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Say farewell to bad hair days for good with Silke London.

Created by London hairstylist Maria Sotiriou, Silke London is here to transform the health of your hair. Sick of waking up to broken, frizzy hair and split ends, founder Maria Sotiriou tried everything she could get her hands on to help her hair grow, hold its style and prevent breakage.

Finally, inspired by the hair-wrapping methods of her Caribbean heritage, founder Maria Sotiriou began wrapping her hair in pure mulberry silk and soon discovered its amazing results.


What difference will a Silke London Hair Wrap make to my hair?

  • Less frizz, breakage and split ends
    With your hair encased in a Silke London Hair Wrap, strands are protected against damaging friction caused by contact with bed linens, meaning less breakage, split ends and frizz in the morning.

  • Promotes hair growth
    New and existing hairs are protected against damage caused overnight, so your hair can grow to its full potential.

  • Preserves styles
    Wrapping your hair overnight helps to maintain your style, whether you wear your hair curly, straight or anywhere in between. With less time needed in the mornings for restyling, you can afford to hit that snooze button one more time.

  • Longer-lasting extensions
    Wearing a Silke London Hair Wrap helps alleviate the friction on hair that can tug and weaken hair roots and extension bonds, as well as preventing tangling and matting that can occur as you sleep.

  • Natural overnight conditioning
    The Silke London Hair Wrap helps allow your hair’s natural oils to be distributed along the entire length of your hair, nourishing, conditioning and protecting against dryness. 


Created after over 2 years of development and 30 prototypes, this silk bonnet is ideal for curly hair, straight locks and everything in between. Carefully designed to ensure the perfect fit, weight, elasticity and style, this 100% pure silk hair wrap will restore your hair to its best condition. 

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Recent reviews on Silke London products

Silke London Hair Ties - Cleopatra BlackSilke London Hair Ties - Cleopatra Black
Silke London
Silke London Hair Ties - Cleopatra Black

Wish I'd never spent the money!

Ok - this if for all you ladies with dry, frizzy, thick, curly, long and unmanageable hair! Like Moana's hair length and thickness but with Hagrid's hair health/condition.
Look elsewhere for hair ties.
I need three of these to hold my hair up (same as regular hair ties). If I put just one tie in for a pony tail, my whole pony drops to the nape of my neck under the weight.
I can only twist it around twice, three times would be impossible.
Then, when I pull them out at the end of the day, chunks of hair still come out with it. Everytime. Massive chunks, not just little strands. I tried doing half of my hair up in a bun, and half left down, and I did only need one hair tie (and about 25 bobby pins) but I ended up having to cut the hair tie out of my hair because it got so tangled. I never had that issue with regular ties.
I see no difference between these and regular hair ties apart from they're prettier and eleven times the price.
They are not made for our hair type! Save your pennys.
Silke London Hair Wrap - The Eva BlackSilke London Hair Wrap - The Eva Black
Silke London
Silke London Hair Wrap - The Eva Black

Comfy and generously sized

I was skeptical of this wrap being able to fit all my hair inside, as I'm yet to find a shower cap that is able to do that, but was pleasantly surprised when it easily accommodated it. It also doesn't slide of while sleeping - which was another concern I had.
I however haven't noticed any immediate anti-frizz or smoothing effects. When I take it off in the morning, my hair looks the same as it would without I've been electrocuted! I'm hoping it's more of a long term thing, maybe it is preventing new damage to my hair and I'll notice results in a few months :)
Silke London Hair Wrap - The Eva BlackSilke London Hair Wrap - The Eva Black
Silke London
Silke London Hair Wrap - The Eva Black

Smoothing and No Frizz

I have thick and very long hair. I’ve recently made the transition from naturally black hair to blonde hair. Learning how to care for bleached hair is something in itself but this silk wrap has been an incredible addition. I twirl my hair up and pop the wrap on and in the morning my hair is smooth and looking fresh. My bleached hair is prone to knots and tangles and this really minimises this issue of mine. Absolutely worth the investment!