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NAK Hair Structure Complex No.3 Bond Enhancer 150ml 150ml

4.7 of 18 reviews


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A strengthening treatment to repair damaged hair. 

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SUPERIOR - 96% recommend

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NAK Hair Structure Complex No.3 Bond Enhancer 150ml Reviews

4.7 of 18 reviews

96% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Excellent product

Sandy Shehata

This product is amazing for frizzy hair! I use it once a week after shampooing and the results have been amazing! My hair is left feeling super soft and silky smooth!

Most Helpful Criticism



this was okay, it smells nice and the packaging is great but I did not really notice anything in my hair from using it
  1. Excellent product

    Sandy Shehata

    This product is amazing for frizzy hair! I use it once a week after shampooing and the results have been amazing! My hair is left feeling super soft and silky smooth!
  2. Best sample ever


    I received this product as a sample and I fell in love! It leaves my hair feeling so soft and replenished. Could not recommend enough.
  3. Great for damaged hair


    Leaves my bleached hair quite soft, detangled and smelling nice and sweet. Regular conditioners dont quite cut it with my hair at the moment so I have been rotating different treatments and this is a good one.
  4. Great hair treatment


    First you can't go past the delicious scent of this conditioning treatment. I have used it several times and very happy with the result. I have really noticed a difference in the softness & volume of my hair, as it is normally quite fine and straight. A lot of these treatments leave my hair lank and greasy, but not this one & it makes it easier to style. My hubby has also commented on how nice...
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  5. Strong hair


    My hair has transformed from using this, from brittle and dry to sleek and shiny. I'm not kidding this does what it says and smells so nice
  6. Nice treatment


    This treatment is good. It smells great and is a thicker product than Olaplex which I was previously using. It works similarly so overall, I find it nice and strengthening.
  7. Quality treatment


    WOW!! High quality hair treatment that is affordable and smells soooo good :) I use it weekly in place of mu conditioner and I saw a substantial difference within a couple of uses. I towel dry my hair then I comb it through and I leave it for around 5 minutes or a little bit longer if I have some spare time. I am in love with this product! 10/10
  8. great for dry blondes


    I use this every second wash in place of normal conditioner, and it keeps my hair balanced. doesn't leave hair feeling heavy and definitely has strengthened my battered blonde hair.
  9. Wonderful


    I received a full size as a GWP, That’s great. I love the scent of the hair treatment , and it makes my hair soft and shine. This strengthening, hydrating treatment is aimed at rebuilding hair from the inside out.
  10. Great for fine curly hair


    I have fine, curly hair that is bleached every 6 weeks. After the first use I found my curls had more definition and kept there shape longer. Loved the smell as well, reminded me of bubble gum. Will be using this product again.
  11. AMAZING!!!

    sandy shehata

    Been using this weekly for about a month and I absolutely love the results it gives! It makes my hair super soft and shiny, controls frizz and flyaways and does everything it claims! Highly recommend!
  12. Literally does wonders

    Adore beauty

    I got a sample size for free and usually I’m not fussed with treatments as I hate the waiting time and in most cases they don’t feel like they do much more than conditioner does. However this is literally life changing. My hair is usually dry and comes out so much softer and healthier looking. Can’t wait to buy the full sized bottle! You won’t regret it.
  13. Great product


    I received a very generous sample of this product, it is a lovely product and I have noticed that my hair is more manageable when styling. The smell of this product is also amazing. It is not my fav hair treatment, but for the price, it is a lovely product and would purchase again for a budget treatment product.
  14. Delicious goodness


    I got this as a deluxe sample and I was not disappointed. Firstly it smells so delicious, like grape hubba bubba! You don’t need too much for long hair. I used it as a conditioner but just kept it in for a bit longer when I was in the shower. Made it easier to blow dry my hair and the ends still feel great in the morning with bed hair
  15. Smells incredible


    Someone needs to bottle this up and sell it as a perfume, seriously.

    I got this in a sample size and while it's not particularly suited to my hair on paper (my hair is relatively healthy) it does make it feel thicker and stronger without weighing down my hair or making me all greasy.

    I'm going to repurchase, just because it's a nice product and because it smells so good....
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  16. Amazed!

    Curly and Frizzy

    Wow, used it once, without putting any effort into my hair and the results are amazing. My curls are more defined, less frizz, and so soft and bouncy. It smells great and is so easy to use. I’ve already recommended to to everyone that commented on my hair.
  17. my fav


    love this it's been great
  18. Go for it!


    I am the bleached split ended blonde that the structure complex is aimed at. It does work, leaves hair feeling soft, and looking healthy without weighing it down. I think the price point is reasonable for a once a week hair treatment and I'd definitely recommend it. It does have a strong smell which could be a deal-breaker for some, I like the scent as it reminds me of something... still haven't ...
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  19. Good olaplex dupe


    This smells great and deeply moisturises. I received this a a gift and will buy when I run out of it as I believe it works well especially if you are looking for a deeply moisturising product.
  20. Great treatment

    Mel S

    I have quite fine, natural hair that tends to get split ends and break easily. This product (along with the matching shampoo & conditioner) has worked wonders for my hair. It’s rich but still like weight so it doesn’t make my hair feel or look flat/oily. I’ve noticed an improvement in the texture and general condition of my hair.
  21. okay


    this was okay, it smells nice and the packaging is great but I did not really notice anything in my hair from using it
  22. great treatment


    this is such a great treatment, it smells so amazing like lollies or bubble gum and leaves my hair feeling so soft and hydrated!!!!


    I have very dry, frizzy and damaged hair but this makes my hair so smooth and shiny which is a struggle as a blonde. I always get asked if I've just been at the hairdressers after using this!! Definitely my favourite treatment!
  24. So good!!


    My thick hair was damaged by multiple bleach in 1 day... Quarantine hair.. I used this once (after trying other treatments like curaplex) and omg. My volume came back and it looks great. Its still a little dry, but it feels so much better. I've tried other reconstructing treatment, and this one is the best so far.

    I got mine with the Christmas trio.
  25. Amazing!


    I received a generous sample size of this and wow- it is amazing! Really softened my hair and it smells amazing. I am a big fan of the olaplex products but love that this can be easily used in place of a conditioner rather than a step prior to washing hair which is much more convenient for me. I'm not sure whether it does the same job as olaplex but I will definitely be repurchasing this, it is al...
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  26. Super soft hair


    I have thick, coarse, wavy crazy hair, and the first time I used this, not much happened. Second time I applied to washed and conditioned hair, root to tip, rinsed after 3 minutes and let my hair air dry. Even with the crazy curls, my hair was super, noticeably soft. It's not the same as Olaplex, but certainly made my unruly hair soft and touchable.
  27. fantastic!


    hair is left super soft with this, very happy!
  28. Lovely product and smells divine


    This product does a fantastic job at nourishing my ends and strengthening my hair. I use it every couple of weeks and leave on for around mins. The smell is incredible!! Probably the best smelling hair product I have ever used. I like that this product feels moisturising but not too oily/greasy as some masks can tend to be.
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