Everything You Need to Know About IPL Hair Removal at Home

Body hair: we’ve all got it! Whether you love growing your body hair long and luscious, or prefer a neat and tidy look, there are many ways to groom the hair on your body.

But seriously, who actually enjoys waxing, threading, or shaving off body hair? Managing excess hair on the body can sometimes seem like the biggest beauty chore around!

You might give up entirely and embrace a fluffy body-hair look. But if the body hair gets you down and you want it gone forever, it’s time to invest in an IPL handheld device that you can rely on.

So whether you want to permanently get rid of your hair or simply reduce the amount of hair that you have, a laser treatment hair will help. So, what is IPL? We’ve got the answers.

Hannah gives us her review of Selfie Skin and demonstrates how to safely use the device at home...

If you’re sick of nicking your skin with a razor and have had enough of painful waxing (so much ouch), you might want to take things into your own hands. The new at-home Selfie Skin At-home IPL Handset is your saviour.

Laser hair removal is the permanent hair removal fix that usually costs a bomb when you get it done at the salon.

Designed to affect the active growth phase in your hair, laser treatments heat the hair from the root without damaging any skin or other tissue.

Working to lessen the coarseness of your body hair, a course of approximately 8 to 10 laser treatments at the salon will leave your skin feeling smooth.

Easy to use in the comfort of our own home

From tending to your bikini line to helping you achieve a smooth underarm area, the Selfie Skin IPL Hair Removal Handset offers a permanent solution to your constantly growing hair. Designed to end the endless cycle of unwanted hair growth, this IPL device gives you salon-smooth results at an affordable price. The Selfie Skin handset also keeps you from shelling out your cold, hard cash on regular trips to the salon.

Easy to use in the comfort of our own home

The Selfie Skin At-home IPL Handset can be used anywhere on your body—even on your face!

Thick, unsightly hair that constantly regrows can really start to affect your self-esteem if you let it.

The autoflash on this device gets to work super-quickly, so you start noticing permanent results in just 4 sessions!

Adorebeauty skin - womans legsAdorebeauty skin - womans legs

The powerful but gentle machine features clinical-grade technology, which makes it safe enough for use on even very sensitive skin.

And the quick-flashing technology means you can achieve smooth, hairless skin faster. Made to generate 30,000 light flashes, you’ll be using this device for up to 10 years—and you don’t need to worry about buying any refills!

If you’re ready to toss out your razors for good and say goodbye to your waxing specialist forever, it’s time to enjoy the long-lasting results of this at-home IPL device. Hairless skin, here you come!

If you’re wondering if you should choose IPL vs laser, we’ve done some research for you. An IPL at home hair removal handset makes laser accessible to all and is super-affordable.

Waxing and threading hurt like hell and end up costing you a lot if you make regular trips to the salon. An IPL hair removal at home handset gives you a permanent hair removal solution that you and your wallet can enjoy.

If you’ve always wondered about laser hair removal but don’t like the price tag, IPL laser hair removal you can do in the comfort of your own home is something you should look into.

We’ve done the research and answered all your IPL treatment and hair removal questions, so you can decide what’s the right option for you.

What does IPL stand for?

IPL stands for ‘intense pulsed light’. IPL is a form of light therapy that can remove unwanted hair, treat spots, and diminish the appearance of wrinkles.

How does IPL work?

If you’re wondering, What is IPL hair removal? We’ve uncovered the truth to get to the root of things. No longer a secret of salon pros alone, IPL technology works by targeting melanin, the pigment in human skin and hair. An IPL laser hair removal handset reduces the amount of hair you have. Traditional salon and spa laser treatments work by emitting a specific wavelength, but IPL works slightly differently.

An at home IPL laser treatment works by releasing scattered little lengths of light. The light energy emitted by the device is absorbed by the hair’s melanin. The melanin heats up, and the heat travels into the hair follicles, destroying the growth cells.

If you’re still wondering, How does IPL work? Think of it this way: the heat generated by an IPL device travels down the hairs to stop cells from making new hairs. Getting to work on the hairs that are attached to the ‘growing’ cells, the waves of light reduce hair growth in the area where the hairs are alive.

