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Say farewell to bad hair days for good with Silke London.

Created by London hairstylist Maria Sotiriou, Silke London is here to transform the health of your hair. Sick of waking up to broken, frizzy hair and split ends, founder Maria Sotiriou tried everything she could get her hands on to help her hair grow, hold its style and prevent breakage.

Finally, inspired by the hair-wrapping methods of her Caribbean heritage, founder Maria Sotiriou began wrapping her hair in pure mulberry silk and soon discovered its amazing results.


What difference will a Silke London Hair Wrap make to my hair?

  • Less frizz, breakage and split ends
    With your hair encased in a Silke London Hair Wrap, strands are protected against damaging friction caused by contact with bed linens, meaning less breakage, split ends and frizz in the morning.

  • Promotes hair growth
    New and existing hairs are protected against damage caused overnight, so your hair can grow to its full potential.

  • Preserves styles
    Wrapping your hair overnight helps to maintain your style, whether you wear your hair curly, straight or anywhere in between. With less time needed in the mornings for restyling, you can afford to hit that snooze button one more time.

  • Longer-lasting extensions
    Wearing a Silke London Hair Wrap helps alleviate the friction on hair that can tug and weaken hair roots and extension bonds, as well as preventing tangling and matting that can occur as you sleep.

  • Natural overnight conditioning
    The Silke London Hair Wrap helps allow your hair’s natural oils to be distributed along the entire length of your hair, nourishing, conditioning and protecting against dryness. 


Created after over 2 years of development and 30 prototypes, this silk bonnet is ideal for curly hair, straight locks and everything in between. Carefully designed to ensure the perfect fit, weight, elasticity and style, this 100% pure silk hair wrap will restore your hair to its best condition. 

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Silke London Hair Wrap - The Kate NavySilke London Hair Wrap - The Kate Navy
Silke London
Silke London Hair Wrap - The Kate Navy

Silke Hair Cap

I have long dyed blonde this fine hair (wah to me) I can never hold a hair style once I’ve slept on it..

I decided to purchase this beautiful silk cap and I love it. I wake up, my hair falls down with no knots or frizz and it stays soft, as if I’ve just washed it.

It fits my head perfectly and there is elastic in the back to secure it in place, I would definitely recomme...
Silke London Hair Wrap - The Kate NavySilke London Hair Wrap - The Kate Navy
Silke London
Silke London Hair Wrap - The Kate Navy

As advertised but fits small!

This cap definitely leaves me with smooth and soft hair after a night of sleep that would normally give me some seriously kinked hair! However, the cap is small and if I hadn’t recently cut my hair into a short bob style then I highly doubt I would be able to get it on.
As a result though, I haven’t had any issues with it falling off overnight. My final comment is that it makes me sleep war...
Silke London Hair Wrap- The Sienna YellowSilke London Hair Wrap- The Sienna Yellow
Silke London
Silke London Hair Wrap- The Sienna Yellow


I found these didn't work that well for me, if you move your head at all at night it will likely come off before morning. Also can't be used with wet hair