This is gnerally me with all eyeliners. I gave up on wearing eyeliner as I always had not only the problem above, but also the problem of them smudging everwhere under the eye and looking like a dunkard (also when sober). THIS DID NOT HAPPEN. Thank you Make up Forever for being so easy to apply that even i could do it! Please note this stuff was actually really hard to get off though.
3INA The Automatic Eye Pencil3INA The Automatic Eye Pencil
3INA The Automatic Eye Pencil

Great brand

Nice and doesn’t smudge. I Usenet it frequently as this brand never lets me down!
Nude by Nature Angled Eyeliner Brush 17Nude by Nature Angled Eyeliner Brush 17
Nude By Nature
Nude by Nature Angled Eyeliner Brush 17


So soft and such good quality. I have the entire set. Hooked!!