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Real Techniques 4 Miracle Mini Complexion Sponges

4.5 of 47 reviews


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Real Techniques 4 Miracle Mini Complexion Sponges are 3-in-1 complexion sponges that will leave skin smooth and flawless. 

Perfect for touching up on the go or travelling, these mini sponges can be used damp for a dewy glow, or dry for full coverage. 

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SUPERIOR - 90% recommend

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Real Techniques 4 Miracle Mini Complexion Sponges Reviews

4.5 of 47 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Best quality sponges ever


The size makes them very convenient for travel and they are also very affordable. It’s convenient to have multiple sponges so you have a clean one ready to go for applying different products

Most Helpful Criticism

It is OK


These are small sponges you can only really use under your eyes or to cover blemishes. Nothing a bigger RT sponge couldn't do. Not impressed
  1. It is OK


    These are small sponges you can only really use under your eyes or to cover blemishes. Nothing a bigger RT sponge couldn't do. Not impressed
  2. Best quality sponges ever


    The size makes them very convenient for travel and they are also very affordable. It’s convenient to have multiple sponges so you have a clean one ready to go for applying different products
  3. Love!


    I received one as a sample which I was so excited about because I only use brushes and I’ve wanted to try out a sponge. I’m torn between brushes or this as I loved the fact that it pushes the foundation into your skin for a flawless look and it’s able to get into the corners of my nose and eyes when I feel my brushes don’t achieve this. I think they are cute and a great price
  4. Love them


    These mini sponges do an amazing job at blending under eye makeup and precision baking, they work well with liquid and powder formulas
  5. So cute


    I love these little sponges for blending my undereye concealer as well as for cleaning up smaller areas around the eyes or if my blush or bronzer needs a bit of sharpening. They are so incredibly adorable too!
  6. amazing


    These are such cute sponges. I love using these for those hard to get places
  7. Ok


    Easy to use and clean, like the different edges
  8. Great value and love the colours


    These sponges are great value and I love the different colours. I know which ones I have already used throughout the week so I’m not using dirty ones before I wash them. These apply my tinted moisturiser and foundation really well and I like how I can build coverage without it looking cakey.
  9. Very cute


    This is such a good pack! the sponges are so cute and love they come in different colour, good size for under eye or concealer use !
  10. too small


    The mini sponges are too small for me. I think they are designed for eyes? I don't really know how to use them in the right way. I prefer the normal ones.
  11. So cute and ESSENTIAL


    I didn't think I'd ever use these as I usually just blend my concealer with my fingertips but these are so darn cute and do an amazing job at blending concealer as well as setting my under eye powder! They're a great price and come in such fun colours. Love it!
  12. Favourite sponge


    My favourite makeup sponge. Blends perfectly. Thought was good value.
  13. Essential to my makeup routine


    These little sponges are perfect for so many reasons. Blending out concealer, helping to cover imperfections and more. I bought them originally to give them a try as I love Real techniques and now I can't go without!
  14. Too mini


    i dont really like the mini sponges i dont really see the point! they are ok to use to get into the small areas around your eyes! but again i would much prefer the big ones!
  15. Favourite for concealer!


    These are my favourite sponges for applying my concealer! The mini size is perfect for fitting underneath my eyes for applying concealer and setting powder
  16. Great


    These are so handy to have, perfect for blending!
  17. Great for concealer and highlighter!


    I received two of these as a GWP and have been using them for my concealer and to blend highlighter. Also great for blending foundation around the nose due to their small size! Flawless, smooth application is a breeze with these. A great alternative to a foundation/concealer brush!
  18. Really handy to have


    I received a couple of these as a gift with a previous purchase from Adore Beauty. They are great for blending my concealer and also a fantastic size to carry in my bag for touch-ups. The only thing I would change would be for them to come in a little case like the larger RT Complexion Sponge. They wash well also. I will definitely repurchase!
  19. good


    good value pack of sponges and they come in such cute colours! very functional and apply my foundation flawlessy
  20. Good product for eyes


    Good for under the eye blending. Blends product in well. I’ve been using this to blend in my concealer.

    Washes well and very affordable.
  21. Great for travel


    The size makes them very convenient for travel and they are also very affordable. It’s convenient to have multiple sponges so you have a clean one ready to go for applying different products
  22. Travel ready


    Perfect for travelling and for more control and definition. These sponges are really good quality and can be washed and used good as new
  23. Love Minis


    Good for putting concealer on under the eyes and for those little spots that the big sponges can't get to.
  24. multiple uses


    perfect for travelling or if you use your beauty blender for multiple uses and dont want to mix all your products on the one sponge
  25. Good for precision


    Great for eyes and small area but wish they came individually or in two packs
  26. Aren’t they just adorable!


