What Kind of Facial Scrub Should I Use?

Facial scrubs offer more benefits than you might imagine. The right product will improve the overall quality of your skin, fight acne, and even prevent and reverse signs of ageing. Find out how to pick a scrub here.

How would you react if we told you there was a quick, easy, and natural way to keep skin looking youthful? Would you jump at the opportunity? Would you think it was too good to be true?

Now, if we told you that all you need is a facial scrub, what would you think? If you've been wondering whether you should be using a scrub, there's really no reason not to use one.


What kind of facial scrub should I use?


How do facial scrubs work?

Facial scrubs use tiny grains of mineral or plant substances to gently buff away the outermost layers of skin. Technically called exfoliation, the action of scrubbing away dead cells offers several benefits. Facial scrubs:

  • Increase skin cell turnover to slow ageing
  • Exfoliation brightens and evens skin tone
  • Allows moisturisers and treatments to penetrate your skin more effectively
  • Help prevent acne

Skin is similar to filo pastry in that both have many layers. Imagine what happens to filo pastry when it's put in the oven. The top layers harden and brown, whereas the bottom layers are cooked, yet moist. The exact same differences are visible within the layers of your skin.

Left alone, young skin cells turn over completely within an average of 30 days. As you mature, this time cycle slows by up to 33%. The top layers of skin appear dull, aged, and dehydrated—similar to that baked filo pastry.

Facial scrubs increase skin's natural exfoliation rate. Fresh, healthy skin cells come to the surface more quickly, leaving your complexion with a youthful glow.

We recommend using a product with an ultra-fine exfoliant for mild action. Try one of our favourites:

But wait: exfoliation doesn't stop there. If you want to ramp up the anti-ageing, anti-acne benefits of your skincare routine, you may want to add a chemical exfoliator.


What kind of facial scrub should I use?


What is a chemical exfoliator?

Unlike scrubs, which are physical exfoliants, chemical exfoliants can be gentler while also treating layers of skin not yet visible. This is the reason why chemical exfoliants are more effective than physical exfoliants when treating ageing or acne.

Chemical exfoliants work by gently softening the glue that adheres skin cells together. These exfoliating ingredients get to work as soon as applied and continue to work long after, helping to:

  • Stimulate collagen production for anti-ageing benefits
  • Prevent spots with antibacterial properties

These additional benefits put chemical exfoliants one step ahead of physical exfoliants. Chemical exfoliants are for you if you worry about premature ageing or are prone to spots and pimples.

We recommend the following exfoliants for anti-ageing benefits:

And the following exfoliants for anti-acne benefits:

Unlike facial scrubs, chemical exfoliants are fully absorbed by your skin. Applying the product is all you need to do. There's no need to rub, scrub, or wash it off.

Exfoliants are also great at preventing ingrown hairs, a common consequence of shaving. Combining a better shaving technique with a scrub or chemical exfoliant will keep your skin smooth and clear.


What kind of facial scrub should I use?

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