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Olaplex No.3 + No.6 Duo 100ml x 2

4.6 of 58 reviews


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Treat, smooth and repair your hair with Olaplex No.3 + No.6 Duo. This limited edition pack, valued at $99.90, contains full sizes of Olaplex steps 3 and 6, to repair broken bonds caused by chemical and heat treatments and leave damaged hair feeling smooth, strong and healthy.

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 95% recommend

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Hair Concern:

  • Fine or limp hair
  • Oily roots, dry ends
  • Breakage and split ends
  • Curl control
  • Dull, lacking shine
  • Colour protection
  • Frizzy hair

Hair Curl Type:

  • Curly
  • Straight
  • Very curly/African/Caribbean
  • Wavy

Hair Texture:

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse

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Olaplex No.3 + No.6 Duo Reviews

4.6 of 58 reviews

95% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

holy grail products


best products for my hair, repairs bonds and is so nourishing and I love the combo

Most Helpful Criticism

Great Advertising and Marketing


I was soooo excited to get this in the salon. Especially after hearing the great reviews and all the hype about it. However, I personally saw very little results in any of my clients hair. We had to charge a lot (it’s super expensive) and saw very little change to the structural integrity of the clients hair. I feel like Olaplax simply has a great marketing team because it’s no better than products cheaper than it. It’s not bad. It’s just not great.
  1. holy grail products


    best products for my hair, repairs bonds and is so nourishing and I love the combo
  2. fave hair product


    love olaplex for my damaged dyed hair! would repurchase always
  3. amazing combo


    I use No 3 in my hair overnight, i then wash my hair in the morning and use No 6 while my hair is damp before I blow-dry. Amazing products that have helped transform my damaged hair
  4. A good investment?


    Olaplex No. 3: I've used it a few times. It is super easy to distribute and smells like perfume. However, I don't think it improved the overall health of my hair. If you're looking to invest in some Olaplex products, I would recommend numbers 6 and 7 combined.
  5. Olaplex no3


    My medium, long curly hair had a moisture / protein imbalance and after using the no3, i had spirals in my for the first time since i was a little girl. WOW!
    Only thing is, its so expensive, i used a third of the bottle for my hair which is why i dropped it a half star but would repurchase as its hard to find good products that work on curly hair
  6. 6 over 3


    Both are really great, feels smooth and smells amazing, but felt like I had more use and results from No.6.
  7. Best in 60 years


    I decided to go natural a year ago. Grey hair can look wirey and dull. I have all the Olaplex products. I find when straightening the GHD smooths over really well. Just a small amount goes a long way. You may think they are expensive however I’m still on my first lot of shampoo/ conditioner after a year. I even have to hide it from my daughter in law!!! No more cheap nasties for me.
  8. MUST HAVE!!


    Ola plex no3 used before no4 (shampoo) and no5 (conditioner) is a must have if your hair is bleached blonde, just wait until you feel your hair after.

    No6 is a anti frizz serum which isn't in my opinion a must as i have dead straight hair and its quiet manageable due to my good up keep however this would be beneficial for those who have frizzy hair after shower and it does detangle a...
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  9. The best Duo


    verified purchaser
    It works, does what it says and worth the money. No.3 is a fantastic hair mask, glad i took the leap. No.6 smells really good as a styling product that isnt oily. Would buy again. They last a long time.
  10. Definitly works


    I am not sure what they do. I am using the shampoo, conditioner, no 3 and no 6. and I feel my hair is much more manageable and stronger. I noticed the change after couple of month of use and girl it works. I need to buy the shampoo & conditioner again.
  11. Helped restore my hair


    I have severely damaged hair from years of chemical straightening and this is so far the only product that has helped restore some of the strength and reduce breakage. My hair is looking a lot better than it has in years, will definitely repurchase once I run out.
  12. Great value!


