Which Eyeliner Works Best for Cat Eyes?

Want flawless cat eyes? You need the right eyeliner for your skill level, plus the right technique! Here are the tricks you need to get perfect cat eyes .

Who doesn’t love the cat-eye look? This incredibly versatile eyeliner style is ultra-flattering for most eye shapes.

Generations of women have been trying to master this timelessly cool look. Notoriously tricky, cat eyes can turn into a total mess if you're a beginner.


Which Eyeliner Works Best for Cat Eyes?


Want to create a flawless cat eye? Here’s everything you need to know master the look in six easy steps.


1. Grab Your Product

The right eyeliner for you depends on your experience level. There’s no single perfect liner. Some products are easier to work with, whereas others last longer. Here’s a quick rundown on your options:

Beginners: If you're a total newbie, use a crayon. While it isn’t the longest-lasting pick, a crayon is the easiest form of eyeliner to work with. If you veer off course, you can easily wipe the liner off and start over. For a top-notch crayon, we love Mirenesse Cat Eyes Liner.

Intermediates: Know your stuff? Go for a felt-tip pen. Liquid liner goes on much darker than a crayon, but a pen is easier to work with than a brush. Designed for cat-eye styles, we love Napoleon Perdis Neo Noir Liquid Liner.

Pros: If you're a seasoned eyeliner pro, pick a gel eyeliner. Nothing creates a flawless finish like a thick, jet-black liner from a jar. For a picture-perfect look, check out Jane Iredale Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliners.You'll also need an angled brush like the Laura Mercier Angled Eye Liner Brush.

2. Start in the Middle

Whichever eyeliner you choose, start in the middle of your upper eyelid. Drawing as close to your lash line as possible, slowly work your way outwards. If you have trouble drawing a straight line, apply the liner in multiple short strokes. Stop at the edge of your eye.

3. Finish the Line

Move to the inner corner of your eye and work your way over to the line you just drew.


Which Eyeliner Works Best for Cat Eyes?


4. Draw Outside the Line


Starting from the outermost corner of your eye, draw a straight line out towards your temple. Don’t worry! You can’t do it wrong. Go for whatever angle and length you like.

5. Make a Triangle

Starting at the outer corner of your line, draw another line back to your upper lash line. Your goal here is to make an empty triangle next to your eye. Of course, the shorter the triangle is, the subtler your look will be. A narrower triangle may have little or no empty space, which is fine too.

6. Colour In Your Cat Eye

You're almost done! Colour in the triangle to complete the tail of your liner. If you have any crooked lines, work in small strokes to cover them up.

Want a bold liner upgrade? Check out the gorgeous colours in the Napoleon Perdis China Doll Gel Eyeliner collection.


Which Eyeliner Works Best for Cat Eyes?

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