    Originally I just bought these because they’re so flippin cute! Lol but after using them I think they’re great, really good for applying concealer or powders under the eye area. Easy to clean & last ages.
  27. Great for precision


    Love the original for foundation but I couldn’t get into the corners of my eyes but these do the trick!
  28. Affordable Pack


    This is an affordable pack that will last you over a year in use - i use these sponges for everything except foundation and they are the ultimate multi-tasker! Use them for baking over concealer, contouring or blending colour correcting/concealing... the list goes on!
  29. Great product


    These really exceeded my expectations, I did not think I would like theses mini sponges as much. I usually just use a normal sized sponge all over my face. These mini ones are very good for smaller areas such as under eyes and around the nose. Less product is used as the sponge is not absorbing as much compared to the regular sized sponge.
  30. Good


    I love how they're a variety of colours and the size is great for applying concealer or for small touch ups.
  31. Love these little sponges


    These little sponges are so cute and they are perfect for applying concealer or foundation around the eyes and nose. Love the colours too!
  32. Perfect for concealer


    Love using these to blend out my under eye concealer, they are much easier to use under the eye than the original size. They also apply contour very precisely and make it very easy to blend the contour out.
  33. Love these


    My one issue with the normal sponges is that they’re too big to do my under eye concealer, but these are PERFECT! The sponges are super soft and easy to use. Would definitely recommend especially for dry skin. These are so cute and great because you can keep a couple in your handbag for on the go touch ups
  34. Perfect for concealer!


    These are the perfect size and shape to conceal all parts of your face!

    I use the flat edge for general spot concealing and the pointed end for under my eyes. Both sides blend out product perfectly.

    They wash well and last a long time with proper care.

    These sponges are amazing- second to none and help create the perfect base for other products.
  35. Please never stop making these


    OMG... These are the BEST product for blending concealer out! My makeup game changed since finding these. I use them dry not wet and find that gives me the best results. The only thing I don’t like is that they don’t wash well. I found mine fell apart and lost pieces when washing bye honestly for the price, I will just buy more. I will forever use these!
  36. Okay


    much prefer the original size to the minis, it takes much longer to do a full face of foundation! i guess these would be good for smaller areas i.e. concealer, contour and highlight.
  37. Couldnt live without them


    I cannot do my concealer with anything but these adorable little things. I have a small face and find that my RT miracle complexion sponge is just too big for under my eye (especially when blending out the area close to bottom lash line and inner corner)...and I HATE using concealer brushes to blend under my eye. This is the most PERFECT sponge to use and I am just so in love.

    MINI RT...
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  38. Adorable but useful


    Just like the foundation/face sponge but in an adorable miniature form. I use them for smaller areas like the nose and eyes. Love how they come in different colours
  39. Good cute little sponges


    Love these mini sponges, the colours are super cute and they are really good for applying makeup around the nose and eye area.
  40. Just like the original


    These sponges are like the original but smaller making them perfect for undereyes and around the nose area
  41. Great for undereyes


    I use these sponges for applying concealer and powder under my eyes as they are the perfect size
  42. Sooo Cute


    The most lovely sponges I have ever used
  43. Love these


    These are amazing little sponges. I use them to blend out the concealer under my eyes for a flawless finish. They don’t wash that well which looses a star from my review but because they are such a great sponge I will definitely continue to re purchase
  44. Very versatile!


    I love the value of this pack because you get 4 sponges. The sponges can be used for so many things i personally use for concealer, covering blemishes, blending cream contour and applying cream highlight. It is so amazing and i highly highly recommend!
  45. cute!!


    These are so small and cute! Great for applying makeup in those hard to reach areas and I love the colours :-)
  46. Good for smaller areas


    I love these little sponges for those areas that are a bit more tricky to get into. I particularly use them to apply my undereye concealer, and around my nose. I find that they get right in there and apply the product smoothly.
  47. Perfect for under eyes


    I love these mini sponges more than the original Real Techniques sponge. They're the PERFECT size for blending concealer under the eyes as the size and shape contours perfectly in the hard-to-reach areas. Also, if you have a smaller face and feel like the traditional sponge is too large, this is perfect to blend out foundation as well and you can be really precise with application. When used dry, ...
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