    Great value for these two products. Olaplex 3 is amazing and a cant live without, while 6 is very good but not as essential for me.
  13. Great results


    This product definitely delivers all it promises and highly recommended by professionals BUT overpriced as there are cheaper products that deliver just as great results.
  14. Amazing value


    Using these two products in conjunction has really been helping my damaged hair. Such great value!
  15. Hair loves it


    It's made a huge difference to my hair's strength and smoothness. The only thing I would suggest is that Olaplex use different packaging for No.6 as it's a very thick cream and difficult to dispense.
  16. match made in heaven


    This is a nice duo that aims to prevent breakage/damage with the hair protector and gives smoothness and nourishment with the bond smoother. Also it has great value moneywise and you get to a good hair care foundation
  17. Value for money


    I have damaged hair and was doubted to give these products a try, they are good and I think after some weeks I feel my hair is thicker and stronger.
  18. Amazing product


    I bought this after a recommendation from my
    hairdresser and it had definitely not disappointed. I find a little goes a long way, but it has improved my hair texture and softness.
  19. Can't live without it!


    I LOVE Olaplex! I have naturally very dark asian hair, and bleach it to a super light blonde, maybe a shade off platinum. I used to get my hair done like this maybe 6+ years ago before Olaplex existed and it was always SO hard to look after my hair, which was fragile and thirsty. Now that Olaplex exists, it's a TOTAL GAME CHANGER for platinum blondes! I always ask for Olaplex with my colour servic...
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  20. Great products and such good value


    I have been using Olaplex No. 3 for years and it is so wonderful for reducing breakage and improving the condition of my hair. I recently got this pack because I wanted to try No. 6 too - and I really like it. I apply it to my mid length to ends before blow drying. I have fine hair and this does not leave my hair feeling greasy or weighed down at all - it leaves it feeling so soft and silky. You o...
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  21. 100% Necessary


    Recommended to me by my hairdresser, probably the only reason my hair didn't fall out after bleaching the heck out of it. Wish olaplex was a little less expensive but this pack is really good value and will be buying again.
  22. Great Advertising and Marketing


    I was soooo excited to get this in the salon. Especially after hearing the great reviews and all the hype about it. However, I personally saw very little results in any of my clients hair. We had to charge a lot (it’s super expensive) and saw very little change to the structural integrity of the clients hair. I feel like Olaplax simply has a great marketing team because it’s no better than product...
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  23. Must have


    Olaplex no.3 is a must have if your hair is damaged or you use a lot of heat, not just for blondes. It has repaired my dry ends and left my hair smoother. No. 6 I tried for the first time and very impressed. It left my hair soft and smooth and cut down my drying time. A little of no.6 goes a long way, would highly recommend both.
  24. Lifesaver for damaged hair!


    Great duo for damaged hair! The no. 3 Treatment is a lifesaver for damaged, colour processed hair. The No. 06 styling cream will last you a lifetime if you have fine hair, because you only need to using the tiniest amount!

    The bundles are also wonderful because they save you some money and so are great value :)
  25. not 100% certain its helping


    No. 3 is always great. First time trying no.6 though. A little goes a long way, and I think it's helping (but hard to tell if its this or no.3 or the in-salon olaplex treatment I had)
  26. Perfect hair duo


    I have fine, dry and chemically treated hair. Using these products visually improved the texture and health of my hair, and I use this 1-2 times a week !
  27. Perfect hair duo


    Hair has felt incredible since using these two products.
    I use olaplex no.3 1 x per week and no.6 after each wash.
    Hair appears to be getting much stronger faster!
  28. Good package for chemically treated hair


    If you have bleached hair that feels like straw after washes and snapping, its because you're not taking care of your hair, I recommend having these items. I have black hair which is hard to lift to blonde. Keeping healthy blonde hair is hard to maintain without using olaplex 3 as a mask and then following it up with a leave in conditioner.
  29. Worth the price


    What can I say! I’m glad I went ahead and purchased this product! Even after one use, my hair looks and feels absolutely amazing. A little bit goes a long way with this product and I have very thick, long hair! Highly recommend giving it a go
  30. Buy both, you won't regret it


    This is a great treatment pairing. I use the no.3 once a week and no.6 every time I wash my hair. I have pretty thin hair so i'm careful only to use a small amount of the no.6 so I don't let me hair get too oily.
  31. Next level


    Take the plunge, and buy this duo.

