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SALT BY HENDRIX Plump It Up Gift Set 2x 9ml

4.3 of 37 reviews


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Valued at $64.85. The perfect routine to introduce the face sculpting Gua Sha, and explore the refining benefits of this ancient tool that promotes skincare efficacy.

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GREAT - 87% recommend

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SALT BY HENDRIX Plump It Up Gift Set Reviews

4.3 of 37 reviews

87% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



SUCH good value!! Very happy with this, it is the ultimate self care gift pack, perfect for your bestie or anyone who wants a treat

Most Helpful Criticism

Just buy the gua sha!


The gua sha is amazing. The tiny little serum and oil set are.... meh. The serum feels like water.
  1. impressed


    SUCH good value!! Very happy with this, it is the ultimate self care gift pack, perfect for your bestie or anyone who wants a treat
  2. Great gift idea


    Perfect gift pack for Christmas
  3. Lovely gift


    verified purchaser
    I bought this for myself to try out the gua sha and I love it! The botanical serum is a bit blah, just feels like water to my but the mermaid oil is great. I use the mermaid oil maybe twice a week as the last step or my night time routine to look in all the goodness and feel super hydrated and plump in the AM. This set would be a lovely gift.
  4. Just buy the gua sha!


    verified purchaser
    The gua sha is amazing. The tiny little serum and oil set are.... meh. The serum feels like water.
  5. Smell is HEAVENLY


    I was keen to get a gua sha so purchased this set, however am SO glad the serum and the oil came with it because I am obsessed. They smell like sweet cinnamon candy dreams, and feel so good on the skin. Both feel light and moisturising on the skin, and the gua sha is great as well. Using all three products together (botanic serum > mermaid oil > gua sha) is a lovely little ritual for when your ski...
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  6. Cute gift


    The serums I can take or leave but I’m obsessed with the gorgeous gua shua! Makes a cute gift
  7. Relaxation Station


    The scent of these oils is amazing - I've been wanting a gua sha to help with face puffiness but my favourite aspect is relieving tension in my forehead and jaw - it's addictive!
  8. Great gift pack


    I purchased this set for my sister, she totally loved it ! Just a nice gift set or treat yourself.
  9. so cool


    amazing to try out the serums
  10. kind of small


    good gift, but the product are not very big
  11. amazing


    A great gift - even if the gift is to yourself. You won't regret it!
    I always use this when I want to detox and feel like a complete goddess. My whole body and mind feels so fresh afterward and i feel so luxurious
  12. Lovely ritual


    I really love taking a few minutes each day to use the gua sha, it is so relaxing my partner even likes to use it on his shoulders and neck. It helps with blood circulation which makes my complexion look brighter and reduces dark under-eye circles. I don't get a puffy face, so I can't say whether it helps to define your features. The oil and serum that come with it are cute, the oil is quite thick...
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  13. Love it


    Such a cute set and great value. Would recommend
  14. Great gift Idea!


    Perfect gift idea. Price is amazing and its a great intro pack for someone new to skincare.
    These products don't agree with my skin, but I would buy it as a present.
  15. could be better value


    I don't know if this is the best value set because the tool itself is only $25 and the two serums you get are quite small. They are nice though and good if you want to try before buying the full sizes.
  16. Nice Gift


    This is a nice gift set and makes a nice present as the oils are nice and the tool very easy to use by anyone.
  17. Great set, cute packaging


    I really like both the mermaid oil and the botanical serum. They also work really well used together because the serum is a lot lighter than typical serums and has a watery texture that absorbs quickly and works well layered with an oil. The mermaid oil is nice and fairly light for a facial oil. I really like the scent but it might not be for everyone - it's quite herbal and green. I love the m...
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  18. Hendrix love


    these guys do such cute little gift sets! makes a great present!
  19. good


    These are both really great products. The tool makes it easier to apply aswell
  20. great gift


    I got this for my sister who has eczema and this works so well with her skin! The packaging is adorable and is great for all ages!
  21. Love it


    Perfect gift to someone or even myself. Got to spoil ourselves form time to time
  22. Great set


    Nice skincare products though may be slightly heavy for some, the tool to apply makes a great addition
  23. Best gift


    Bought this for a friend as a gift and she loves it. Great value for money.
  24. Smaller than expected


    After purchasing this for a gift for a friend, I was quite disappointed to open the package as it is quite small.

    For the price of the product I would consider purchasing another product from this brand for better value for money.
  25. great for gifting


    great for gifting to friends and family that love skincare.
  26. Nice set


    Skin feels so soft after using this, may be too heavy for problem skin though
  27. Great starter pack


    Perfect little sampler pack for Salt by Hendrix. I recently became obsessed with gua sha, which was the initial reason I looked to buy this pack, but am so glad I did because the mini's are fabulous. Recommend!
  28. Perfect Pack of Goodness


    This is the best pack! The oils are great on my skin and the rose quartz is easy to use and leaves a very plump feeling on my face.
  29. please try these products, you won't regret it.


    i bought this pack as a gift to myself.
    i absolutely love the oils and the pink quartz gua shu.
    i always feel so refreshed after i put the oil on my face, and i feel i will never be without it.
    fabulous for a special occassion or just to feel luxurious and pampered, without going to a specialist.
  30. Great for the price


    I have been using this for a week or so now and can really see and feel the difference. The mermaid facial oil is beautiful to apply with the gua sha tool - definitely a new fave combo in my skincare routine! The botanical facial serum is very runny and tricky to apply, but being a water serum I guess that's to be somewhat expected. It'd make a great gift.
  31. mixed bag


    Unfortunately the box for this had been bashed around a bit and the rose quartz had come loose and was sliding around, so it was scratched up :(

    The kakadu plum is really lovely and water-light, but the mermaid oil is too heavy for me. It's a lovely gift set, but probs needs to be for someone oilier than I.
  32. Love the package deal


    The Gua Sha tool get smaller after each use, which is normal. So i needed to replace with a new one, and this gift set which comes with oil + sebum each worth $20 makes it so attractive! I put the serum and oil on, then use the gua sha tool to massage my face. Next morning, my skin is back alive.
  33. Such a good gift!


    Really good price point for a nice gift for someone! I got for a friend and she loved the products!
  34. Feels great and makes a visible difference


    I bought this set as I was wanting a gua sha tool, and needed an oil to go with it anyways, so with the set, you already save some money. The tool itself is beautful and smooth, and it feels so lovely gliding on the face. The kakadu oil has a very pleasant smell, and the texture of it is nice, almost dry, in a good way for my combination/oily skin (if that makes sense!)- it is absorbed right away,...
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  35. Cute little set


    this is a great set! worth the money & is good for a gift idea!
  36. Bit disappointed


    Fast delivery and quality-wise, you get what you paid for.

    I was bit disappointed when I opened the package though,
    there were several marks on the box and the cardboard holder inside the box was broken and folded weirdly so the stone was moving freely which left some scratches on it.
    With the status of product I feel bit sorry about gifting this to my friend, but unfortun...
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  37. I liked this product


    I got this product free with purchase as a promo
    Got the mermaid oil I really like it I used it with my rose quartz stone lovely oil doesn’t leave ur face all oily either
    I would buy it again
  38. brings life back into my cheekbones


    The products plump and restore life back into my skin, especially cheeks and the rose quartz sculpts my cheekbones
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