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Real Techniques Expert Concealer Brush

4.8 of 48 reviews


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4 instalments of $5.13

Or 4 instalments of $5.13 with LEARN MORE

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Real Techniques Expert Concealer Brush is an ultra-firm, dense yet soft brush that is indispensable for well-blended concealer application above and below the eye area.

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SUPERIOR - 98% recommend

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Real Techniques Expert Concealer Brush Reviews

4.8 of 48 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Love this


This is such a great brush to apply and blend concealer with. I have used a few concealer brushes and this is the best for sure!

Most Helpful Criticism

Great little brush


good for packing on the concealer under the eyes, can build a lot with this brush!
  1. Love this


    This is such a great brush to apply and blend concealer with. I have used a few concealer brushes and this is the best for sure!
  2. Perfect concealer brush


    verified purchaser
    This brush allows you to apply and blend concealer to the areas you want so perfectly. By far the best brush of it’s type I have used and doesn’t shed bristles like others I have used.
  3. Impressed


    verified purchaser
    After many years of using a sub standard brush and fingers to apply concealer, I am very impressed how much a difference using this brush has made to my concealing. Can't live without it now!
  4. Such a great concealer brush!


    So so impressed with this brush for the price, it's been perfect for applying concealer under eyes and on spots. When washing the brush it cleans really well, and no loose bristles!
  5. semi dense concealer brush


    verified purchaser
    This brush is soft enough to blend in under eye concealer and around the nose. It gives a nice finish. It's not the absolute softest brush on the planet but I think that the bristles do a great job of blending out the makeup. It's really good quality and doesn't shed after being washed.
  6. Love it


    verified purchaser
    Great little concealer brush
  7. My love


    I am in love with these brushes I think they are so good to use for concealer and also contouring on your nose. It makes everything really blendable. Another reason why I love it is the price. It is so much more affordable than some other brushes that probably have the same quality. Real techniques is an iconic brand.
  8. Great concealer


    I love using this for my under concealer. I love blending it out. It give smooth skin look
  9. Applies concealer easily!


    This Real Techniques brush allows you to apply concealer so easily and without the mess of using your finger/sponge! it is easy to clean and blends your concealer in really well. I always purchase Real Techniques brushes as they last a long time, clean easily and apply your make up effortlessly!
  10. Fantastic!


    verified purchaser
    This was the first time I have ever used a concealer brush. Goodness what a gamechanger! I have previously always either used a blender sponge or my fingers, and I won't be going back! Blends out under eye concealer nicely, also allowing me to use much less product thereby saving money and ensuring a natural finish. Definitely recommend!
  11. Great brush for applying concealer to undereyes


    I really love using this brush to pat out and apply concealer to my undereyes. I also like using it to put a small bit of concealer around my nose. It is a perfect small shape for this purpose. Lasts for ages if you care for it correctly, just make sure to clean regularly as the bristles are quite dense and catch a lot of product.
  12. Perfect concealer brush


    I absolutely love this brush- it makes packing on but then really well blending concealer super easy. It’s firm yet soft at the same time. Helps me perfectly conceal and correct both undereyes and the rest of my face. Amazing quality!!
  13. Such a good concealer brush


    I love all the real techniques brushes, they do everything they claim + more.

    Great, affordable, quality brand.
  14. Good brush for concealer


    This brush is the perfect size to blend out my liquid under eye concealer. It gets in the small spaces and makes blending my concealer such a breeze. It has soft fluffy bristles and they never fall out even after washing many times. I find it blends out my under eye concealer better than my normal beauty blender. Love it.
  15. Great Brush


    This is a great brush, i also use it to "dot" my foundation on before blending! A very handy little tool :)
  16. Versatile


    Great brush to have on hand and not just for concealing.
  17. Must have brush


    I actually use this brush for powder and I couldn't live without it, I use it under the eyes, around the nose and on any spots where I want to be specific.
  18. The best brush brand!


    I love real techniques brushes and this is no exception. Perfect for creamy concealers, it blends perfectly without pulling the delicate eye area.
  19. Easy to use and blends concealer well


    The brush is nice its self let alone, how easy it is to apply and blend concealer on the face. A lot better than normal brushes because the brush head is smaller making it easier to get into spaces. I highly recommend the brush and I use it all the time!
  20. Good for cream shadows!