    I find you can get away with cheaper, clarifying shampoos, but this duo just works.

    I’ve found since using it, I don’t need my hair trimmed so often. I have it near waist length and usually need a cut every 8 weeks, but this seems to extend the time. So if your hairdresser visits are cut down a few times a year, then this pays for itse...
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  32. Great value


    Great value to buy both items as a duo. I have used olaplex number 3 for years so I was excited to try the new bond smoother. My thin bleached hair has improved so much with these products. I have Less breakage and my hair is starting to feel so much stronger
  33. Great Value!


    this is a great value duo, you end up saving quite a bit getting this pack rather than buying separately. No.6 is an amazing styling product, I use on both wet or dry hair to reduce frizz and add hydrate ends. No.3 is a good treatment, I don't love how it needs to be left on for so long though and I find I have to use HEAPS to properly cover my hair. I prefer in shower treatments like Nak Structur...
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  34. Love these

    LAURA w

    They are amazing for recently dyed hair, amazing bundle!
  35. Great for value


    Having used Olaplex No. 3 for over a year now (and absolutely love how it strengthens my hair), I was so excited to try out the leave in No. 6. As expected, I love both products. I've been using No. 6 for the past month now (washing 1-2 a week), and can say that it leaves the hair feeling soft and smooth - I've also noticed that my hair tangles less than before, which is so great. This duo deal is...
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  36. Healthy plus


    My olaplex is a dream come true nos3 is amazing $ nos7 really helps those ends I have long blonde hair & it’s just so nice I don’t blow dry hair & it works so give it a go
  37. Amazing!


    I love these! Makes such a difference in my hair. So smooth and silky!
  38. Good set


    I love both these products and this deal offers some really good savings!
  39. Must have products!


    I have had my hair bleached many thimes and my hair is very damaged after all that chemical! This products have save my life and my hair!! It rebuild hair bonds and make then stronger again!! The leaving cream makes your hair looks soft , shiny and bright!
  40. THIS is my Holy Grail product!


    My hair became damaged and dry after bleaching and due to getting older (according to my hairdresser). I tried several leave in treatments and hair masques but the only thing that helped was Olaplex No 3 which gave me THE BEST HAIR I've had since I was 18 (I'm now in my 50's).
    No.6 is brilliant too! I just put in a small amount - I have very thick hair and it tames the frizz, leaves it shin...
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  41. Perfect for frizzy hair


    Wether it is No 3 or No 6, the treatment is perfect for dry, frizzy hair. Personally, No 3 is my favourite as I found my hair feels much smoother and easier to style. You only need a small amount and it will last for a while.
  42. Amazing value for money when purchasing from Adore


    After constant colouring of my hair, and changing from red to blonde to mahogany, my hair has been left dry and prone to breakage. For a super luxurious treatment, I leave the No. 3 in my hair for over an hour and after washing out as per instructions, I am left with smoother and more manageable hair. No. 6 is one of my favourite leave in products. I use a little after every wash and brush it t...
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  43. worth a try


    First off, these bottles are TINY, but the actual product seems to work quite well. No.3 makes my hair healthier and No.6 I apply on dry hair to smooth it out. I have long thick hair that's dry and a bit damaged at the ends for reference
  44. Olapex has saved my damaged/bleached hair!