Is IPL safe?

Yes, IPL is considered to be a safe treatment. Any potentially harmful radiation is prevented because of the device filters, which block wavelengths below 500 nm. A fast, effective, and convenient treatment, the Selfie Skin At-home IPL Handset puts your skin in safe hands.

A treatment that’s been used across the globe for many years, a home IPL machine has proven itself to be a supremely effective and extremely safe hair removal method. Perfect for use in clinics and at home, every treatment will leave your skin feeling better than ever.

Does IPL hurt?

IPL at home doesn’t hurt as much as an in-salon treatment would. IPL is often described as producing a warm sensation on the skin. The best IPL at-home device is far less painful than a series of trips to the salon would ever be. Many home IPL reviews state that this treatment doesn’t hurt. You might feel some discomfort, but it won’t really hurt.

IPL hair removal reviews report that the treatment is gentle on the skin and super-easy to use. Users feel a warm sensation every time the light flashes, but there’s nothing more painful than that.

It’s often reported that a salon laser treatment feels like being constantly flicked with a very hot, small elastic band. If your low pain threshold is a factor, and you can’t decide between IPL vs laser hair removal, know that you’ll feel only a slight sensation when you use an at home IPL laser device.

Can you exercise after IPL treatment?

No, you shouldn’t exercise immediately after you’ve removed your hair with IPL. While you might want to run through the doors of your yoga studio after a session with the best IPL hair removal device, you’d be better off kicking back and chilling out.

In fact, it’s recommended you don’t work out for 24 hours after you’ve used an IPL hair removal machine because you’re likely to sweat. The bacteria that feed on sweat might irritate your skin and end up giving you a rash or worse. If you ever needed an excuse to skip the 5K run, this is it!

Can you use IPL on tattoos?

No, you can’t use IPL on tattoos, but you can certainly go around a tattoo with a device. If you use the laser device on your tattoo, the device won’t be able to distinguish between the colour of your body hair and the pigment in your tattoo ink. Keep the device away from your tattoos to keep them looking bright and fresh.

If you’re wondering, Can you use IPL to remove hair from your areolae? The answer is yes, it’s possible. Always check with the manufacturer of your device first; the pros can offer you exact advice on nipple hair removal.

How long does IPL treatment last?

IPL treatment is permanent when performed a sufficient number of times. Designed to make long-term hair removal affordable for all, an IPL handset works gently and effectively on the skin. If you’re wondering, Is IPL hair removal permanent? The answer is yes!

The quick-flashing technology works fast, so you’ll notice permanent hair removal results in just 4 sessions. Do home IPL treatments work? Well, the reviews are in and yes, everyone is loving the long-lasting IPL effect!

Is IPL safe for all skin types?

Yes, IPL is safe for all skin types. Whereas you may experience rashes and razor burn when you wax or shave, an IPL treatment leaves you with smooth skin. You’ll even be able to use an IPL device on sensitive skin!

An IPL handheld device works perfectly on most skin tones.

Is IPL safe for dark skin? Unfortunately, most IPL devices are not as safe or effective to use on dark skin. Darker skin has a lot more melanin, which absorbs the light energy and can lead to heat pain, blisters or burns - and we definitely don’t want that!

IPL is suitable for all but the darkest skin tones. Refer to the skin tone chart to see whether or not IPL is suitable for you.IPL is suitable for all but the darkest skin tones. Refer to the skin tone chart to see whether or not IPL is suitable for you.

Is IPL safe while pregnant?

"There is no evidence showing that IPL has negative effects on pregnant or breastfeeding women"(source:https://selfieskin.com.au/pages/safe-faqing). Although, it’s a good idea not to use an IPL handheld device while pregnant or breastfeeding as Selfie Skin "don’t recommend using our handset as a precaution" (source:https://selfieskin.com.au/pages/safe-faqing) When you’re pregnant, the hormones in your body are unpredictable. You might secrete higher levels of estrogen, which means you might grow more hair on your body. Though it might be tempting to start zapping your hair off so you can see impressive IPL before and after results, it’s worth engaging with a bit of patience. The excess pregnancy hair will usually fall out on its own once you’ve had your baby.

