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Even if your future doesn’t look bright, at least your teeth will with Mr. Bright Smile, a teeth whitening range that cares about what goes into their products and is proven to effectively whiten teeth. You can smile better (and brighter) knowing that your teeth are being whitened with only the best ingredients. 

Created by two serial entrepreneurs,  Hamish Buckley and Simon Hill, Mr. Bright understands the need for a teeth whitening system that doesn’t use harsh chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, that also won’t compromise on efficiency. The first of its kind, all Mr Bright products are hydrogen peroxide free, dairy free, soy free and gluten free, as well as Vegan friendly. There’s also no latex, parabens, or sulfates and no artificial colours or flavours. 

Why is Mr Bright hydrogen peroxide-free?

In their research, Mr Bright found that there was a range of complaints from customers who used products with hydrogen peroxide. These include:

  • Weakened teeth

  • Harsh on crowns and fillings

  • Created teeth sensitivity

  • Irritating on the gums

  • Loss of enamel

What ingredients does Mr Bright use instead?

Glycerin: Effective at delivering teeth whitening agents directly into the enamel, providing fast results

Sodium Bicarbonate: Also known as bicarb soda, this ingredient is a natural teeth whitener and teeth cleaner

Cranberry: Helps to dissolve plaque, making penetration into the enamel easier

Xylitol: A natural sweetener that helps reduce tooth decay and treat dry mouth

Aloe Vera: Known for its cooling effect on the skin, it can also help soothe and moisturise the mouth. 

Organic Peppermint Oil: A natural ingredient to help your breath smell and feel fresh

What are the hero products of Mr Bright?

Mr Bright Whitening Kit

This home teeth whitening kit is one of Mr. Brights’ best sellers. With an LED light, mouth guard and gel formula, your teeth will be whiter in just 10 minutes.

Mr Bright Whitening Pen

Quick, effective, and designed to fit easily in your pocket, the whitening pen only takes 30 seconds to apply and shows results in 10 minutes.

Mr Bright Whitenening Toothpaste

Great tasting, effective and natural alternative to a whiter smile, this toothpaste doesn’t contain any bleach or hash abrasives. 

Hydrogen peroxide free, containing natural ingredients, no harmful chemicals and clinically proven and certified, Mr Bright is the premium and safe alternative to oral care and is also completely vegan friendly.

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Recent reviews on Mr Bright products

Mr Bright Whitening Pen
Mr Bright
Mr Bright Whitening Pen

Quick and easy

I've heard good things about the brand and decided to pick this product up to test before venturing further and purchasing some of their more expensive kits. I love that this product is made from natural ingredients and even only after 1 week of use I already do see a difference. The product is very slim and fits nicely into a handbag or makeup pouch.
Mr Bright Whitening Pen
Mr Bright
Mr Bright Whitening Pen

Works well!

This product is easy to use and actually works! Perfect for a quick touch up before an event
Mr Bright Whitening Kit With LED - 2 Weekly Supply
Mr Bright
Mr Bright Whitening Kit With LED - 2 Weekly Supply

Easy and effective

So easy to use and love the timed LED mouth guard, makes the process easy to integrate into a busy schedule- I have a clingy two year old). Tastes great and saw results by day 3. Will also give to my husband.

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