    This bond smoother and treatment set by Olaplex is incredible! I had used their in-salon products and at home treatment previously (No.3) so when they released the bond smoother I just had to try it. My hair is quite dry and brittle from being bleached and heat-treated so I am always looking for products that can improve the quality and softness of my hair. I use the bond smoothing cream on damp/t...
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  45. will purchase again


    really enjoyed this, I use it with the olaplaex shampoo and conditioner and really love it for my break prone hair
  46. Dynamic Duo


    I have been using No 3 for a couple months now and have really enjoyed it so was looking forward to the No 6. My hair tends to be quite dry and I have extensions as well so any product like this is good to keep the strength and shine up. I am hoping to continue to see improvement over the next few months.
  47. System doesn’t work for me


    I have long, thick, wavy/loosely curled untreated hair. I get some frizz and use heat tools a fair bit. I gave the olaplex system a try and was disappointed, I certainly didn’t get any miracle results, and after a couple of week my hair was left feeling coarser than when I started. Also I used 3 really quickly, a lot was needed to coat my hair. 6 lasts longer but I have stopped using it because i’...
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  48. great!


    This kit is really great for damaged hair. I had a lot of split ends from constantly curling my hair and after using both, my hair looks and feels stronger, plus it feels much more softer and silky. LOVE IT
  49. Soft and silky hair!


    I’ve loved the Olaplex No. 3 product, and decided to give No. 6 a go and I definitely recommend it! It makes my hair so soft and healthy, even after using heat products. Will definitely be repurchasing this combo.
  50. Best home treatment ever!


    I've been using No 3 for 3 years now and it has completely changed my blonde hair from dry and damaged to super thick, long and shiny. I like to leave the treatment in overnight and rinse it out in the morning. No 6 has also helped keep my hair smooth and less frizzy during blow drying but hasn't made a noticeable difference compared to when I've just used No 3.
  51. Healthy


    Doesn't give you that fake silky feeling that chemist brand products give - it makes your hair feel literally stronger and more full. Excited to see what this does for my hair over the next few months as its already done so much in a weeks use :)
  52. Didn’t receive my order.


    First time ordering from adore beauty.I placed my order for the olaplex range. Everything I ordered said in stock. I waited 5 days and still hadn’t recieved my dispatch email with my tracking number. I texted them with no reply as to where my product was. I texted them again asking. Is it possible to cancel my order? Without them answering my first text message of where my order was they send me a...
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  53. good value


    I like the discounted price for buying both. I like both products but I do think number 3 does more for my hair than number 6. Number 3 really makes my hair feel silky and smooth and hydrated and my hair grows longer when I use it. Number 6 makes my hair smoother when I use it on dry hair but I don't think it does much for my overall hair health.
  54. Amazing products


    I really like the no.3 treatment & I was excited to try the no.6 bond smoother, so I'm glad I could buy these two together. The no.3 treatment has done wonders for my damaged hair, and the no.6 makes my hair feel very soft. Only a small amount is needed, but I have really long hair so the product gets used up really quickly. I wish you got more product for the price, but otherwise the products ar...
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  55. Great value set


    I really love the Olaplex products! They are quite pricey so I'm glad I could purchase no.3 and no.6 in this duo set to save some money.
  56. great value


    So far so good, only been used this for one time. Will probably need more times to see results but I am hopeful.
  57. great duo


    this is such a good duo and your saving more and getting more product! win win. I am officially obsessed with the no6 after buying this duo I don't think I can ever straighten my hair again without it
  58. Great Products!


    I love both these products and this deal offers some really good savings!
  59. soft and smooth


    your hair will be very soft after, although i have never left it on for as long as the recommended time but it still work like magic
  60. Great value


    I am a big fan of the Olaplex range and this deal was too good to resist.

    I have damaged colour treated hair and find that No.3 and No.6 are the perfect combo. I also use the shampoo and conditioner.

    No.6 has really impressed me. Hair feels soft and my blow drys are lasting much longer.
  61. Great Deal!


    Great deal thanks to Adore Beauty! You save $20 bucks by buying this duo. Every penny saved counts ;)
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