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Face serums have so many benefits and are so good at their job that it’s hard to stick to just one. Luckily, at Adore Beauty we stock a comprehensive selection of natural and certified organic serums to address any issues or skin concerns you may have.

Organic facial serums

Get proven results. Choose from one of the many certified organic serums Adore Beauty carries and pamper your skin with amazing ingredients for repairing the skin, boosting the natural healing process, and creating a healthy, radiant complexion. Our certified organic facial serums are packed full of essential oils, vitamins and other nutrients that nourish, repair and hydrate the skin. They are a great addition to your healthy skin care routine and will provide visible results in a relatively short period of time.

Plant-based serums

Adore Beauty carries organic serums that among other benefits will brighten, firm and hydrate the skin. Each certified organic serum contains plant based, skin loving, oils, herbs and essences that work together to improve the condition of your skin.

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SALT BY HENDRIX Botanical Facial Serum 30ml SALT BY HENDRIX Botanical Facial Serum 30ml
SALT BY HENDRIX Botanical Facial Serum 30ml

Very nice botanical product

I have recently began to switch all my skincare to naturally derived products, and thought I'd give this a go.
This serum is very liquid & light, and I find it nice to use in the morning prior to putting on makeup - it acts as a nice hydrating primer for my skin.
The packaging is lovely and looks great in the bathroom.
Black Chicken Remedies Love Your Face SerumBlack Chicken Remedies Love Your Face Serum
Black Chicken Remedies
Black Chicken Remedies Love Your Face Serum

Best face oil/serum available

Ok, I have to be honest this is the best serum I have used! The texture is more of an oil, however it quickly absorbs into the skin and is perfect for dehydrated dry skin. It’s also great for us using just before foundation application if you don’t want to dehydrate during the day, or even if you just want that glowy dewy make up look! Perfect product, love it and apply it every day!
Biologi Bd Luminosity Face Serum 30mlBiologi Bd Luminosity Face Serum 30ml
Biologi Bd Luminosity Face Serum 30ml

Cystic Breakout Around Mouth

The smell is really strange and the texture feels a little bit like oil and its a bit sticky. However, after a nights sleep with the serum, the next morning my skin is dramatically different! Complexion is a lot more even, redness is down 70%. I have some angry cysts around my mouth and since using the Bd serum (currently day 4) the size of the cysts have reduced by 40%. Will definitely check back in after 2 months of use to see if it helps with controlling the outbreak of cystic acne.