Selfie Skin also do not recommend using the device on or near areas you have any active implants

Are all IPL machines the same?

No, not all IPL machines are the same. With a less powerful, less efficient machine, you might need to use the IPL machine several times over the same area before you start seeing results. If you’re wondering, Does IPL work? We can say that without a good machine, you probably won’t achieve the results you crave.

If you want to rid yourself of the laborious task of underarm shaving and leg shaving, invest in an IPL handheld machine that has a slew of rave reviews. We’ve found our favourite and detailed it down below for you. Once you’ve found a reliable machine, you’ll be well on your way to hairless skin.

Are IPL burns permanent?

No, an IPL burn is rarely permanent. Of course, it depends on the severity of the burn. But if you do manage to burn yourself when using an IPL device, the injury will usually heal within 6 days. An IPL burn will rarely scar the skin permanently. In the unlikely event of a blistering burn, you should seek professional medical attention.

Can IPL damage skin?

IPL won’t damage your skin. As well as removing hair, an intense pulsed light treatment can also help get rid of sunspots and other complaints, actually improving the skin. But IPL for pigmentation and an IPL face treatment could potentially damage the skin if applied improperly. It’s always worth consulting with a professional if you’re trying something new on your face.

An IPL facial is something you could try, but you’d need specific tools to do it. You can, however, use the Selfie Skin At-home IPL Handset to help you get rid of any hair you have on your face.

Where can you use the IPL device?

You can use an IPL handheld device everywhere on your body, even on your face! Just don’t get a laser or light device anywhere near your eyes. Body hair can spring up anywhere at any time. It’s nice to have a device at home that you can use when you want to reduce the amount of hair you have.

What is IPL good for? It’s good for minimising the amount of hair you have all over your body. From the dark hairs on your chin to the thicker hair on your legs, the best IPL device (we recommend the Selfie Skin handheld hair removal handset) will reduce the appearance of your hair over time.

Does IPL get rid of broken capillaries on the face?

Yes, IPL does help get rid of broken capillaries, but you need to visit a specialist salon for the treatment. You won’t be able to use an at-home IPL device on your skin to treat this complaint. If you want to apply an IPL treatment for pigmentation or use IPL for rosacea, there are plenty of in-salon experts that will help you do this. Only use your IPL handheld device to help you lessen the appearance of your hair.

Does IPL remove hair permanently?

With the Selfie Skin At-home IPL Handset, you’ll start to see permanent results after 3 to 4 sessions. You might be wondering, Can I use IPL every week? And the answer is yes! In fact, using your handset once a week for the first 12 weeks is a good idea. After this initial period, you could then start using your handset once every 3 to 4 weeks for best results. How long does IPL treatment laser last? If you want to maintain smooth, hairless skin, it’s a good idea to use your handset once every 2 to 3 months, or as needed.

How often can you do IPL treatments at home?

How often you do IPL treatments at home really depends on the device you use and where on your body you’re using it. If you’re wondering, How many IPL sessions do I need? It’s something you can figure out once you start using the handheld device for yourself.

Using your handheld device consistently once a week for the first 12 weeks is a good idea. Once you’ve completed this initial period, you can then judge to see how often you need to use the device. Truly, it’s a personal journey that you can tailor to your needs.

How long between IPL and microneedling?

You should wait around 72 hours between applying the IPL and microneedling. It’s always worth checking with the manufacturer of your handheld device to see how long an interval is recommended. Typically, leaving 24 to 72 hours between IPL and microneedling is plenty of time for your skin to recover. The two separate procedures actually complement each other because they both enhance collagen production, which smooths the skin. So that’s a bonus!

How often can I do IPL hair removal?

How often you do IPL hair removal all depends on your hair type, your skin tone, and the handheld device you use. When you use an excellent device like the Selfie Skin At-home IPL Handset, you’ll see hair removal results quickly. While it varies from person to person, you should start to see results after about 12 weeks of use.

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