    I don't really spot concealer but I purchased this product to apply cream shadows as it is quite dense. I found creams sometimes would go on too harsh when applied with my finger so this was a perfect solution to that!
  21. practical


    Such an easy and practical brush to use. I use it under my eyes to blend out concealer and sometimes use it for eyeshadow. It's definitely a staple brush in my collection.
  22. Multi purpose


    Brush works really well at packing on product but really works at blending products, really easy to use and can reach into places you can't with a normal brush
  23. Great little brush


    good for packing on the concealer under the eyes, can build a lot with this brush!
  24. Multitasking brush (:


    I have a number of the Real Techniques brand and just added this concealer brush. It’s great! I love the way it works with my concealer. I also use it for my eyeshadows. I could also use it with highlighter. It’s comfortable to hold and easy to use. Give it a try!
  25. My favourite concealer brush


    This brush is really good for packing the product on, but also very effective at blending the product. I have no complaints, I use this every time I use concealer.
  26. Impressive quality


    So so impressed with this brush for the price, it's been perfect for applying concealer under eyes and on spots. When washing the brush it cleans really well, and no loose bristles!
  27. Amazing!


    I have two of these and they are perfect for concealer, especially under the eyes
  28. Good Brush


    Pros- brush is soft and applies concealer well
    Cons - the bristles are longer than other concealer brushes I have used
  29. Excellent brush


    Great brush and price. Perfect to get in the small areas of my eyes and to apply my creamy concealer. Will definitely try more Real Techniques brushes.
  30. Great For Applying Concealer!


    Reasonably priced for a concealer brush, works really well and super soft!
  31. Slightly disappointed


    I owe a few other Real Techniques brushes and I love them but this one was a disappointment. I wanted to use it for under eye concealer but the bristles are too harsh to use anywhere near my eyes. I'm not sure if it was just a bad piece, I didn't have the same problem with other brushes.
  32. soft yet professional

    perfecting skin

    it is great for putting concealer under the eyes. in addition it also is useful for concealing over the eyelids to apply lighter eye shade on them. it is soft and does not irritate the eye area.
  33. Good


    Shape is a bit too wide to get into the corners of my eyes, I’d prefer it more pointed but it’s a good brush
  34. Awesome!


    This brush is really effective, especially compared to some of my ridiculously expensive ones. Definitely worth the change over. Definately give it a go.
  35. Such a good brush for a great price


    Such a good brush for a great price
  36. Great size and shape for concealer

    AC Sydney

    This brush is the perfect size and shape for buffing our concealer on the eye area. It cleans really easily as well.
  37. LOVE IT!


    Love it. This is definitely my go to concealer brush I love it. I actually clean between clients I love it that much. Time to buy more. So worth it.
  38. Perfect


    Does a wonderful job at cleaning up around the eyes, fits perfectly around the eye socket and preforms wonderfully buffing in touchups around the face,
  39. Love this brush


    I use this brush every day and find it works really well with all concealers. You can't go pass Real Techniques brushes. I have added this one to my collection.I would recommend washing regularly though so that you don't have streak marks on your face
  40. Perfect for concealer


    An awesome concealer brush for blemishes and product. Gives every product an airbrushed finish, whilst keeping the pigmentation of the product where it was placed.
  41. Nice for around blemishes


    I particularly love this for blending out concealer around blemishes. I like using a sponge under the eye but this is great for keeping the coverage high around blemishes that I really want covered.
  42. Love it


    Love how this brush can buff away the creases in my undereye concealer
  43. Great concealer brush


    Perfect for a fuller coverage application of concealer under the eye or blemishes
  44. Amazing


    This is actually the best concealer brush I’ve tried. I get much more coverage out of my concealer when I blend out with this brush as apposed to a sponge. A must have if you need full coverage
  45. Fits the purpose


    I love this brush because it does exactly what its meant for! I use it to apply concealer under my eyes and on spots. Highly recommend
  46. Wonderful


    I had never used a brush before to apply concealer - and, wow, what a difference it makes! Great coverage without caking. I've been steadily buying up a lot of the Real Techniques range of brushes, as I think they're both affordable and some of the best on the market.
  47. Perfect with concealer


    I absolutely love this brush for blending concealer around the eyes, the eyebrows and on blemishes. It works great and leaves an even, flawless finish and is so convenient when I'm in a rush as it blends out so much faster than a beauty blender or my fingers. You can also use it to sweep eyeshadow on the lids too. It's really versatile. Overall great, dense concealer brush! Really gets right under...
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